Feb 4, 2012

Ever have one of those days

Where you planned that you were going to do this or that around the house, and ended up at 4pm in the afternoon, having accomplished "NOTHING"!!! I had simple goals for today, set up some shelves in the garage, attach wheels, and then start loading them up. Well - I did manage to get 2 wheels of 4 on one set of 3 shelves. Then I got side tracked by a phone call, a salesmen at the door, and playing on the internet.

On Facebook - a boutique hotel in Buffalo, NY named "The Mansion on Delaware Avenue"...is running a one day contest - you have to make the comment on their facebook page -"Tom doesn't know what he's missing" - and then tell all your friends to go to that MoDA facebook page, find your "Comment" and LIKE it. The person who gets the most likes by the beginning of half time for the Super Bowl on Sunday Feb 5 - on "their own" comment - wins a night at the Mansion and some extra goodies.
You see Tom Brady the QB for the New England Patriots - who will be playing in the Super Bowl - made a comment last week about the Hotels in Buffalo NY and that he didn't think they were very nice...Of course Buffalonians took offense at that - and so for fun the Mansion on Delaware is having this contest...not only to see how many people will visit their Facebook page, but also to have some fun with Tom, and show how many Likes people will get for even commenting "Tom doesn't know what he's missing" . So I of course had to enter, so far I've got about 6 likes - on my own comment. Let the most liked "commenter" win...I appreciate the chance to enter and "maybe" win a night at the Mansion, it was something my late husband and I had always wanted to do.

If you want to like my comment - before halftime of the Super Bowl visit
https://www.facebook.com/themansionondelawareavenue since so many people are entering the contest, my comment is probably gonna be one or more pages back. Thank you for your "like"

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue is a beautiful example of what can and should be done with some of the amazing homes that still exist in the "City" of Buffalo. I remember growing up and seeing all the Mansions that lined Delaware Avenue - it really was a place for the wealthy and they were Beautiful. Then in the late 50's and 60's - folks moved to the suburbs, and many could no longer afford to maintain them - so many were torn down, converted to offices or other uses. Delaware is still a nice Avenue to walk down. The hospital I worked at for 23 yrs was on one of the "Circles" that Frederick Olmstead designed in Buffalo, and the circle took you around "Gates Circle" but it was in the middle of "Delaware" Avenue. So I walked along on Delaware often...just looking at the "Mansions" that still remain. The surrounding streets of the neighborhood are pretty amazing too with grand homes as well.

So doing those few things...seem to have let the hours go by with not much to show for it. Tonight I'm catching up on some reading. But now its 4:30pm and I'm going to see what I feel like fixing for supper.

Go Giants!!