Mar 31, 2018

Fun day using the Cricut Easy Press

Playing with the Cricut Easy Press & having fun with Daughter and Grand Daughter

Laura and Mariah spent the afternoon and early evening Friday March 30, visiting and we played with my Cricut Easy Press, I also have the Easy Press Mat which was very helpful vs using a towel. But a folded towel certainly would have worked. The mat is just a nice addition to my crafting supplies.

Mariah and I each made shirts using the iron on rhinestone patterns by Anna Griffin that I ordered from HSN. And she made a shirt that she combined 2 designs she found on Cricut Design Space  - the Mountains are Calling and I Must Go with a cat face image that she wanted to be like the Moon in the background. For that she used coffee/brown color Cricut *Foil* Iron On to cut the design from .

Next she had 2 tiny onesies that she wanted to add a small design to the front for 2 co-workers who are expecting little girls this summer. So for that we used the new Cricut Pattern Iron On vinyl. She cut the heart with the names sliced out of the heart (we found that the between the fonts we chose and the design on the vinyl against the white shirt, didn't really show up well, so she is going to re-do them again when she gets more onesies.) The names are Sophia and Trixie (nickname)  she will still give the ones she made to the moms, the babies will wear for such a short time anyway.

And we used the new Cricut Iron On Designs that I bought from Cricut, there is also a selection at Joann's etc.  We put them on Canvas for wall hangings.  

I did the one for my daughter in Indianapolis, Life is a Zoo, and Laura did the one saying This Home is Built on Love and Shenanigans for their house.  Laura didn't bring any shirts - so she'll be back to when she gets a shirt she does want to decorate.

Products featured in the photos

Anna Griffin® Hot Fix Rhinestone Iron On Designs
HSN item 607-499

Cricut® In Bloom Pink Patterned Iron-On Sampler

Cricut® Foil Iron-On  Cutting, Application, and Care Instructions

Cricut® Iron-On Designs, This Home is Built 

Cricut® Iron-On Designs, Life Is A Zoo 

Some Joann's also carry the ready to iron on designs, but this is a link to the current selections available on the Cricut website store

Cricut Easy Press, available on Cricut and other retailers, like HSN,  Michaels and Joann's -  usually the Easy Press is considered a "machine" and sometimes discounts or coupons might not allowed for such items.

Cricut Easy Press Mat


The table that I work on for using the Easy Press is an Origami product that I got on HSN, it has a heavy solid wood top and a nice size work area.  When not in use, I fold it up and put away in a closet
Origami Foldable Multipurpose Desk / item 486-447

Photo of me with my Rhinestone iron on design on shirt ready to start pressing
Image 01

The design
Image 02

The Press
Image 03

The Peel (**we did cool/cold peel, and Laura being our impatient crafter had us use a frozen box of mashed potatoes from my freezer, pressed on the design to cool it down faster)
Image 04

Now Mariah's turn - she chose the Rhinestone iron on design "Creative"
Image 05

Image 06

Image 07

Image 08

Image 09

Laura's This house... (we filled in the cavity on the back of the canvas with a towel to make it a level surface for pressing)
Image 10

You really don't need to apply
much pressure, just hold down firmly
Image 11 

Image 12

The one I did with the Life is a Zoo - completed
Image 13

Mariah doing the weeding of her, The Mountains are Calling foil vinyl piece, she said she really likes doing the weeding, and she found the Foil Iron On, cut nicely and was easy to weed.
Notes:  Foil iron on vinyl is placed on the mat, shiny side down, and we used the Foil Iron On setting under custom,  be sure to MIRROR the Design.  The vinyl is weeded from reverse side and the carrier sheet is what you use to place on the shirt or material with the vinyl design on it. So no need for transfer tape. Iron on materials come with their own carrier sheets and that is why you Mirror the designs when cutting them, and place the heat transfer vinyl, with the side you want with the design cut correctly on the material, facing "down" on the mat and not facing you.
Image 14

Getting the placement just right before pressing
Image 15

Image 16

Image 17

peeling away
Image 18

See how shiny the Foil is, she loves it
Image 19

I surprised Laura with her Easter gift (I also got her the usual Chocolate basket that she will get on Sunday) but this is a board with felt and slots that you take plastic letters with tabs on the back and slide the plastic letters and words etc into the slots to make signs, so I made this sign when she told me they were coming over, and then gave her the board and the rest of the stuff that came in the Kit (all ordered from HSN)  She was thrilled, she had been eyeing it in either Michaels or Joann's for awhile and was glad she hadn't bought it ;)  I knew she would like it.
this is the letter board kit I got for Laura
Urban House Design Vertical Letterboard

Their family nickname for me is *The Nana*.  
Image 20

Image 21

Mariah's projects 
Image 22

Doing the Onesies,  we folded over the shoulders/top seams area over the Easy Press Pad to make a flat surface for the easy press, to avoid the raised seam areas
Image 23

Image 24

This is Trixie shirt, as you can see, the font chosen was not good for this design
Image 25

Image 26

Chose a different font for Sophia and it showed up a bit better, we think there is too much white in the pattern of vinyl we chose . Mariah said the vinyl cut well and was easy to weed. But she is going to make new ones with a better color or print HTV vinyl and fonts and give those shirts to the *Moms to Be* as well 
Image 27

**Oh, and here is our (frozen) Potato Peel method to cool down the shirts faster
Image 28

All done, now time for Ice Cream and Cookies

Image 29

Lorrie Nunemaker has a Facebook Group just for Easy Press owners
and here is a video by Lorrie  link
Easy Press for Beginners, published Oct 29, 2017

Lorrie Nunemaker YouTube Channel >>

My granddaughter and I will to be wearing our Rhinestone shirts to the Scrapbook Expo at end of April that will be held in Orlando - all 3 of us had a wonderful time at it last year and we also attended in 2015. Makes for a nice Girls weekend outing.  

