Jan 10, 2009

I dressed up the place!!

I made my own HEADER - I googled "images" for a chocolate keyboard. Found one and saved to my computer. Then I opened my trusty Microsoft Digital Image software and began to compile my "header". I used a Free alphabet being offered from lettering delights http://www.letteringdelights.com/freebies.php called JDL Neopolitan and wrote out the words "Chocolate on the Keyboard" - then cut and pasted the words the way I wanted them (- oh I first Iinstalled the alpha to the free Creative Delights browser http://www.letteringdelights.com/programs.php ,) typed out my word or phrase and then saved it as a stand alone image)

Ok with me so far, I have the words graphic, the chocolate keyboard graphic. Then I get a frame from the pcCrafter Creatable "Club Diva" by Beth Yarbrough. I fill in white area with a pink color. Then I arrange the text image, the keyboard image, and 3 chocolate pieces that are from Gina Jane's creatable (back from when she was at pcCrafter) "Candy Hearts" on the frame - which I had change the dimensions of to be more of a rectangle. Then wrote some text on the whole thing, and named and saved it once I was happy. So now I go to my Blog space on Google - and I edit the blog and click on the name part - and choose put an image, and check the box "shrink to fit" and I check - replace current info already there, and waa-laa - it updated my blog and put my very own created header in there.
Here are some bookmarks I had that I may have posted on other forums that might be useful to future Bloggers and/or anyone wanting to create their own headers for their own blogs:
Here's some links that may help you - or to keep handy for reference-

Blogging Tips & Tricks from Blogspots







How to Make a Blog Header Graphic

Easy Create Amazing Header Graphics

Blog Header Generator

More stuff on blogs and headers







I am still learning on what all I can do on this here blog thingy
I added a "blog" roll - and just could only remember the digi free blog and ikeagoddess's blog addresses - off the top of my head - LOL!. ** I will add more of my favorite blogs, when I find the time and all their url's.

Please don't expect too much from this blog, I really have more fun surfing and exploring the internet.
And of course visiting my favorite Community forums like:
pcCrafters, Aimee Asher.com a.k.a. The Island, or even sometimes I venture back to Daisie Company's forums (a.k.a. Across the Street or The Garden)
see too the fun happenings at The ZOO - ttydesigns.com/forum

So while that was a fun exercise..I have other things to do today:

I have to go sign in for my daily entry to win the HGTV Dream House. Ya gotta be in It to WIN IT!!


  1. Love your header and title, Mary!!!

  2. Looks like you've got a new home to share all of your computer wizardry, Miss Mary! *LOL* I can see it now: TUTs using DIP, digital layouts, links to the coolest online toys to play with. The mind reels!
    Congrats & have fun with your new home on the web!

  3. I enjoyed my visit! Nice start to a fun blog.

  4. Hey Mary! Good to see you bloggin' with your noggin'! LOL I started one last month & boy are you right.......it's a ton of work......but I'm having soooo much fun with it!
    I look forward to seeing your "shares" & tips that you so generously share with anyone who asks. You're a blessing to so many!
    Huggies to ya!


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