Jan 30, 2009

Deal or No Deal

Interesting article I got in one of my newsletters from http://compreviews.about.com

Liquidation and Clearance Pricing Scams
How Retailers Manipulate Consumers To Pay More Than They Should
By Mark Kyrnin, About.com

Excerpt quoted from article

"With the economic climate in 2009, it is likely that consumers will see a growing number of retailers that are going out of business or willing to sell products at clearance prices. Often consumers will be present with various claims such as 50% off for products. These seem like really great deals, but they generally are not that good. Retailers and liquidators use various pricing techniques to generate these percentages to make the discounts look better than they really are.

This article looks to inform consumers about these practices so that they can make sure they are really getting a fair deal on a clearance or liquidation computer system. These techniques are used for just about any electronics item and can be just as useful for any clearance shopping. Before getting into the techniques, its first important to get some basic knowledge on product pricing."

Read full article:

See too
Laptop buyers guide

Desktop buyers guide

I have been "Awarded"!!

Just now reading through some of the nice comments I have been getting on some of my posts here on the Chocolate On The Keyboard site. I see that some gals have given me "awards" for my Blog. Thank YOU!! for them.
Don’t know how deserving I am of these, but I do appreciate the kind thoughts.
This is a brand new adventure for me

I really don't know how this whole Blog thing is gonna end up as time goes by. This really only started out as a "Can I do this, how easy is it to create and post on a blog, etc. etc."
I own 6 website domains, I haven't updated any of them in 4 yrs - or since I retired in Jan 2005 from my Library job. So obviously I am not real good at "maintaining" - LOL.

In April I will be going back home to Buffalo (I am in Florida for the winter), and start preparing my home there for sale. That month and for the few months after, it takes me to accomplish that - will be taking up lots of my usual ONLINE time. I don't know what will become of my BLOG or even my 6 websites. I've been searching for my NEW Normal since my husbands sudden death last year and still have not settled on any particular routine or pattern.

I just wanted you guys that have so kindly “awarded” me, to know – that I think your own Blogs are wonderful and I enjoy my visits with you and reading what you’re up to.

See some of my favorite sites to visit >> here <<

Hugs, Mary a.k.a. LibMary

Jan 28, 2009

Great weekend visit with my sisters

I flew from Tampa to Jacksonville (where my younger sister lives) on Friday to spend the weekend with my 2 sisters. My older sister and her husband were visiting from Colorado Springs. We spent Saturday - cruising on the St Johns River - aboard my brother in laws' beautiful boat "Rock On". On Sunday - the girls went to Afternoon Tea at a place just about an hour's drive away "Shakepheares Tea Room". It was a wonderful time. I love my sisters and appreciate them very much!

Jan 21, 2009

Making your own Paper BOX Templates

You can make your own paper Box templates for crafting - " Online" and have them generated as a PDF file using the FREE online site :
Super Deluxe Tuckbox Template Maker


I made a new webpage showing How "I" do it with a little help using my favorite graphics editing software program Microsofts Digital Image.

Visit my How I Did It webpage at:

Other Important Tips or stuff I like to tell folks...
Websites come and go, move to different web locations, etc. EVERY DAY. Don't trust your bookmarks. When you find/read something, or see a craft idea or directions on how to make something, that you even remotely think you might want or it may have useful information - then Print it out right then, 3 hole punch your papers and put in a notebook for future reference, make notes on it - telling you who made a project, date it, etc, etc. , Save templates to your own computer when you see them, etc. Put them in locations/folders on your computer that you will remember and associate with such items.

If you worry about losing your "stash" of ideas, templates, graphics, etc. - then Back them up to an External Drive, A Flash Jump drive, or to DVDs, etc. Or you can even consider signing up for an online service like Carbonite - costs about $50 a year for backing up your documents & pictures folders. If something is irreplacable or you would be heart broken if it was ever lost from your computer - then back it up a couple times via a external drive and to dvds etc. (DVDs hold much more than the old rewriteable CDs - but of course your computer would need a DVD writer - hopefully you do have a newer computer with one of those thingies included - if not then backup what you can fit on a CD) And BACK UP YOUR STUFF OFTEN - do it everyday - especially if you just added photos, or downloaded a bunch of the digi freebies out there or bought new graphics sets, etc.

Jan 19, 2009

I stay the same but my kids are catching up!

My daughter has long been a Tigger ( T-i-double Grrrrrr-Er) fan - and she's always loved to "bounce"!

My oldest daughter turned 40 a couple weeks ago and I had a hard time believing the years could go by that fast. And I've Wondered - What have "I" done with them all. She on the other hand has done alot and has made me very proud of the woman she is today. She is a wonderful mom to my beautiful grandkids, and a terrific wife to my son-in-law - who is pretty nice too!! The career choice she made suits her perfectly as she loves kids - she is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, running her own Home Care business.