For information about Scrapbook Expo see their show list to find a show perhaps near you : 

P/S  I am not affiliate for any of the companies that I linked to. I am only providing the links for informational purposes. Please do your own research on products before purchasing, and always look for Sales or Deals (even though sometimes you can buy something, only to find it at a lower price the next week )  Read and Follow all instructions for using any of the products you might purchase. 

Happy Crafting 

Nov 26, 2017

Resources for new Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker owners

These links were gathered and tested Oct through Nov 26 2017 and are going to be edited to add newly found resources in 2018.

This is not an all inclusive listing of resources with everything a new owner or those considering purchasing a Cricut Explore or the new Maker machine needs, but rather my own go-to links for when I need answers or want to learn something about using my own Explore. I bought mine in October 2014 and had never owned any type of cutting machine before. 

I had a specific purpose in mind when buying it. I wanted to use the Print then Cut feature of the machine, to do projects with my large collection of Clipart that I have on my own computers.

I have not personally done much with Vinyl or some of the other materials that the Explore or new Maker can cut.  But in these resources there are links to youtube channels, and learning links on the Cricut website, that should provide starting points for finding videos and information for working with Vinyl and other materials. 

If you have never owned any type of Cricut machine previously or signed up for a free online account with Cricut - do so before you buy an Explore or the new Maker machine. And use the same email and password you sign up with for all of your dealings with Cricut and with Design Space the online program needed to use with your Explore or Maker machine.

Sign up at

And remember you can always contact Cricut Customer Support for assistance

Call us

Mon. — Fri. 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST

UK: 0808 101 7032
Outside of UK
0044 0808 101 7032
2pm - 1am UTC+1

Manuals and Warranty Information for Cricut Machines

Which Cricut Machine is Best for You ? by Debbie ONeal

Published on Nov 22, 2017

Need help deciding which Cricut Machine to get ? Review features of each type of Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker machines.

Cricut Explore Air 2 vs. Cricut Maker Comparison:

Cricut Explore Air 2 vs. Silhouette Cameo 3 vs. Brother ScanNCut 2 Published on Nov 14, 2016

How do I set up my Explore machine?

Cricut Maker FAQ

6 Top Questions Every Cricut Beginner Wants to Know                         

Must Have Cricut Accessories

Design Space 3 for Beginners (Design Space is the online program you will need to use to work with your Explore or the Cricut Maker machine) :

25 Tips & Tricks For Cricut Explore Air 2 Beginners PLUS Infographic
December 18, 2017 Beginners, Featured, Getting Started

Cricut machines comparison chart 

System Requirements for Cricut Design Space 

(it is best to exceed these in any area you can afford to) .  I believe that Cricut Design Space is a  resource hog. So having more than the recommended requirements will be better, as Design Space is always evolving and adding more features etc. Having at least 8gigs of RAM is much better than the recommended 4 gigs. Note: the System Requirements can change at any time when you least expect them to. 

User Manuals and Warranty information

Cricut Explore Air Manuals and Videos

Getting started with a New Machine 

 Cricut Design Space is the online Cloud Program that all Explore and Cricut Maker owners must use with their machines, that means you need your computer (MAC or Windows) to be connected to the Internet to use your machine.  If you have an older Cricut machine (made before the release of the Explore line in Feb 2014), you can NOT use Cricut Design Space.

Design Space 3 for Beginners (Design Space is the online program you will need to use to work with your Explore or the Cricut Maker machine) :

Note you will need to be connected to the Internet to use Design Space and work with your Explore or Cricut Maker machines There is NO OFFLINE Option to use Design Space for Computer Users. There is only some offline capability for those who have the Design Space app for their iPad and iPhone  ( Design Space Offline (iOS) FAQ >>    )

Your first 30 days with a Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker - Facebook daily Event February 2018  presented by Cricut The Official page >   
Event posts at:

If you own an iPad or iPhone, you can install the Cricut Design Space "app" on those devices & pair it with your Explore or Maker machine, and use that app with your machine. 

iPad and iPhone Design Space app
Download to your iPad and/or iPhone

iPad and iPhone Design Space app user manual (may be outdated in some areas)

Snapmat Feature FAQ

There is also an app for those who own Android devices.

See the differences in each version of Design Space

Every Explore comes with a USB cord that you can connect to your computer, OR you also can PAIR your machines via Bluetooth (any Explore with the word AIR in the title has Bluetooth builtin to the machine itself at the Factory, as does the new Cricut Maker) The Explore "ONE" with the word "One" in the title of the machine needs a separately purchased Cricut Bluetooth adapter, that you place in the machine itself to enable its bluetooth capability) And your own computers need to have Bluetooth as well. If yours doesn't - you can purchase an inexpensive USB Bluetooth Dongle and insert it to a open usb port on your own computer and that will enable the Bluetooth capability for your computer.  The pairing code for the Explore, Maker and your computers is 0000 (4 zeros)

System Requirements for running Design Space (these are always subject to change when you least expect them too. It is best to try and Exceed the requirements in any area you can afford to ) The current suggestion of 4gigs of RAM I feel is low, I personally would have a system with at least 8gigs of RAM, a fast processor, and a fast and reliable internet service with a good upload/download broadband speed.

How do I install Cricut Design Space?

Getting started with a New Cricut Machine

2018 Feb Your first 30 days with Cricut  learn new skills and techniques using your Explore or Maker machine

Which mats are used for what materials :

What are some Essential Supplies new Cricut Explore or Maker owners might want to get :

Information about Blades for Cricut Machines

What materials can either the Explore or Maker cut (with Blade suggestions)

Cricut's video playlist for learning Cricut  Design Space
What are the differences in the various versions of Design Space

Cricut Design Space FAQ

Cricut Design Space Cheat Sheets

6 Top Questions Every Cricut Beginner Wants to Know

25 Tips & Tricks For Cricut Explore Air 2 Beginners PLUS Infographic
December 18, 2017 Beginners, Featured, Getting Started

Cricut Overview - Learn all the Basics in Design Space with your Cricut Air 2 and Maker machines.

