Dec 22, 2009

I have a roof over my head...

Or at least the start of one...on my new home. They are coming right along. Its exciting and also a little nerve wracking - thinking about this new phase of my life. Having a new home built is a HUGE undertaking for this ole gal. But I'm sure Paul is happy for me and will be watching over me always.
The back of the house

Dec 18, 2009

Light em up...

Photo collage of my daughters home outside, and I tried to also get closeups of the snowman needlepoint ornaments my sister made for the Tree this year.
see a larger version here:
Graphics credit: background paper, ribbon and tree by Just So Scrappy, Holly Jolly add on kit.
Font: 2peas Mister Giggles.

Every year I try to capture the "glowing and glistening" of the Lights at Christmas...some years I am more successful than others. I don't use a Tripod which I guess is a must have and I don't always follow all of the many tips I have found from websites online. I did do some "enhancing" on the photos in my layout using the tools in my Microsoft Digital Image software program. I mainly used the Touch Up menu options of Exposure and Lighting on them.

for what its worth here are some links for you to try:

Taking photos of lighted christmas trees and/or outside lights at night with digital camera

Links to information and how tos

Dec 16, 2009

Scrapbook Paper Wreath

Found directions for a wreath that uses scrapbook paper that I thought my grandaughter would enjoy making. I was right. She does have fun paper crafting.
Here's the web link I found this easy project at:
Scrapbook Paper Wreath

related: Paper Tree

Layout I made of photos I took along the way to completion of the wreath.
Here's a link to another Scrap paper wreath that you might want to try...
Make ornaments using left over scrap paper strips

Dec 14, 2009

Trumpeting in the Season

Went to my grandson's Winter concert on Friday night. Josh is in 6th grade and just started with the Trumpet 3 months ago to play in the schools beginner Band. His school has a very large Band program 300+ kids. His beginning band has about 100 kids in it. Their concert featured portions performed by each of the 3 band groups, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced or the "Marching Band".
I was very impressed with Josh's group - they did 6 songs, and if there were any mistakes along the way, I don't think the audience noticed. Of course the "trumpet" section sounded "perfect" ;-)

Dec 13, 2009

We have a Winner...

Hey MillieJS - Your comment was number 2 (of 35) - Woooo-Hooooo. You've won the Debbie Mumm Winter Wonders CD

As soon as I have your mailing address, I will send out to you.
Congratulations, Enjoy and Merry Christmas. Happy Crafting!

Dec 12, 2009

3 new benefits of eating CHOCOLATE

As if I didn't already know them all ;-) !
Here's a Link to an article to give you reason to dip into your Chocolate candy stash this Holiday season

Now mind you - do this consuming of Chocolate at your own risk, since I moved to Florida - I've gained 10 pounds!! - And most of its come from - yes, you're right - Chocolate. For the duration of this season, I think I'll probaby gain more.
I'm salivating over recipes that are strewn across the internet landscape or that come in my email daily.
But come the 1st of the year - I'm going to start that darn diet, this time "for sure"! W

With a new house being built and all the work that will go into - Moving in and setting up, opening and sorting through 235 boxes - I'm sure there are plenty of calories waiting to be my near future. So for right now, I'm going to take advantage of the "benefits" of the season.

Dec 9, 2009

I guess I am staying...

Image copyright Shelly Comiskey available at
I went yesterday and got my Florida Drivers License, and my car registered. No turning back now...

I do miss BUFFALO, but NOT the Snow. My friends know especially my feelings about "Driving" in wintry weather ;-)
Read this recent Dec 2009 story online* at Buffalo  ..
Thruway closed between Dunkirk and Fredonia, motorists stranded in their cars and trucks on the highway for 17 hours!  *link no longer available

I Lived through 62 winters in Western NY, I think that's enough. I remember growing up on Crowley Avenue in the Riverside section of town that we didn't have a garage, and if it snowed, one of us kids had to shovel out a parking space for my dad - to get into after work. I was the only one of 4 kids to stay in Buffalo for the duration. My late husband Paul was born and raised in South Buffalo, where we lived for 5 yrs when we were first married. Then we bought our home in North Buffalo in 1972. Living next to a Parking Lot in the winter was a real bonus. Because they plowed it, we had extra parking, and the kids had wonderful "snow hills" created when they plowed after a big storm.
View out from our porch to parking lot and houses across the street Christmas Eve 2004
We had a warm and cozy White Christmas.

