Sep 27, 2009

I give up...

One good game I guess does NOT make a season...but oh how good it felt last week versus this weeks Bills game against the New Orleans Saints.
Then add my aggravation that my movers didn't show up for the scheduled Sept 23rd packing up of my home. My sister and I were ready for them - and ended up scrambling to find some new people. Couldn't book new people to come till Monday morning Sept 28. So we'll see how that goes. Hopefully we will be on the road tomorrow afternoon and on our way to Florida. It will take us 3 days, we're taking our time.

I had plenty of chocolate don't know why I don't feel better about things, usually its a pretty good cure-all.

Sep 21, 2009

OK that's better

The Buffalo Bills WON against the BUCs from Tampa. GOOD GAME!!
Its nice to have a WIN to reflect on - on Mondays...especially to start the week off here in Buffalo. We do tend to live and breath by the sports teams in town - The Bills, Bisons and Sabres.
For my week ahead:
I have 2 1/2 days left to live in this house of mine (soon to be NOT mine)...and then I will be in hotel for 3 days and from there, driving on my way to Florida to live out the rest of my life!! (or at least thats the plan)

I'll blog again once I have arrived in Florida and get the laptop plugged in...and the chocolate by my side

Sep 14, 2009

Good Grief...I was sooooo hoping the Bills

could pull off the upset of the start of their Season. But no....the Football gods had the usual plans installed for my beloved Buffalo Bills football team. In the last minute - we fumbled, New England got the ball and scored - we couldn't get within field goal range with 50 seconds to go...This was a Bad NOW and will be a Bad WAS, all I can hope for is a Great "Gonna Be"
On to next Sunday.
Go BILLS!! still love YA!!

Sep 9, 2009

What has your "Stuff" done for you lately??

Check out this posting on Small
Janet Jackson's guide to Decluttering

I'm down to 2 weeks before I have to have all my stuff packed up and ready to move to Florida and I really need to start heeding the call of "what has my stuff done for me lately" - when will I use it again, why am I keeping it, what does it do for me today. I really do want to live a simpler life. But wow have I got "stuff" and just physically sorting through it all, making all these keep / pitch / donate decisions is difficult and time consuming.
All young people should have to work a day in a pack-rats home going through this process of downsizing and decluttering - just to show them what NOT to DO in their own lives. Our stuff owns us, rather than us owning it.

Sep 7, 2009

I have good looking

Hilton Head Sept 2009