Expressions Vinyl Published on Jan 31, 2018

How to upload Images using the app for iPad users   Nov 2017 by Lorrie Nunemaker

iPad and iPhone users of the app for Design Space have a feature not available to Computer users or those who use the Android app for Design Space - it is called SnapMat here is the link to the SnapMat FAQ on the Help pages of Cricut
Where to download the app for IOS (iPad and iPhone users) version of Design Space

How do I pair my Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machine via Bluetooth?
What if your own computer does not have Bluetooth - You can purchase an inexpensive USB Bluetooth Dongle from retailers like Amazon or from a store that sell computers etc. The dongle is placed in any open usb port on your computer and then you can pair your Explore Air or Maker machine with your Computer, following the steps outlined in the above link.  The pairing code is 0000 (4 zeros)   
Note all Explore and Maker machines come with an included usb cord to connect directly to any computer if you choose not to use Bluetooth.  ( **I personally have 4 Windows laptops, one I have connected directly with the usb cord, and the other 3 I have paired to my Explore via Bluetooth. ** )

What materials can the Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker cut? (with blade and mat use suggestions)

Cricut Cheat Sheets by Lorrie Nunemaker (posted in 2015 but still useful)

Pinterest Search Results when inputting >> Cricut Cheat Sheets <<  
Note : Design Space was updated to version 3 on  April 26 2017 (it was still in beta mode for a couple months, and Design Space 2 was still functioning at that time) Design Space 2 was taken offline in June, and now you can only use Design Space 3 on your computers (MAC or WINDOWS)  Some youtube videos online that are excellent on showing how to do things in Design Space were published - showing past versions of Design Space. Please be mindful of the dates published on the videos and or blog posts, webpages etc.- that you are seeking information from.  As the older versions of Design Space, some items or features are in different locations than they are now, and some features weren't available in past versions of Design Space that are now currently available.  Design Space being a Cloud Based program is always subject to updates and changes, and additions to its features.  To keep track of the latest changes to Design Space see >>  the Release notes page :

Links for Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker newbies
Begin with the Learn pages of Cricut >, and the Help pages

The Help pages have FAQs and the User Manuals, that you can download the PDF files of individual chapters and have on your computer to use as Reference >>

Cricut's video playlist for learning Cricut  Design Space

Cricut Design Space FAQ

Debbie O'Neal the admin of the Lets Learn Cricut Explore Facebook Group :  has an excellent Youtube channel that you can Subscribe too. She has a playlist of videos for learning the Features and layout of Using Cricut Design Space :

Learning Design Space Playlist :  published April 27, 2017

Cricut Design Space for Beginners published April 27 2017 by Lorrie Nunemaker

Cricut Design Space Cheat Sheets by Lorrie Nunemaker (download and print out to have in front of you when working in Design Space)

Features that were updated on July 20th >

To keep track of any current updates to Design Space see :  

Debbie O'Neal has a online video class for Learning Design Space - cost $25
find details at:

User Manuals and Warranty information

Cricut Explore Air Manuals and Videos

Cricut Maker links

Cricut Maker: From Setup to First Cuts

Cricut Maker Set Up & First Project

Unboxing and set up of the Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker Set Up First Project using Bluetooth

Why All The Different Cricut Blades, Tools and Mats ?

Cricut Maker Vs. Cricut Explore Air 2 by Kens Kreations published Nov. 21 2017

Information about the Cricut Access Subscription Plan 

What is Cricut Access >

Subscriptions and Memberships > 

Note: Licensed content such as Disney, Pixar, Sesame Street, Marvel, Hello Kitty, etc etc. and Designer Content such as that by Anna Griffin, Lia Griffith, Close to My Heart (CTMH), and others is NEVER included in the Cricut Access Subscription, that Cricut content and cartridges will always have to be purchased in order to use on your projects. 

Free for a week images

How do I find the Free Images of the Week?

 The Free for one Week images run from Wednesday to the following Tuesday and a new set is offered the Wednesday after Tuesday

the Free for one Week image sets will NEVER include Licensed (Like Disney or Sesame Street etc  or Designer (like Anna Griffin, etc) in the Free for a Week offerings, they will always be images that are included in the Cricut Access Library for subscribers.

The Free for a Week offer is a way to introduce those who don't Subscribe to the Cricut Access Library of images, a Sample of what those who do subscribe get with their subscription. For one week, you can create and save projects and cut them for FREE for that One Week period. Then once the week is up, if you later on. open that saved project,  any images or fonts that you used from the free for a week image set,  - you would then be asked to pay for them if you want to cut that project at that time.

But NOTE: Any time you purchase either a single image, a font, or an entire cartridge of content, it is yours to use over and over with no further payment and regardless of your subscription status.

If you ever decide to subscribe to the Access Subscription Library (and the basic $96 a year is the most economical option) - that allows you to use any of the 1000's of images or fonts that are included in the Access Library (images that have the "a" on them) for free while you are subscribed.

You can save any/all projects created with those subscription images.

But - the Access Subscription included images and Free cutting of them is ONLY available while you are an active and paid up subscriber. (it is often referred to as a rental program, pay the rent - use for free, stop paying the rent and you have to buy outright to use or start paying the rent again)

 So again, if you decide to discontinue your subscription, any of the saved projects are still in your Design Space account, but now you will be asked to pay for any/all images/fonts (or resubscribe to the plan) you used in that project from the Access Library.  

And again, if you buy any of them outright, you don't have to pay again. **Its always good to keep records of any all purchases you make with Cricut, so that in the future if there is a request for payment that you are positive and have proof of purchase or payment** you can phone Cricut and have them make the necessary adjustments to your account. Never pay twice for something you have proof of purchase for. Sometimes you can try logging off and clearing your Internet Browser cache to refresh your account, and see if you are still being charged for something you know you own outright, if that doesn't work, then Phone Cricut directly to get the issue resolved. 

There is lots of content, images and Cartridges that are NEVER included in the Access Subscription, those by Disney, Pixar, Sesame St., Hello Kitty, Marvel etc etc and Designers like Anna Griffin, Lia Griffith and others, and Cartridges by Close to My Heart (CTMH).