Did I mention that I am "Living" with them this winter here in sunny Florida.
It's all working out well.

Disney is running a promotion that gives you a free ticket to any of their parks on your Birthday - but the thing is - You have to use it on your BIRTHDAY - the actual day.

So my daughter booked a 2 bedroom condo at the Bonnet Creek Resort which is actually on Disney Property for an entire week. And we all went there for a long weekend and then we came back home - and I watched the kids - when my daughter went back for 3 more days with hubby to enjoy their time alone. And I got to spend time "alone" with the grandkids. A win-win, happy-happy, time for all.

Here's a few other pictures of "our" time at the resort, we also visited the Orlando Science Museum and had a very relaxing weekend and family time. And my daughter and I made our very first visit to an IKEA Store - which was a True Adventure - we had a good time - more looking than buying though.

Mariah built this dino from puzzle pieces at the museum

Mary and Her Hole in One on Lucky 13

The kids had a terrific time "experimenting"

The museum had amazing exhibits and fun interactive things to do

Both kids LOVE the water and would have stayed in the pool all day
and night if we'd let them

My son in law is the Grill MASTER!

A beautiful sunset to end the beautiful day.

Jan 17, 2009

I Love SALES!! I am a Graphicoholic too!

If you're a graphics collector like I am and also enjoy folksy/ whimsical / primative designs - then you have to check out http://www.digiwebstudio.com/store/ - They are having a $1.00 sale/per graphics set for EVERYTHING in the store. Some amazing bargains to be had. Take your time and explore all that's there.
Don't wait....stock up now!! Happy Shopping!

And over at Trina Clark and Friends site -
http://digiscrapkits.com/digiscraps/ there is a $2.00 sale going on. So many things to choose from. Get your credit cards out...Ready, Set, Shop!

Jan 16, 2009

Having fun figuring out something new to do with Digital Image

I figured out how to use the tools and plugins I have in my Microsoft Digital Image Software Program to take a coloring book page image and create a transparent overlay for use on a Digital Scrapbook Layout
**coloring book page image is by Mary Engelbreit and is for PERSONAL USE only**
Visit this webpage to see just HOW I DID this wizardry

I am "ULTRA" cool

Good Frosty Friday January 16, 2009 Morning from even Florida, USA

I got a message this morning letting me know that my Templates Resource's webpage was featured on a blog
The Paper Friendly Blog

I appreciate the mention and hope all the visitors to the resource will find something useful

My templates page is verrrrrrry loooooooong - but I have to let you know too, I HAVE NOT UPDATED this resource recently or even in the past year. So some or even many links will not work or have been lost to cyberspace for good.

MSN hosted sites that may be listed on the Resource page will be gone soon by February 2009, as MSN is discontinuing their MSN groups pages - so some sites or links may already be gone, but the ones that are still there - grab what you can now!! For example grab what you can Today from the wonderful Lori's PaperCreations - Crafts templates pages on MSN - she has several catergories listed on the left hand side of page - see this collection of Box templates

When ever you find something online and you even remotely think you might want it for now or in the future - GRAB it then, SAVE IT TO YOUR COMPUTER. Don't rely on BOOKMARKS!!
Save it when you find it, to a location on your computer, that you will remember and associate with such items.

I have a Paper Crafts Templates folder and I like to save my templates to subfolders sorted either by designer, website name, or type. So for example all the templates I download from Stampington Tempting Templates - go in the subfolder for Stamptington, then theres a subfolder for things like Boxes, etc.

About my websites and/or my resources pages on them:

I really just don't seem to have the inspiration or energy anymore to put into updating my websites that I own. I have 6 domain names and after I retired from my Library job in Jan 2005 - I just found other things to do with my life, that maintaining my websites - no longer held the appeal that once upon a time gave me great joy. And NOW that my life has changed even more with the death of my dear sweet husband, in April 2008 - well, I have many more challenges, distractions and things to think about than updating my sites.

There are so many Template resources out there, if you don't find what you are looking for on my webpage - do a google search (**it might lead you right back to my page - LOL) but you might also find some neat sites to explore - just remember - grab it, save it, when you see it.

If I should come across some sites worth mentioning - here on this new blog of mine - I will be sure to do it, believe me - I still collect websites and have always had good intentions about updating my resource pages...but so many links, so little time - and so many other things I gotta get done in my life.

