Mar 26, 2012

Playing in Photobucket

and did this today to a photo of a couple of birds hanging out at the pond. I cropped the original photo, increased the hue/saturation, added the photo corners border, and resized it. I don't use the many features of Photobucket often, but do have fun when I remember I have an account there.

Mar 12, 2012

Just testing Blog this feature of Picasa


I don't use Picasa very much.
It has lots of useful features, so it could be worth my while
to learn more about it, and or take advantage of the functions.

This post is an example of just clicking on photos in an album on my computer and from the Create dropdown menu, choosing Blog this.
The photos were taken a few weeks ago, and are of birds feeding in the wee pond out back of my house here in Florida.

I imagine that most folks who have a Blogger account also have Picasa on their computers.  Don't know why I haven't used this feature in the past, it sure does making posting lots of photos pretty easy and quick to do. 

For anyone who hasn't yet downloaded the Free utility of Picasa, what are you waiting for??
Have fun exploring all your options with this utility.
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Mar 5, 2012

Today would have been my husbands 67th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Angel in Heaven.

Can't believe it's been 4 yrs since we celebrated your 63rd. We went to Olive Gardens with our dear friends. My best friend, who introduced Paul to me in June 1965, and her husband. It was such a delightful evening.

My cousin John (I only have 2 cousins, John and his brother Jim), also shares the same birthday.
Paul and John were both born in Buffalo, NY on March 5 in the same year, John at Millard Fillmore Hospital and Paul at south Buffalo's Mercy Hospital.
John who grew up in California, his dad, my uncle - was the crew chief for the test pilot - Chuck in the 1940's there was lots going on out at Edward's Air Force Base - breaking sound barriers and all.

John eventually in his adult life ended up living on the East Coast in Long Island, and got a job being a crew/manager for a guy that owned pleasure and racing of which my cousin managed.

Even though John and Paul only had seen each other on a few occasions in our lives...they quickly became friends. John really liked Paul.

In 1997 - John called Paul asking him if he wanted to be a crew on the Yacht he managed, helping sail it from its winter home in Tortola back to NYC. John said the trip could take 9 to 20 days depending on the weather and all. Unfortunately Paul didn't have that amount of vacation time available - we had other plans already in the works. Paul wondered if John would ever ask him again. And thankfully in 1998, Paul finally got his chance. It was a thrill of a lifetime for Paul to sail & crew for John on the trip up the east coast. And Paul was lucky enough to crew a few more times, one trip in 2002 he crewed on the sail from NY to Antigua in January and then got to crew/sail it back in the spring.

This is one of my favorite photos
John is second from Left and Paul is 4th from the left
- this was taken in May 1998.
Happy Birthday Paul
Love You Everyday
Miss you in Every way!

This is the Card I gave to him on our 18th Wedding Anniversary
photo taken - the island of St. Martin in October1985