The Blizzard of 77 - produced some amazing snow fun times for the kids...the adults - NOT SO MUCH!!
My dad told me and my husband in 1972 when we were looking to buy our first (and only) home, - that we should buy a home within 3 songs on the radio of where ever we worked at the time - because - that would make us close enough that if we were ever stranded by a snowstorm or the car was disabled etc. - we could "walk" home. And one time my car did break down on a wintry day, and I did have to "walk" to work!!! It took me awhile...but I made it - I think our house was only 2 songs on the radio for my job, Pauls' job was just "one" song or less away. Paul was a Lineman for the Electric Company, and we considered winter our "Overtime Season". He enjoyed being outside in all kinds of conditions, and weather. And he also liked running the "snow blower" - he used to do our driveway, 2 neighbors and the blocks side walks for everyone. I was so used to shoveling - that I stuck with that when he was out on the Job. But I only did our driveway....which was quite the task, especially after the snow plows went by and threw it all back at us.
I am also a Snowman Collector (so when I do put up my first decorations in my new house - they will be "Snow themed".)
**Lamp and Teapot...isn't that the cutest, my best friend gave those to me in 2006

**Photo from my 2007 treeMy nickname for Paul was "Snowman". Our first winter - when we were dating in 1965, he had to often park way down the street. And if it was snowing, by the time he arrived at my front door - he was one snow covered I would say, "Oh, here's My Snowman". The name "stuck", and he continued to sign all of his cards to me over the years "Love, your snowman".

By the way...don't ya just love that snowman I put in at beginning of post - its part of a new collection over at DAISIE Company by Shelly Comiskey called Frosty Friends
 ( ). 
Check out too - her Snowmen & Company collection - it is snow cute ;):
and her Frosty Flakey Friends collection will warm your snowy days
Shelly is one of my favorite artists, I have most of her collections  
(UPDATE 2/8/2013: Shelly is a former PC Crafter Artist - but now sells new sets at DAISIE Company - some sets (but not all - shelly does have some past pcc sets now available at Daisie)  that once were available at pcc are sadly no longer available since summer of 2011. PC Crafter is no longer online as of 2013)  Hopefully Shelly will eventually put all of her  past pcc collections at DAISIE Co.
Want to know more about :

Shelly Comiskey

Shelly Comiskey @ DAISIE  Clipart Collections and Printables Kits using her designs
**Note - artwork on Shelly's website, blog, and facebook etc. is copyright and can not be downloaded or used without permission. Buy her art Legally, create with it, and enjoy the smiles it brings.
Here in Sunny and Warm Florida -
They will pour the foundation for my new house this week, and I think we are looking at a late March 2010 completion date.
Party ON all you SNOW LOVERS, Stay Safe
Image copyright Shelly Comiskey available @Daisie 
Snowmen &Company

Dec 7, 2009

Drawing for Debbie Mumm CD

I have an extra Debbie Mumm CD that I found when unpacking some of my stuff I brought to Florida. This is the wonderful clipart collection called Winter Wonders

I will draw a name from all who comment on this thread. Drawing will be December 13, and as soon as I have a mailing address for the winner - I will mail the CD out to you. Might not arrive in time to make this yrs Christmas Cards or other items - but I'm sure who ever receives it will enjoy it for next year.

Comment and share your favorite Christmas tips and/or ideas, Christmas Memories, Christmas Blogs, or just say hello :-)

2014 Update > Debbie Mumm NO LONGER Sells her CDs with clip art images - at one time she sold 4 CDs - a Summer Collection, A Halloween/Fall Collection, A Celebrations Collection and the Winter Wonders Collection.  I am happy that I bought them when there were available. Remember if you see something online that you think you might want, buy it (if you can afford it) when you see it. Websites, products, etc. come and go everyday.  Don't trust that items will always be available.

Nov 29, 2009

Bills Squished the Fish!!

31 - 14 YEA!!!! This is always a good game - the Bills VS Miami rivalry goes back years. Wish I had been home in Buffalo , I would have for sure tried to be there in person. Wasn't able to watch it Live, here in Florida, but listened to it online via 97 Rock and watched the scoring updates on The Sports Network feed.