Jan 13, 2009

Which Craft or Witch Crafter am I

For those that have followed me and my posts on the community forums I belong to, they understand that I much prefer "digital" playtime on my computer. I like creating using my Microsoft Digital Image software and learning and experimenting with what that program can do. But I don't like or have alot of patience for actual Print and Assemble crafting or sewing, or real life "scrapbooking" etc. Both of my sisters, my older daughter and my grandkids - are all in to crafting, and creating. They didn't get it from me or my Mom, where that gene kicks in from I'm not quite sure.
Now I do like coming up with "IDEAS" for things, and I like making suggestions, and I'm more than willing to compile or make something on the computer, print it out and Have "SOMEONE" else put it together. That's OK with me, to let them cut, score, fold, tape, glue and "make" it nice.
Spending my first winter as a Snowbird in Florida living with my dd and grandkids, has really found me - attempting to craft a bit more and enjoy the talented folks that surround me.
My dgd - came to me the other night and wanted to use the "new" Zutter Pink Bind-it-All that I just got for the family. She just wanted to punch the holes for a paper box she was making from scrapbook paper - no one else had used it yet, so I said sure go ahead, let her cut away or punch some holes - soon after she appeared with her "12x12x4inch" box.
Last month for Christmas, my granddaughter and I created "Paper" Village using graphics by Laurie Furnell an artist for pcCrafter
See our project pictures on this webpage of mine
And here's a few more links of some things my grandkids have done and "me" too - ya just never know "which" way I'm going in this Crafting thingy
Pccrafter threads I have posted about crafting

My grand kids are SEW crafty

My grandkids are Sew...Crafty - 8/14/2008
Picture included

Iron on t-shirts I made the grandkids for Easter
picture included
Info about tshirt transfers and iron on's
You can find some General Directions about iron on's on this About.com page:
My webpage with info links about printing on fabric

pictures of easter crafts I did
in this thread I have 2 pics

Collage layout I did of iron on items I did using at the time in 2005 some
DAISIE Company graphics for a DAISIE newsletter article - note the Newsletter in its former format is no longer available and all of my archived stuff is sadly lost to cyberspace.
in this thread
I am considering maybe doing some iron on t-shirts for Valentines Day, or Easter/Spring - I only have a gazillion graphics to choose from, so not quite sure "which" I will choose.
Happy Crafting - which ever type of crafter YOU are.

These are a few of my favorite sites..

When I get the time I will put these in one of those side bar thingies but I had already made a
listing in a word document of some of my favorite blogs or websites I visit. So for now here they are copied and pasted from my "document" - it is neat on this blog edit post part that I can copy and paste from Microsoft Word and the links all stay "intact" - cool - HUH!!
When I make a "side listing" - I have to enter each site one site at a time (insert >> Groan <<>

So heeeeerrrre's.....the LIST - Please note: some of these Blogs or websites belong to my pcCrafter HugSisters - if you would like to be included in this listing - you hug-gals know where to find me, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean!.

April Alderton

Audrey Jeanne Roberts / artist/designer
Bear Patch Crafts / Sandie Morris

beckysscrap.blogspot.com/ / iluvhugs
Carols digiscrapping blog
Cinnymins site

Conrad Creations / Mechelle Conrad - artist/designer
Crafting Heart
Crafty Pink Palace / Shelly / Catladyof5
Crafty This and That

Creative with Julia / 2BCreative
Dannies Designs
Dawns Stampin Studio
Deena Rutter
Dixie's blog
Encouragement From my Heart / Lorie Yocum
Flakey and Friends / Jaime’s clay creations
Glennas painting patterns
Grammy Goose / Sue Baker
Handcrafted goods by Linda
Handmade and Heavenly / Nora

Happy Happy Everything / PaislyDaisy / Lisa
Heart Prints / Sue Nelson
Heart Prints Message Board
It’s Molly Smith
Just Jenn Designz / Storm
Kathys Stamping Niche

KatzDesizns / Kathe
LD Limited
Linda Lucine
Melz Stamping Blog
Nan’s Poems and Recipes
Over the Picket Fence / Betty / cherokee
Papercrafting by Kathe
Passion for Crafts
Robins Nest
ScrappyGma’s Place
See Jane Scrapbook Natalie Malan

SharraHug's Sweet Blessings / SharraHug / Sharron
Split Coast Stampers
Split Coast Stampers All Forums
Split Coast Stampers Templates forum
Suzie Q’s / Linda Hitt
Tag You’re It / Slightly Crafty
The Paper Purse
Thena Smith – poems and much more!
This Just In / Stacey Thomas
Too Faboo Designs / Blog / Andrea Wainscott and Stacey Thomas

Jan 11, 2009

Yes, I am a Chocoholic

chocoholic [chok-uh-hol-ik] n. the state of addiction; devotion; inclination to chocolate

Hence the name of this site...those who truly know the real Mary, know my passion for this sweet confection.

