Jul 25, 2011

Water Lasso

This week on the I Heart Faces.com site the Photo Challenge theme is WATER!! I have enough Humidity in the Air but can't get a picture of It and have it include a Face as well...so next best thing, take a photo with "seeable" water and a "face"

Round em up - Waterhide!!
Joshua Just Hosein Around, Keeping his Cool On

Jul 21, 2011

Who knew..My hometown the Birthplace of Airconditioner

As I sit in my Florida home nice and cool...I am ever so thankful for the Air Conditioner Unit humming along outside. It is soooooo muggy and warm these summer days, I sometimes wonder how I grew up in a house and drove in cars - with no "air conditioners" in any windows or cooled air coming out of vents.
In my house only a couple of window fans.
I didn't know what I was missing until the day my late husband and I got a room air conditioner for "our" bedroom. My kids didn't get them - that luxury was reserved for us grownups. We figured "we" had "survived" a childhood without them, and they would as well.

After our girls moved away, we finally did get room air conditioners for their rooms though ;-) - we had one room set up as computer/office and the other was made into a "guest" room. Then 5 yrs before Paul passed away, he and a friend installed a whole house unit. I'll never forget coming home from work on a warm summer afternoon and wondered why all the doors and windows were closed. Then I stepped inside.....ahhhhhhh the coolness was ever so refreshing. I was so grateful for his talents and his ability to fix and do things around the house, that we didn't have to "hire" out for. We still opened all the windows and doors when it was in the "70's" outside, but when it got humid and hot, I cranked down the temps as fast as I could reach the thermostat.

Little did I know until reading an Article today in the Buffalo First news online, that a man from Western NY by the name of Carrier was the first guy to make air conditioners "practical" for offices and businesses, and later on for "home use".
Thank YOU, Thank YOU to Mr Carrier - you are one Cool Guy!!
Mr Carrier is buried in Buffalo's Forest Lawn cemetery.

Read all about Mr Carrier here:

The Business that still carries his name today is still conditioning the air around us in our homes.