That content would always require purchase before being able to cut projects using those images.

You always have choices, buy content outright, subscribe to the Access library and keep it current, buy licensed and designer cartridges or images or fonts outright etc. And of course Cricut allows for you to upload images and svg files that you may have obtained elsewhere online and use in your projects for free.

And you can use any of your own installed fonts you have on your own computer for free in projects in Design Space.

Some people like only using their own stuff in Design Space and never use Cricut content.

Others have lots of their previously purchased Cricut Cartridges linked to their Cricut accounts and have found no need for the subscription or who may only purchase outright an image or a font when needed and they have use of it forever (well as long as Cricut is a viable company and have their online website)

The Free for a Week image sets, the Free trial periods when machines are set up, etc. are a way to introduce customers to the Cricut Access Library of Images.

If they like what they see, they can choose to Subscribe, or buy images, cartridges etc. out right. They always have choices.

Any projects that you create and save are always available in your Design Space account, and regardless of any subscription status.

The only time payment comes into play is if the image or fonts require payment because you aren't subscribed or the images or fonts are licensed and always have to be purchased outright before being able to cut.


How do I find the free images that came with my Explore machine?


What is Free for Everyone in Design Space 

the shapes off to the left on the Design Space work area are Free to everyone, the shapes option is where you will find the Scoreline.

The Cartridge named Cricut Craft Room Basics  is free for everyone, it has several shapes in it to use for Free. 

The Cartridge "Basic Shapes" is free for everyone

The Cartridge named "Creativebug"  is free for everyone


How do I find the content included in Cricut Access?

How do I find the linked, purchased, or subscribed contents in Design Space and Cricut Basics?

Any free trials that come with the Purchase of your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker, start at the time you set up your machine. So if you don't think you will be able to take advantage of the Free Trial (and it can vary from 2 weeks to months depending on the anything included with your purchase and the vendor you purchase from etc.)  - don't set up the machine until you have the time to take advantage of your trial period.  The Trial period works just like the Free for a Week offer, it will be using images and fonts that are included in the Access Library and if you create and save projects using those images, then after your trial period is up, if you at a later time go to those saved projects you would have to pay for any images used from the Access Library or choose to Subscribe to the Access Library

What is Cricut Access?

How to Link physical Cricut Cartridges to the Explore and Design Space 

 Note: Cricut plans on discontinuing the manufacture of Physical Cricut Cartridges. so you may find deals as retailers try to get rid of current stock.  If you purchase a physical cartridge from another source that may have been linked to a previous owners own Cricut account, You will NOT be able to link it to your own Cricut account and use with your Explore machine.  So make sure you are buying unopened / packaged physical Cricut Cartridges.   Going forward Cricut will produce Cartridge "cards" with a scratch off code on the back. You will enter that code online in your own account and that will link the content to your account and will be accessible to you in Design Space.

Many Cricut Cartridges - old and new, have Digital versions available for purchase in the online Cricut store.  Once a Digital Cartridge has been purchased it is linked to your account and available to use.

Note: sometimes when you buy something - you may need to log out of Design Space and log back in to refresh your own account to recent changes such as a digital image or cartridge content purchase - for it to show up as purchased.

PRINT THEN CUT - what's that all about?

Using that feature, you print out flat images on your own Inkjet printer using white Printable materials that your own printer can handle (Note you can print on light color materials if you own the Cricut Maker).  
There is a printable area size allowance of 6.75 by 9.25 inches. Your image(s) can be smaller but not larger.  **there are workarounds - but when beginning stick with the sizing allowance.  Design Space will put a black outline box around the image. That is the Registration lines, that the Explore or Maker will scan in a few places and then proceed to cut out the images.  

The Cricut Explore Air Machines and the new Cricut Maker machine come from the factory pre-calibrated for using the Print then Cut featureCalibration is only needed to use that feature.  If you have issues with your printed images not cutting correctly - Contact Cricut by phone for assistance and suggestions on how to help with that situation.

I personally use the Print then Cut feature more than any other with my own Explore. 
I use the images for Cards, Embellishments, to add dimension to projects, Placecards, Tags, Banners, Small favor boxes, Stickers, Magnets, iron ons, and more. 

I have a large collection of wonderful clipart images that I been collecting over the past 17+ years.  I have a Flickr Album with photos of some of the printed then cut images and projects I have done with my Explore :  Cricut Explore Cut Projects and Images

You also can use Cricut images with Print then Cut, just select ALL of the Layers, and Flatten, that will make it a Printable image. There are also Printable images in Design Space content that are already flat and ready for use with the Print then Cut feature.

Where I currently purchase or obtain for free my Clipart images online

Learn how to use the Print then Cut feature : video by Lorrie Nunemaker (published July 2017)

Print then Cut Basics by Carole Prevost

Published on Feb 6, 2018

Note: I personally use a HP Envy 7640 for my Print then Cut projects and subscribe to the HP Instant Ink program.  **Notes: I have found that this printer does NOT handle the Cricut brand of sticker sheets very well (and I don't care for the finish of the Cricut brand of sticker sheets) . But I have had good results using Avery full label sticker sheets, and also a brand I purchase on Amazon : LD Premium Inkjet Photo / Glossy finish sticker sheets.  I also print and cut my magnets using Avery Magnet 8.5 x 11 sheets.  I have not worked with printable vinyl or printable heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

Debbie O'Neal the admin of the Lets Learn Cricut Explore Facebook group, recently did some research among her members asking about the printers they use for Print then Cut. You can see the results of her research at :

Top Printer Choices for Cricut Print Then Cut |


Inkscape ( a drawing and design program)  is often mentioned in Facebook groups, it is a Free program. There are many youtube videos for learning the program. 

