Oct 2, 2009

I'm in Florida..


My sister and I arrived on Wednesday night. We had a nice drive down from Buffalo.
I will take my time to look for a place of my own. Living with my daughter and her family is a wonderful thing for me right now.

The 7th of October will be my 42nd Wedding Anniversary. I miss Paul soooooo much, but am grateful for the many marvelous memories we shared. Hard to imagine my future without him in it, but I am moving forward and hoping for lots more time here on this Earth.

saying good bye to my home of 37 yrs

my sister packing up the car at our last over nighter in South Carolina..only 450 miles to go to Florida

My sister and I (I am on left) - she left on a Jet Plane..going home to Jacksonville and her hubby. She was an absolute treasure to have with me for the month of September. She did the majority of box packing, compiled spread sheets of everything that's in the PODS, and was my go too gal for everything and anything I needed. Thank YOU - Carol!!! Love Ya!!

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