To wet your own Appetite here’s some
Chocolate recipe sites and or links to melt over


Chocolate Bytes

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Hershey’s Recipes

Nestle’s Recipes


Working with Chocolate

Chocolate Trivia

iChef Chocolate recipes

M & M’s melt in your mouth not in your hands…I just pour them in straight from bag
and see too:

Chocolatier Magazine is no MORE!!!
Oldie but a goodie - Feature recipe
Recently Pastry Art & Design, Chocolatier and Frozen Desserts magazines combined to create Dessert Professional magazine.

How Stuff Works..

Business Week 2007 article the business of Gourmet Chocolate

Chocolate themed blogs or sites






Chocolate Quotes or Sayings







Purchase Rubber Stamps for making cards

Buy me some Chocolate ; -)

Mrs Fields

Jan 10, 2009

I dressed up the place!!

I made my own HEADER - I googled "images" for a chocolate keyboard. Found one and saved to my computer. Then I opened my trusty Microsoft Digital Image software and began to compile my "header". I used a Free alphabet being offered from lettering delights http://www.letteringdelights.com/freebies.php called JDL Neopolitan and wrote out the words "Chocolate on the Keyboard" - then cut and pasted the words the way I wanted them (- oh I first Iinstalled the alpha to the free Creative Delights browser http://www.letteringdelights.com/programs.php ,) typed out my word or phrase and then saved it as a stand alone image)

Ok with me so far, I have the words graphic, the chocolate keyboard graphic. Then I get a frame from the pcCrafter Creatable "Club Diva" by Beth Yarbrough. I fill in white area with a pink color. Then I arrange the text image, the keyboard image, and 3 chocolate pieces that are from Gina Jane's creatable (back from when she was at pcCrafter) "Candy Hearts" on the frame - which I had change the dimensions of to be more of a rectangle. Then wrote some text on the whole thing, and named and saved it once I was happy. So now I go to my Blog space on Google - and I edit the blog and click on the name part - and choose put an image, and check the box "shrink to fit" and I check - replace current info already there, and waa-laa - it updated my blog and put my very own created header in there.
Here are some bookmarks I had that I may have posted on other forums that might be useful to future Bloggers and/or anyone wanting to create their own headers for their own blogs:
Here's some links that may help you - or to keep handy for reference-

Blogging Tips & Tricks from Blogspots







How to Make a Blog Header Graphic

Easy Create Amazing Header Graphics

Blog Header Generator

More stuff on blogs and headers







I am still learning on what all I can do on this here blog thingy
I added a "blog" roll - and just could only remember the digi free blog and ikeagoddess's blog addresses - off the top of my head - LOL!. ** I will add more of my favorite blogs, when I find the time and all their url's.

Please don't expect too much from this blog, I really have more fun surfing and exploring the internet.
And of course visiting my favorite Community forums like:
pcCrafters, Aimee Asher.com a.k.a. The Island, or even sometimes I venture back to Daisie Company's forums (a.k.a. Across the Street or The Garden)
see too the fun happenings at The ZOO - ttydesigns.com/forum

So while that was a fun exercise..I have other things to do today:

I have to go sign in for my daily entry to win the HGTV Dream House. Ya gotta be in It to WIN IT!!

Is this thing on???


Well I guess I always had a blog - but had just never used it. Was going through some of my information about Blogs, trying to help a gal out from ttydesigns.com's forum and discovered I had once upon a time set one up via google.But I had never posted anything.So here ya go....this is my first post, might be my last, don't really have anything to say really.Sure I'll "try" in the beginning to keep up - and see what I can come up with to share.But honestly, I own 6 website domains, and I have NOT updated any of them in 4+ years!!!Just don't come looking every day to see what's new...in the beginning everything is FUN, when it stops being FUN, I move on.For those wondering - is this "Blog" thing Easy, Can I do it..well YES it is Easy, and YES you too can be blogging in no time. I chose to use blogger.com - I have a Google Gmail account and was able to sign in using that and off blogging I did go -Here are some links that may be useful to wanna-be bloggers :

Setting up a blog
You Tube Video for setting up your Google Blogger FREE Blog
see too http://help.blogger.com/
How do I post pictures?
You can now upload photos to your blog(s) using Blogger Images; just click the image icon in the post editor's toolbar.
How to Set Up a Blog for Beginners
Guide to Setting up a First Blog site **for small business site


WonderingHow did I come to name this site? - ahhh, you don't know me very well - if you need to ask
The name of this blog "Chocolate on the Keyboard" - is a glimpse on what my daily life is like, eating chocolate and surfing along on the internet at the same time - all DAY LONG!
Life is GOOD, and Delicious.