Oct 26, 2009

Let's Get It Started.....

Went out to see if anything has been started on my new home lot..but there was only the SOLD sign up. The kids enjoyed seeing the property and ran around the small pond. Met one of the neighbors and she told me its a great neighborhood. Will check back in about 3 weeks to see if there's any building in progress. There were 2 cranes visiting the neighbors yard to the left of my lot. There will be lots of wildlife around for me to see living in this area of Florida.

Me with the Sold Sign on My New Lot

Mariah and Josh by the small pond which is stocked with blue gill
The visiting cranes


Oct 19, 2009

It wasn't pretty - But we got a WIN!!

I don't think the Buffalo Bills are going to ever be a playoff team for a few years - but I do like to watch them and they will always be my HOME TOWN Team!

Moving to Florida has been an adjustment (and not a bad one ;-) ) for me - but I every so often need some comfort viewing - and a win is a win is a win...so I DO Enjoy "that" when it happens.

Other news -
I have bought my self a NEW HOME!! Its going to be Built in a gated community named Waters Edge - located about 11 miles from my daughters home in New Port Richey. It should be ready to move in late February or early March 2010.

Read all about it at http://teas2dine4.com/watersedgelot.html

Had a good October Florida Fall weekend - went out to dinner at one of my favorite spots - Carraba's and its also one of my daughters family's faves too. We celebrated that my grand kids had straight A's on their first report cards this year, and my purchasing of the house. It was a really nice evening out. There was even a classic car show outside the restaurant.

Oct 11, 2009

Can the Buffalo Bills get any worse?*#*!!

Ohhhhhh MY!! I guess you have to hit bottom before you can begin going up again. Looks like my beloved Bills are nearing that bottom or are there now! Today at our home field, we were absolutely terrible against an equally bad team - The Cleveland Browns. Final score Browns 6 Bills 3!

I just have to keep reminding myself - that we rose from the ashes of a 2 and 14 season, just after we drafted Jim Kelly back in the 1980s. So maybe thats the head offices strategy - have a lousy season and get a first round draft choice. I wonder if I'll read the headlines in the Buffalo News tomorrow - Jauron fired, and the whole team replaced ;-) - with Buffalo's best highschool players. They certainly couldn't do worse.

Being a FAN, a true FAN, means you keep the faith that someday things will get better, but also sprinkle it with a bit of anger and sadness.

Oct 8, 2009

The house will be Closing - YAY!

Just found out the my Buffalo house will be closing on Friday - YAY!. I am sure the new owner is very happy too. It was hard leaving that home, but I know the new owner will enjoy many happy yrs in it. It's a good ole home :-)

My daughter and I have toured around a bit looking at houses within a 10-15 mile radius of her home. Gotta stay in "my drivable circle". Those who know me, know what I mean by "drivable" ;-)

I am leaning towards "newer" rather than older and at communities that have a mix of ages. I know that there are advantages of living in a Active Adult community like those at Heritage Lake nearby my daughters home. But I also know there are communities that offer club houses, work out rooms, and the opportunity to get involved in things. So its just a matter of making up my mind on what kind of lifestyle I would feel most comfortable in on a day to day basis. Sure is scary thinking about all of this without Paul in my life. Up until he passed away - I never could imagine "life alone" - and now here I am.
God, family and friends will get me through this "new beginning". And Paul remains ever in my life as a guardian angel.

I am liking living here in New Port Richey with my daughter and my wonderful grandkids...life is very good! And soon I'm sure I will find my own spot to grow and live in. As long as I have faith in God, family and chocolate - I can do anything!

Oct 2, 2009

I'm in Florida..


My sister and I arrived on Wednesday night. We had a nice drive down from Buffalo.
I will take my time to look for a place of my own. Living with my daughter and her family is a wonderful thing for me right now.

The 7th of October will be my 42nd Wedding Anniversary. I miss Paul soooooo much, but am grateful for the many marvelous memories we shared. Hard to imagine my future without him in it, but I am moving forward and hoping for lots more time here on this Earth.

saying good bye to my home of 37 yrs

my sister packing up the car at our last over nighter in South Carolina..only 450 miles to go to Florida

My sister and I (I am on left) - she left on a Jet Plane..going home to Jacksonville and her hubby. She was an absolute treasure to have with me for the month of September. She did the majority of box packing, compiled spread sheets of everything that's in the PODS, and was my go too gal for everything and anything I needed. Thank YOU - Carol!!! Love Ya!!