Here is one example: Inkscape tutorials by Troy Young on his TroyTube channel
(download Inkscape from )

Other programs that are often mentioned that people use to create with and then save the images created in them to upload to Design Space  There are tutorials and youtube videos available online for all of these programs

Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL)

Make the Cut   (MTC)

Adobe Illustrator (AI)


Free programs

The GIMP    download >>>    download >>> 

I personally use an old program that has been discontinued by Microsoft when compiling my clipart or graphics compilations and some text images - Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006. It is no longer sold or supported by Microsoft, but can still be found on Ebay.  I find it to be a very user friendly program. I can curve text in it, etc.  I also like using for removing the white backgrounds on JPG images and saving in PNG transparent format to upload to Design Space. And I sometimes use for creating text images. 
And I have installed on my computers: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel's  Paint Shop Pro and others.   

But usually rely on Digital Image and/or working with images offline and prepare them to upload to Design Space.

I also on occasion use Fontlab Pad for creating text images.
Easy Beautiful Text for Cricut Design Space youtube video by Kay Hall



While there are lots and lots of good Youtube Channels - here are a few of my own favorites that you might want to consider subscribing to:

Dreaming Tree (how to's for assembling their SVG projects) :

SVG Cuts (how to's for assembling their SVG projects)  :
Working with SVGs  (SVG = Scalable Vector Graphic, it can be scaled up or down without losing resolution)

How to unzip an SVG file and import into Cricut Design Space  Published Nov 6, 2017

How to bring & save svg files to Cricut design space 3  published May 2017

Cricut Design Space - Uploading SVG files  published Nov 2016

How to upload SVG Files to Cricut Design Space

Downloading and Uploading SVG Files To Cricut Design Space  by Tidbits and Tinkerings Published on Apr 21, 2017

From  :  Design Space tutorials

Using Cricut Design Space Contour Feature To Isolate SVG Pieces Containing Score Lines

Isolating Parts of SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (Slice Tool)

Using Miss Kate Cuttables FREEBIES in Design Space  published Jan 2016

SVG and Me Cricut Tutorials

Working With SVG Files vs. PNG Files in Cricut Design Space published Aug 2017

SVG Viewer for Mac and Windows - Overview

How to download multiple SVG's from a Facebook Group and view them

related :  Finding Files in Lets Learn Cricut Explore FB Group

For those who use the Design Space app on their iPads or iPhones
How to zip and unzip files on iPhone or iPad
Andrew O'Hara on October 20, 2017

For iPad Users - How To Download & Open .Zip Files (My Lessons) using the Filer App Troy Brenningmeyer
Published on Sep 6, 2017

Jan 2018 update to Design Space

Uploading images into Design Space - iOS
You can now upload both basic (raster) and vector (SVG) images to your image library through the Cricut Design Space App for iOS devices.


Cricut Design Space - Upload SVG Files on iOS Device + Download & Extract SVG Files


Importing Dreaming Tree SVG Files Into Design Space Using iPad


SVG Viewers

How To See Thumbnails Of SVG Files

Viewing SVG Thumbnails in Windows   (I have this extension installed on each of my Windows Computers, I have computers running Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10 and it works fine for viewing thumbnails of my SVG files on each of them)                     

Please Note: if you are not able to download the SVG Extension file itself, from the website that Troy Young mentions in the above video, I have uploaded the 64bit version of the svg extension in a zip file and it can be downloaded >>> here <<< 

And or here >>

SVG Viewer for Mac and Windows - Overview                              

Favorite SVG websites

3D SVG / Dreaming Tree

Apex Embroidery Cuttables SVGS     freebies >> here

Kimber Dawn and Company

Burton Avenue

Jennifer Maker

Cre8ive Cutz offers a wide range of 3D and flat paper crafting patterns that can be cut on Cricut, Silhouette and other SVG compatible electronic cutting machines


Lori Whitlock

My Scrap Chick 

My Scrap Chick Tutorial. How To Use our SVGs with Cricut Design Space

SVG Salon

SVG and Me
SVG and ME - Pinterest Boards of Interest to follow for Cricut Explore or Maker owners
Love Paper Crafts

Monica's Creative Room - Click on Cutting files in sidebar on website, lots of wonderful and a variety of FREE SVG files to choose from

Simply Crafty SVGs    Simply Crafty SVGs - SVG Files for Cricut, Silhouette and more

Craft Bundles   
Freebies >>  excerpt quoted : Free DXF and SVG Cut files all available for instant download. From cute quotes to graphics, all freebies and cutting files come complete with a full commercial license. 

SVG Cutting Files 

Printable Cuttable Creatables
Freebies :

Jamie and Jenn 
I really like the gift box ideas svg files from Jamie & Jenn

Scout and Rose Designs Co.

Easy Cuts It

Ready to Cut

Whimsicality Graphics
Etsy Store

Treasure Box Designs

My SVG Hut on Etsy

**note there are several good stores on Etsy that sell SVGs for very reasonable prices - just input
 SVG for Cricut  into the search field of

Another good Etsy shop >

Crafts You Cut Shop    SVG Cutting Files For Silhouette Cameo and Cricut! 

Cut Supplies

Awesome SVGs

The Craft Chop (note for personal use only, some images are copyrighted or trademarked )

Hey Let's Make Stuff

FREE 8 MUST HAVE SVG, PNG, DXF & EPS Bundle 12/24/2017

19th Studio - Freebies

Cutting for Business  Free SVGs (*excerpt quoted : Like most files on Cutting for Business, you can use the file to sell products. However, you can not sell the file as is or distribute it as your own.)

Craft Direct free SVGs

related - see Cricut project ideas
More Listings of  SVG Resources: *May include some already listed above*

Where To Find Free SVG Cut Files For Cricut

See too this listing on the Cutting for Business website: 

The Big List of Places to Download Free Commercial Use SVG Cut Files

The Silhouette Store now offers some of their files in SVG format - check out the Silhouette store - and when choosing the format of any files you may consider purchasing, choose the SVG format or Include SVG format *Note it may increase the price of the file to have it include the SVG format.


