Jun 16, 2010

Its not easy being green

We haven't been getting much rain here in Florida. So my little man made pond is slowly drying up..but still has some water to support the fish. I walked around the pond taking lots of photos from different angles. Got a few of 2 butterflies - fluttering by. My view of my backyard is very relaxing and is trying its best to stay green.


  1. Praying for some rain for you. You can have some of ours, if you want. :-) We actually had a really nice week-end (for a change) and today wasn't bad, either.

    Always loved your blog title. It's only "now" that I noticed the "quertylicious". Tooo cute!

  2. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Your new house is looking great and I know you are loving being close to family! Have a great week, Nan

  3. Wow...you ned rain????? please let me share a little of ours. It has rained so much that the humidity levels are over the top. Thought I would stop by your little corner of the world and say HI!!!!!


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