Mar 17, 2013

Former PCCrafter artists still selling clipart

As of March 2013 ( and also as of March 2015) the following former pccrafter artists are selling digital clip art sets for downloading:

UPDATE: at DaisieCompany, as of 2015
Gina Jane is the main artist who creates and designs new art, and printables, as well as sells some of her art that was at one time sold on
But wait...another update as of summer 2015 "Shelly Comiskey" has her formerly sold at Daisie Company Kits available once again!! Yea!!!! Note there are no new kits that Shelly has made in 2014 or 2015, but if you've never checked out what she does have, go see and if you love it, buy it now, when its available....cause ya never know when it will disappear again.
Happy Shopping 

UPDATE July 2015> Aimee Asher will CLOSE on July 31, 2015 

Laurie Furnell ***Laurie also sometimes sells art/printables via her Etsy store that are actually drawn and produced by her sister Libby Merk - they have similar styles. Libby sells her clip art and Printables under the name of Doodle Bee
Libby is "Doodle Bee" Art Studio and Laurie may refer to herself as Doodle Bug / or Doodle Heart

Tammy DeYoung on Etsy.

Please note : some artists are repackaging some - NOT ALL - former pccrafter sets and selling on these new sites (to them) or are only producing new sets. Before purchasing a set - if it looks familiar, check your own pcccrafter collections first. Some artists will create some new pieces that coordinate with their old pccrafter sets, that may make it worth it to you to purchase the newer/repackaged set, just to get the additional art.

The majority of former pccrafter artists have chosen to get out of the downloadable clipart side of the business, due to issues of Digital Piracy, Illegal file sharing, and disregard ofT erms of Use. It is important to note that any/all clipart downloaded to your computers from pccrafter & installed - still retain all terms of use agreements and the artists still retain their copyright to them. Your purchases will always have to adhere to the usage agreements and copyrights - regardless of whether pccrafter is in business or if the artist no longer sells downloadable clipart.

There are a lot of pirated images that can be found online by former pccrafter artists and it is something they are fighting everyday..  For some it makes their wanting to provide us "clipart junkies", their artwork, very difficult. The select few that I mention above that have decided to continue to offer their art via downloadable sets should not only be supported in their efforts, but we should all respect and honor their copyrights and terms of use.