Apr 17, 2015

My Glory and other stuff

My daughter was visiting recently, and she saw some of the spring cards I had been making using my computer software (MS Digital Image) and cutting out the card fronts and embellishments with my Cricut Explore machine.  She said I needed to place them out on display so I could appreciate "My Glory".  That is a term she used often when the grandkids made things, she'd say to them "It's your Glory" :)  .  So I thought I'd post some of my glory here on my blog, which doesn't see much action or posts during the year. I am using these photos as an excuse to "post something"!  

Image credits: the Books with teacup on top by Rebecca Carter, and all the images with Bunnies (except for the 2 bunnies with the watering can), or Bear, and the Cat with the beehive, those also are by Rebecca Carter from collections once upon a time sold at pccrafter. Those collections are no longer available online for sale.  The 2 bunnies with the watering can, is by the late Sandi Gore Evans, from a collection that was once sold at daisiecompany.com (but is no longer available for sale online). The violets in a pot card is artwork by Cathi Freund, that was also once upon a time sold at daisiecompany.com, but is no longer available for sale. 

 I have such a huge collection of wonderful clip art that I have been buying over the past 15+ years, and now with the Cricut Explore, and its Print then Cut feature, I have really begun to re-visit the many folders full of wonderful images, that now I can easily "cut" with the Cricut Explore and bypass scissors.  For some of these card fronts, I used my photo/graphic editing programs to remove a specific image from a background, so that I could use it as a standalone image to apply to the card front with pop-dots and provide a 3d effect on the card front. And some images were standalone in the collections, and so I didn't have to prepare them.  Once I have my 5x7 or 5x5 card front created and or got my standalone image prepared - I just upload those images to the online program that Explore owners must use > Cricut Design Space, and then size them for printing out on my printer, and then place the printed images on the cutting mat of the Cricut Explore, and let it "cut it all out".  Then I apply the card front to a blank card, and next I put the glue-dots on and place on top of the card front. ( I made a webpage that shows a bit about how I put these cards together > see: http://sippingtea.com/tuts/cardscutwithcricutexplore.html  ) 
taaa-daaa!  Here is My Glory!

And some other stuff, I've been up to lately, these are photos are of a snowy egret out back of my home on a branch in the wee pond...He/She is preening & scratching and the wind caught its head feathers, that just made me smile as I took the photos.

And then this past weekend I went to The Tilted Tea Cup in Brooksville, FL, with my daughter and granddaughter, along with 2 of my daughters friends. It was such a relaxing and an enjoyable afternoon. The food was delicious and we visited a couple of Brooksville shops before returning home.  Great Day, Wonderful Company.

That's All Folks!