Oct 11, 2009

Can the Buffalo Bills get any worse?*#*!!

Ohhhhhh MY!! I guess you have to hit bottom before you can begin going up again. Looks like my beloved Bills are nearing that bottom or are there now! Today at our home field, we were absolutely terrible against an equally bad team - The Cleveland Browns. Final score Browns 6 Bills 3!

I just have to keep reminding myself - that we rose from the ashes of a 2 and 14 season, just after we drafted Jim Kelly back in the 1980s. So maybe thats the head offices strategy - have a lousy season and get a first round draft choice. I wonder if I'll read the headlines in the Buffalo News tomorrow - Jauron fired, and the whole team replaced ;-) - with Buffalo's best highschool players. They certainly couldn't do worse.

Being a FAN, a true FAN, means you keep the faith that someday things will get better, but also sprinkle it with a bit of anger and sadness.

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