Thanksgiving - all about Giving Thanks

I am a very blessed woman, for that I am Thankful!!
This year I spent Thanksgiving with my older daughters family (who I live with till my new house is built) at a Time Share Resort - Bonnet Creek - located in Orlando FL, that we booked for 4 days 3 nights. The kids had a great time in the pools and game room, plus they flew paper airplanes off the balcony (we were on the 13th floor) to one of us waiting below. My younger sister and her husband came from Jacksonville to share the day of feasting with us...and they cooked up a major portion of the "feast". They brought the Turkey & all the fixings, plus a Pecan and a Pumpkin Pie. We contributed a Ham, Rolls, Cheesecake & Carrot Cake. For all of that I am Thank - FULL!
Mariah made napkin wraps

for our dinner table

Where we "waisted" our tummies out

For Dessert we had a nice selection too

One Happy Family!

The Building Process for My new home is getting underway - For this I am Thankful.

I am still trying to figure out my New Normal Life without my sweet Paul - but I am thankful that I have the opportunities that lie ahead of me, family and friends that Love and Support me

For was a bit on the cool side on Thanksgiving Day - when my sister and I went out to sit and watch the kids in the pool - we needed sweatshirts and an extra towel ;-) But I'm not complaining, nor were the kids.

Slip Sliding away at Bonnet Creek, Nov 2009

and Splish Splashing

Nov 20, 2009

Next Blog Over

linking around the neighborhood....

You see at the very top of this blogs page >> it has a link to "Next Blog" - well every once in awhile I like to click on that button and see where it leads me. Every day it's to different blogs, and in each blog I click on their "next blog" button. If you press your "back" button on your browser and visit the blog you just were on, and then click on the Next Blog button - you'll go to a "new" spot!!

If you should come across a Blog that really is something you want to visit again - be sure to bookmark it, or become a follower etc.

Here's just some of the Sights I visited today - by just going to the Next Blog over

blog hopping nov 20 2009

Happy Visiting These Crafty Creative Neighbors!

Nov 7, 2009

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day

Photo taken by my late husband Paul at a
Golf course in western New York

October 2006.
* I removed the gray skies in original photo and replaced

with a leafy background paper - don't remember the source

I enjoy doing digital scrapbooking using my favorite program - Microsofts' Digital Image.
Unfortunately Microsoft discontinued the line and it can now only be found on sites like Ebay.
I thought I'd just post for today - some of my layouts that have been posted on other forums over the years - to give you an example of my own style of digi scrapping.
Photo taken at Indianapolis Zoo's Butterfly Garden

The Flower Fairy in these layouts is my granddaughter -
she was 3 yrs old at the time and this was her
Halloween costume that year.
The Graphics/Background papers etc. are by Gina Jane

In 2003 she was a Witch
graphics by Laurie Furnell at

This year she went as a Ladybug - still likes wearing wings
Ladybug graphics by Kristen Cook / Lollie and Friends collection at

GrandKids Pumpkin Picking - New Port Richey Florida 2007

See some other layouts I posted in this thread over at pcCrafters' community forums
- one of my favorite online hangouts

Many of the online Digital Scrapbook Stores or Blogs have tutorials to get you started if you are interested in learning about Digital Scrapbooking and there are tons of Freebies available daily to download from Blogs and Stores etc. - to test out your own digital skills using your favorite graphics/photo editing programs.

Visit some of my favorites *be sure to sign up for any of their newsletters:
Scrapbook Elements
Gotta Pixel
Scrap Girls
Digital Scrapbook Place
Cottage Arts
Two Peas in a Bucket

Daily Freebies:

Happy Scrapping

Oct 26, 2009

Let's Get It Started.....

Went out to see if anything has been started on my new home lot..but there was only the SOLD sign up. The kids enjoyed seeing the property and ran around the small pond. Met one of the neighbors and she told me its a great neighborhood. Will check back in about 3 weeks to see if there's any building in progress. There were 2 cranes visiting the neighbors yard to the left of my lot. There will be lots of wildlife around for me to see living in this area of Florida.

Me with the Sold Sign on My New Lot

Mariah and Josh by the small pond which is stocked with blue gill
The visiting cranes


Oct 19, 2009

It wasn't pretty - But we got a WIN!!