Converting JPGs, PNGS, or GIFs to SVGs

Online conversion sites

Convert Studio files (Used by Silhouette Studio Software) to SVG

INKSCAPE: Converting a JPG or PNG into a SVG  posted Feb 2015

How to Convert a JPEG to SVG in Inkscape  Posted on 14th November 2016

Using Inkscape to easily create SVG files By



Using your own computer installed Fonts that are on your Computer in Design Space
How to download and install fonts to your own computer and then use in Cricut Design Space with the Add Text feature

How to Install Fonts on your Computer

How To Install a Font into Cricut Design Space For Free published Feb 2017

Creative Fabrica links of interest

Installing fonts on Windows computers

Installing fonts of MAC/Apple Computers

All about PUA encoded fonts and how to access the extra characters or glyphs that some fonts may contain (not all do)  .  

NOTE:  Some fonts may only include the extra glyphs in the payfor version of a font, some may be included in FREE fonts - but may require a license to use for commercial purposes.  Other fonts may include not only the extra characters, but also the License for use for commercial purposes.  Be sure to read any included documents and or information on the websites that you are obtaining the fonts from to know what the font's terms of use are etc.

What are PUA encoded fonts : excerpt quoted
"PUA stands for “Private Use Areas”. When a font is PUA encoded it means that you can access all special characters such as the flourishes and swirly lines through Windows and Mac and that you can load them into applications such as Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio.
Fonts that are not PUA encoded will still work in for example Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio, but only with the standard characters. The extra fancy characters that you are looking for won’t work here. They do however work in applications such as Adoble Illustrator.
So, if you are going to use your cutting machine and designing with Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio, make sure to use PUA Encoded Fonts. If you are not sure, always ask the designer."

How to use Fonts in Cricut Design Space

Using fonts in other Applications

Difference between font formats 

What is a SVG Font (.svg)

excerpt quoted:

"SVG Fonts that you receive with a downloadable, installable font packages are not suitable for crafting and cutting machines! See also above where we explain how a .svg font is only suitable for web. If you are searching for a font in SVG format that is suitable for cutting machines, you will find all the letters and numbers stored in the packages as separate SVG files: a.svg, b.svg, c.svg, 1.svg, 2.svg, etc."

Fontcloud by Creative Fabrica an online font tool (still in Beta)   
You can Upload font files from your Computer to Fontcloud (to store in the Cloud - they are still available for you on your own computers) and then view any/all extra PUA Glyphs that a particular font "may" have.  You can copy and paste any particular glyph from Fontcloud and place into any text or document or image that you are creating in offline programs or in Design Space, as long as that particular font is chosen in the program you are creating your text in.

Learn how to use the program of Fontlab Pad to create text and save as an image to upload to Design Space  >> download from

Easy Beautiful Text for Cricut Design Space by Kay Hall  (published Sept 2016)

Using FontLabPad with Cricut Design Space

Downloading fonts and using Fontlab Pad by Laura Harnish
Published on Jan 23, 2017
This video will show you how to download fonts from and and use them in Design Space as well as how to use FontLab Pad

Finding and using the Special Characters or Glyphs in the Fonts that include the extra characters (when given a choice to download and install a TTF or an OTF version of a Font, choose the OTF version as it will be the version with the extra characters also called Glyphs, if only given the TTF option then obviously use that version.) 

Fonts: OTF versus TTF – What is the difference?

Fonts with Special Characters in Cricut Design Space Using Fontlab Pad by Melody Lane

BabelMap Character Map for Design Space/Inkscape -

Cricut-Crafting How to use font extras with Character Map  Cricut Crafting Published on Jun 19, 2017

Samantha font and Babel Map

Samantha Font Glyphs - Easy Guide to access the extras!

How to use the Samantha Font in Cricut Design Space   June 2017 by TroyTube

How to Use HungryJpeg Bundles in Design Space Published on Mar 28, 2016

Information about the very popular MF I Love Gltter font by Mist's fonts
Find out the information for using this Font MF I Love Glitter and purchasing the License for commercial use (it is only $8) from Mist's website (all of her font licenses are $8 each) download the free for personal use on this page and or also on Dafont at
To purchase the license you would use her Creative Fabrica link > I Love Glitter - Creative Fabrica

Misti's free for personal use other fonts can also be found via her designers link on Dafont >

One of the ones I liked using was the MF I Love Christmas >

I like the using the free version of the  Font manager Main Type by High Logic over using Character Map or Babel Map (there is a limit to how many fonts you can use with the free version, but it works fine for me, for what I want to do when accessing the Special Characters or Glyphs that some of my installed fonts might have)
I copy and paste the special characters into either Fontlab Pad  when using that application for creating text images, or another program I use sometimes for creating text images (but can only save in transparent PNG format and not SVG format) is the free program of  

Use the online app of for Viewing all of your fonts installed on your computer > type in your text and see how it looks in the fonts on your computer : **Note it does NOT show the extras in your fonts  But you can type out your text and then save the text or words as an image to your computer to upload to Design Space.

You can also create a free account on Creative Fabrica, and use their beta app of FontCloud with this app, you upload your fonts (the ttf or otf files from your computer and they are stored in the Cloud (and also still on your computer) - with this app, you do see all the extras that a Font has. But you have to choose the letters you want and copy them and then paste them into an offline program like Fontlab Pad (after being sure to be selecting the same font on your computer in Fontlab Pad) and then compose the words or text you want - copying and pasting from FontCloud and then saving the words or text as an SVG or transparent png image and upload to Design Space.

How to Print a Catalog of all of your Installed Computer fonts

Print My Fonts 

Note: when on Dafont listings pages, be sure to click on the font name itself to be taken to the page that has an image of the character map of the fonts. When I download the fonts to my computer, I also save the image of the Character Map and any other images that I might find useful from the Fonts page.
Once downloaded the font's zip folder can be clicked on and it should open and you should be able to double click on the .ttf file and choose to Install to install it to your own Computer Systems Fonts folder (assuming your are using a Windows computer). If you are wanting to create text using a cursive font like MF I Love Glitter or other cursive fonts, if is much easier to create your text in offline programs, where when typing the text out, the letters will be joined together and flow naturally as the designer intended. One popular FREE offline program is Fontlab Pad, Kay Hall has a good video showing how she used Fontlab Pad to create text, and save as an image (either in SVG or transparent PNG format) and upload it to Design Space : Easy Beautiful Text for Cricut Design Space at >

If you prefer working with your own System Fonts directly in Design Space - then note that after Installing a new Font to your Computer, that you may need to log off of Design Space and log back in to Refresh your session to Design Space and/or sometimes you may need to restart your computer, before your newly installed System fonts will show up as an option to use in Design Space.

