Jan 30, 2015

Better late than never

Happy New Year - even if the 1st month is over.  Seems like the older I get, the months just fly by faster and faster.

I had a wonderful Christmas - spent Christmas week in Orlando (and yes, went to Disney World).
 Our tree (we brought one of my 4ft trees from home) in the Marriott timeshare condo we stayed in.,
 We visited the Movie Studios park at Disney, all the houses were aglow with lights, this is the house with the 101 Dalmations, with just a few of them outside.

I made a few resolutions on New Years Eve, none of which I have kept. 

In the first week of Jan, I went to visit my Dad (93) on the other side of the state, I went to say goodbye, as he was in his final days of life here on earth.  He wasn't responsive to my visit, but hopefully the words I spoke to him, made it through to him- letting him know how very much I loved him.  He passed away on the 24th, and I am happy he is at Peace and Enjoying his eternal life. His only sister (95), passed away on the 8th, and our family is sure she helped her brother on his flight to Heaven.

I'm still liking cutting out stuff with my Cricut Explore, I had mentioned in my last post in November, that I made a web page showing my experience with the Print then Cut option of the Explore, cutting out stuff from my vast clip art stash. I added 2 more webpages, showing more examples of my fun times.  I'm hoping to expand my projects, and do other things with the Explore, such as cut and assemble 3d objects.  There are sooooooo many talented crafters showing wonderful projects using their Explore that they post on Facebook.  I've watched video's, bought some SVG files, downloaded several that are FREE. But still am a bit intimidated to try making things.  And I haven't done much with vinyl crafting..again, just feeling a bit overwhelmed.  But cutting out Clip Art - I got this!!

here's links to the 2 additional pages I made about my experience with the Print then Cut feature of the Cricut Explore

Just in case I go another couple months without posting...Happy Valentines Day, Happy St. Patricks Day and Happy Easter, & Happy Spring.