I don't think the Buffalo Bills are going to ever be a playoff team for a few years - but I do like to watch them and they will always be my HOME TOWN Team!

Moving to Florida has been an adjustment (and not a bad one ;-) ) for me - but I every so often need some comfort viewing - and a win is a win is a I DO Enjoy "that" when it happens.

Other news -
I have bought my self a NEW HOME!! Its going to be Built in a gated community named Waters Edge - located about 11 miles from my daughters home in New Port Richey. It should be ready to move in late February or early March 2010.

Read all about it at

Had a good October Florida Fall weekend - went out to dinner at one of my favorite spots - Carraba's and its also one of my daughters family's faves too. We celebrated that my grand kids had straight A's on their first report cards this year, and my purchasing of the house. It was a really nice evening out. There was even a classic car show outside the restaurant.

Oct 11, 2009

Can the Buffalo Bills get any worse?*#*!!

Ohhhhhh MY!! I guess you have to hit bottom before you can begin going up again. Looks like my beloved Bills are nearing that bottom or are there now! Today at our home field, we were absolutely terrible against an equally bad team - The Cleveland Browns. Final score Browns 6 Bills 3!

I just have to keep reminding myself - that we rose from the ashes of a 2 and 14 season, just after we drafted Jim Kelly back in the 1980s. So maybe thats the head offices strategy - have a lousy season and get a first round draft choice. I wonder if I'll read the headlines in the Buffalo News tomorrow - Jauron fired, and the whole team replaced ;-) - with Buffalo's best highschool players. They certainly couldn't do worse.

Being a FAN, a true FAN, means you keep the faith that someday things will get better, but also sprinkle it with a bit of anger and sadness.

Oct 8, 2009

The house will be Closing - YAY!

Just found out the my Buffalo house will be closing on Friday - YAY!. I am sure the new owner is very happy too. It was hard leaving that home, but I know the new owner will enjoy many happy yrs in it. It's a good ole home :-)

My daughter and I have toured around a bit looking at houses within a 10-15 mile radius of her home. Gotta stay in "my drivable circle". Those who know me, know what I mean by "drivable" ;-)

I am leaning towards "newer" rather than older and at communities that have a mix of ages. I know that there are advantages of living in a Active Adult community like those at Heritage Lake nearby my daughters home. But I also know there are communities that offer club houses, work out rooms, and the opportunity to get involved in things. So its just a matter of making up my mind on what kind of lifestyle I would feel most comfortable in on a day to day basis. Sure is scary thinking about all of this without Paul in my life. Up until he passed away - I never could imagine "life alone" - and now here I am.
God, family and friends will get me through this "new beginning". And Paul remains ever in my life as a guardian angel.

I am liking living here in New Port Richey with my daughter and my wonderful is very good! And soon I'm sure I will find my own spot to grow and live in. As long as I have faith in God, family and chocolate - I can do anything!

Oct 2, 2009

I'm in Florida..


My sister and I arrived on Wednesday night. We had a nice drive down from Buffalo.
I will take my time to look for a place of my own. Living with my daughter and her family is a wonderful thing for me right now.

The 7th of October will be my 42nd Wedding Anniversary. I miss Paul soooooo much, but am grateful for the many marvelous memories we shared. Hard to imagine my future without him in it, but I am moving forward and hoping for lots more time here on this Earth.

saying good bye to my home of 37 yrs

my sister packing up the car at our last over nighter in South Carolina..only 450 miles to go to Florida

My sister and I (I am on left) - she left on a Jet Plane..going home to Jacksonville and her hubby. She was an absolute treasure to have with me for the month of September. She did the majority of box packing, compiled spread sheets of everything that's in the PODS, and was my go too gal for everything and anything I needed. Thank YOU - Carol!!! Love Ya!!

Sep 27, 2009

I give up...

One good game I guess does NOT make a season...but oh how good it felt last week versus this weeks Bills game against the New Orleans Saints.
Then add my aggravation that my movers didn't show up for the scheduled Sept 23rd packing up of my home. My sister and I were ready for them - and ended up scrambling to find some new people. Couldn't book new people to come till Monday morning Sept 28. So we'll see how that goes. Hopefully we will be on the road tomorrow afternoon and on our way to Florida. It will take us 3 days, we're taking our time.