Curving Text

Curve text for Cricut Design Space with PicMonkey   by  Melody Lane

Published on May 18, 2017

Curve text on TroyGram :

How to Do Curved Text in Design Space July 25, 2017 • Contributor: Natalie Wright From Natalie Wright

NOTES:  sometimes after installing a new font to your own computer system, to use it in Design Space you may need to log out of Design Space and log back in, OR restart your own computer, to refresh your system and for the font to show up in the listing of System Fonts in Design Space.

Remember too: Design Space does NOT render Cursive fonts the way that designers designed them, it renders that as separate letters, not flowing naturally.  So you can either use tools within Design Space to arrange the letters so that they do look natural OR create text in offline applications such as Fontlab Pad mentioned above.  

And if you choose to use the Writing feature with a Pen or Marker in your Explore or Maker, Design Space is unable to "Fill In" most fonts, it will draw an outline of the font.  

In Design Space Cricut has its own listing of Cricut fonts that have a Writing Style - if you choose one of those Cricut fonts with a writing style - it will be a single stroke /monoline font and it will appear filled in.  Cricut has in its Database of its own fonts, about 199 of them currently (new fonts are added to the Cricut database periodically) also have a "Writing Style".  Some of the fonts will have more than one "Style" so the same font may be good for Cutting, and then when choosing its "Writing Style" option of the same font, it will become a single stroke monoline font, that will look filled in when writing it with a pen or marker that is placed in the accessory holder of your Cricut Explore or Maker machine.  

Finding fonts online that will write with a Single Stroke. Many people complain that when they use the writing feature with a Pen on an Explore that the words appear with the outline of the letters, and they are Not Filled In and look like they would using any other program where you type out fonts, but remember in those other programs you are Printing them out on your own printer, so they do appear as you type them on printed materials. But in Design Space, all it is able to do is draw a single line, so it draws around the outline of the text/letters, there is no ability for it to kind of "fill in the insides of the font with a pen" that would take lots of ink and an amazing amount of filling in and time. 

But what you can attempt to find if you don't want to use Cricut's own fonts that have a "Writing" style, which is basically a single stroke font, all the pen has to follow is a single stroke. Single stroke fonts can also be called monoline fonts.  Even single stroke fonts or monoline fonts depending on the thickness of your pen or marker tips will look better than others when written by the Cricut machines.

When you are using your own computer installed fonts, Design Space is NOT able to search or know which of your own fonts may be a single stroke or Monoline font that would appear filled in when using a Pen on it.  So you will have to do your own trial and error for finding fonts that you have on your computer that would look best written with a pen or marker.

Here is an old 2014 post on the Glittering Eyes website, where the author mentions some fonts that may appear filled in.  April 26, 2014    Alternative Handwriting Fonts for Explore!

You may find searching online newer posts with suggestions for good writing or monoline/single stroke fonts that you can download to your own computer for working with your Explore or Maker.

Here is one example:

22 Single Line Fonts That Will Write Like Handwriting In Cricut -published Nov 2017

Related > Alternative markers for using in your Cricut Explore
Personally I rarely use the writing feature of Design Space because I find it annoying. Since I use the Print then Cut feature most, I create my text offline and save as an image and upload to Design Space, and place it on a shape and flatten it to the shape. Then I print and cut it with the printed text on it, and the Explore cuts the shape.

Note: if you choose a Cricut Font that is in a "Writing Style" that you want to write on an image with a Pen or Marker, in a Print then Cut project, you can NOT flatten the text to the image.  You must first have your flat image all flattened and ready to Print out on a printer, then any text that you want "written" on it - you would make sure in your layers that the text is set to "write" and then Select ALL and ATTACH the writing text to the flat image. When you print out your image on your printer, you will NOT see the text.  After loading your image to your Cricut mat, and load to the machine,  make sure the color of pen or marker you want to use is in the Machine, then click on go to load the mat. Your machine will then "write out the text with the pen on the image"  and after writing your Explore or Maker will then cut out your image or shape.

If you create a text image in another program and upload to Design Space and you want it written by a pen in a project after uploading, it will default to either a print then cut image or if in svg format it will save as a cut file.  So when you bring that image into Design Space work area, you will need to click on that layer of the text and change it to Write, being mindful that Cricut will draw around the letters and not fill them in.  

When looking or searching for other fonts online, look for single stroke or monoline, they may give you your best appearance for looking as if filled in. But results will vary by both the thickness of the lines in the font and the pen tips of your pens or markers that you use.

If you want a text image to look just like it is, already filled in, then you can only do that with Print then Cut projects, and first make sure the text layer is either set to Cut or to Print, and then place it on an image or a shape, and Select All and Flatten.  

If you leave a text image or added text as a CUT layer, and you Select All and Attach that text to an image or shape, it will "Cut" out the text from your image or your Shape.

In such projects if you aren't using Print then Cut, you aren't limited to the printable area allowance of 6.75 x 9.25 inches.  So you can cut your text from any size material or shape up to 11.5 x 11.5 or 11.5 x 23.5.   You can for example have a 10 x 10 shape, and have text on it set to Cut, and Select all and Attach, and your text will be Cut from that shape.  You don't have to use the Slice feature to accomplish the cutting out of the text from the shape, as Attaching a Cut text or a cut shape etc to another image or shape, will accomplish the same thing as Slicing.  

When you use the Slice feature, you can only Slice ONE complete image or shape from one other - only 2 images at a time.  Once you slice one cut layer from another, you can then again "slice" another shape or text from the remaining image. 

