Jun 16, 2010

Its not easy being green

We haven't been getting much rain here in Florida. So my little man made pond is slowly drying up..but still has some water to support the fish. I walked around the pond taking lots of photos from different angles. Got a few of 2 butterflies - fluttering by. My view of my backyard is very relaxing and is trying its best to stay green.

Jun 9, 2010

From Crayons to Perfume

Yesterday my granddaughter graduated 8th grade. Amazing how the years fly by when you're having fun with grandkids ;-)

This is a photo of her with her "music" - 1st mp3 player - ;-) when she turned 5

This is her on the edge of 14 - **picture was taken
on the evening she went to her school's 8th grade dance.

For her Graduation & Birthday Gift She got a mini notebook computer and bag to carry it in. She was very surprised and very HAPPY!