I had plenty of chocolate don't know why I don't feel better about things, usually its a pretty good cure-all.

Sep 21, 2009

OK that's better

The Buffalo Bills WON against the BUCs from Tampa. GOOD GAME!!
Its nice to have a WIN to reflect on - on Mondays...especially to start the week off here in Buffalo. We do tend to live and breath by the sports teams in town - The Bills, Bisons and Sabres.
For my week ahead:
I have 2 1/2 days left to live in this house of mine (soon to be NOT mine)...and then I will be in hotel for 3 days and from there, driving on my way to Florida to live out the rest of my life!! (or at least thats the plan)

I'll blog again once I have arrived in Florida and get the laptop plugged in...and the chocolate by my side

Sep 14, 2009

Good Grief...I was sooooo hoping the Bills

could pull off the upset of the start of their Season. But no....the Football gods had the usual plans installed for my beloved Buffalo Bills football team. In the last minute - we fumbled, New England got the ball and scored - we couldn't get within field goal range with 50 seconds to go...This was a Bad NOW and will be a Bad WAS, all I can hope for is a Great "Gonna Be"
On to next Sunday.
Go BILLS!! still love YA!!

Sep 9, 2009

What has your "Stuff" done for you lately??

Check out this posting on Small
Janet Jackson's guide to Decluttering

I'm down to 2 weeks before I have to have all my stuff packed up and ready to move to Florida and I really need to start heeding the call of "what has my stuff done for me lately" - when will I use it again, why am I keeping it, what does it do for me today. I really do want to live a simpler life. But wow have I got "stuff" and just physically sorting through it all, making all these keep / pitch / donate decisions is difficult and time consuming.
All young people should have to work a day in a pack-rats home going through this process of downsizing and decluttering - just to show them what NOT to DO in their own lives. Our stuff owns us, rather than us owning it.

Sep 7, 2009

I have good looking

Hilton Head Sept 2009

Aug 25, 2009

In the "Leave" - Home Stretch

Soon I will be leaving the only home I have ever owned. My daughters came up from their own homes - my older daughter from Florida, and younger from Indiana - to help me pack up. My older daughter took charge of the "massive" (her words - LOL) Yard Sale. And my younger daughter is packing up the garage and shed & basement too, and moving all of her dads machines and tools to Indiana. The Yard Sale was held Aug 15-16 and dd made over $1100!! Still have things to go to charity.

Setting up for Yard Sale - Friday night - still lots was put out early Saturday morning - folks who came by for sale couldn't believe everything was owned by one person or that it all came out of my house.

Granddaughter washing "stuff" making it all sparkly and sellable

My sister is coming up next week to help me box everything left in the house and she will drive with me in my car to Florida.
My younger daughter will be back to load up a moving POD mid Sept.
and then, I will be on my way to Florida (New Port Richey area) by Sept 30th.
Time for a New Beginning is fast approaching.

Jul 30, 2009

Can you see what I see...

Do you see what I see?
I was sitting on the sofa a couple days ago...lost in thought about all the things I have going through my mind since the "House" has sold. It SOLD after being on the market only 9 days!! So needless to say I wasn't prepared for it going that fast and now my mind is racing, with everything I need to do to be out of the house by Sept. 30th. While sitting there ... I spotted a marking on the rug in front of a console that I have photos of Paul and I on - that to "me" anyway - looked like the shape of a "heart". On the console itself I have a photo of Paul with a "heart" shaped ROCK that my grandson had found in a park stream last year when he and his family were home here for Pauls funeral. Paul had always collected rocks on all the trips we ever went on. For Josh to have found this particular rock on his outing - I knew just had to be a sign from my Angel - Paul. Maybe only my eyes are playing tricks on me...but can you make out a heart shape in this picture. Update: others who have looked at this - shape or marking on the carpet see a large Letter "P" and now that I look at it - I can see that as well - A definite "Double" blessing of Paul signaling me that he is with me always. Here is the rock with the photo on the console

and this is the console which I saw the heart shape in the carpet in front of it as I sat on the sofa
Paul is always showing himself to me through signs when I need him most, its just one of those everyday miracles that I cherish. For me that Heart shape in the rug was him standing there looking over at me..letting me know he is here and that everything is going to be OK.