Mar 12, 2012

Just testing Blog this feature of Picasa


I don't use Picasa very much.
It has lots of useful features, so it could be worth my while
to learn more about it, and or take advantage of the functions.

This post is an example of just clicking on photos in an album on my computer and from the Create dropdown menu, choosing Blog this.
The photos were taken a few weeks ago, and are of birds feeding in the wee pond out back of my house here in Florida.

I imagine that most folks who have a Blogger account also have Picasa on their computers.  Don't know why I haven't used this feature in the past, it sure does making posting lots of photos pretty easy and quick to do. 

For anyone who hasn't yet downloaded the Free utility of Picasa, what are you waiting for??
Have fun exploring all your options with this utility.
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