But by using the Attach function, of attaching a Cut image or text to another shape or image, you can "Attach" as many cut shapes or cut text to that single shape or image and it will cut out each of them.  To keep the arrangement of multiple cuts, place/arrange, each cut shape or cut text the way you want it on the single image or shape and then Select ALL and Attach. 

Adding Fonts information For iPad or iPhone users

How to Add Fonts to Your IPad to Use in Design Space

and / or
 How to Install Fonts on iPhone or iPad

How to Download Fonts to iPad and use with Design Space by  Audrey Ostoyic

Published on Nov 7, 2017


Favorite websites for Fonts : Free and Payfor

Be sure to be aware of all terms of use for any Fonts you download.  

Dafont (most free fonts from Dafont are for Personal use only, if a font needs a license for commercial use for items you want to sell, it should be noted on the Fonts download page for the individual fonts page with a link to the Designer's site for purchase)  The individual fonts download page should also have an image of the characters available for the free version (I find it helpful to download that image for future reference on some fonts) >>

Kevin and Amanda Free Fonts

Font Squirrel

Mighty Deals  (**this is the website that sells the popular Samantha font) 

Lettering Delights (Fonts, Alphabets, and Image Sets)

Craft Bundles  (Fonts, SVGs, Graphics)

For those of you who love using the popular MF I Love Glitter font by Misti's fonts, have you checked out her other fonts that she offers FREE for Personal Use. (for using in any products you might want to sell someday, you will need to purchase a license for each of them (her licenses usually are $8 each
See also her MF I love Christmas Font
Sign up for Misti's emails to be notified of any new fonts she offers. 

Here too is a link to all of her Free for Personal Use fonts

I find using fonts such as this and any other Cursive fonts that I have installed on my computer, easier to use in Offline programs to create my text, and save it as an image and upload it to Design Space in image format vs trying to join the letters together in Design Space so that they flow naturally as the designer designed them to flow. Kay Hall has a good video on how to use the FREE program of Fontlab Pad for using Fonts to create and save as an image > Easy Beautiful Text for Cricut Design Space 

Re Licenses for Misti's fonts for commercial purposes > here is an excerpt from her Website : I sell font licenses on multiple third-party websites:
Creative Fabrica page for her Fonts :

SVG and ME - Pinterest Boards of Interest to follow for Cricut Explore or Maker owners
My Favorite Facebook Groups for Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker owners

Cricut Crafting with April

Lets Learn Cricut Explore

Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

Cricut Explore and More

Cricut Education & Inspiration (admin: Lorrie Nunemaker) 
Lorrie also has a Cricut Easy Press FB group at  
Carole's Cricut Crafts

Cricut Craft Life

Cricut Maker with Debbie O'Neal

Cricut Support Group by Katie Barker Clark
owner of Clarks Condensed - Frugal Family Living, and Sydney Andersen from Tastefully Frugal. We will occasionally share affiliate links, sales, and exclusive discounts for all of you!

Maymay Made It and So Did I

Cutter Software
The purpose of this friendly group is to provide free support for software that is used with electronic cutters, including but not limited to Make The Cut, Sure Cuts A Lot, Cricut Design Space, Pazzles InVue, Pazzles Pro, Funtime, Silhouette Studio, Funtime, Inkscape, Illustrator, Wishblade, Robomaster, etc.

Paper Crafting With Electronic Cutting Machines


Kay Hall Cleversomeday

Jennifer Maker

Anna Griffin

MayMay Made It

Scrap Me Quick Designs / Debbie O'Neal

Damask Love 
Check out her videos

Designs by Miss Mandee

Creative Cutting Classroom

Lorrie Nunemaker   her old blog :

Teri Brown's  Tidbits and Tinkerings  - often features free Cricut Design Space files  

Fields of Heather

My Sister's Suitcase

Cricut Inspiration blog

Happy Go Lucky

Hey Lets Make Stuff

Miss Information

Cara Miller > see her Design Space and SCAL version 4 (SCAL = Sure Cuts A Lot)  class learning options

Some Pinterest Boards I follow

iPad and iPhone Design Space app
Download to your iPad and/or iPhone

iPad and iPhone Design Space app user manual (may be outdated in some areas)

Snapmat Feature FAQ

Uploading Images via ipad and iphone NOT svgs
Differences of Features of the various versions of Design Space
How Do I pair my Explore or Maker machine with Bluetooth

Which mats are used for what materials :

A Huge List Of The Best Cricut Tutorials Ever (published May 2017)

Cricut Maker

It cuts up to about 2.44mm thick of materials! The Cricut Maker is a much heavier machine because it has been created to exert 4000 grams of pressure

quoted excerpt from Cricut Maker vs Cricut Explore Air machine at Clark

or this comparison : Cricut Maker vs Explore Air 2

Vinyl Cutting 101: Everything You Need To Know About Craft Cutters  (posted Oct. 2016 - prior to release of Cricut Maker which was released in July 2017 - Cricut Explore Air 2 released in Oct 2016 )


***Other cutting machines you might consider over a Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker
Be sure to do your own research before investing in a cutting machine. ****

Choosing the Best Electronic Craft Cutting Machine – Compare Silhouette, Cricut and More  >> posted November 20, 2017 @

KnK Zing Orbit new machine - replaces the Zing model

Increased Cutting Force

The KNK Zing Orbit now has ~1000 grams of cutting force to more easily cut dozens of materials including vinyl, cardstock, HTV, fabric, Mylar, craft plastic, chipboard, and more

Then there is also the KnK Zing Force (an expensive option $629.00 but check out the capabilities)  - find all the capabilities of this model (it offers a Rotary blade option - note the Cricut Maker comes packaged with a Rotary Blade)
Silhouette CAMEO 3 Wireless Cutting Machine

Brother Scan n Cut 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Working with Vinyl >> some links from the Vinyl Cutting site

Craft Vinyl Lingo for Beginners  Expressions Vinyl

Published on Jan 13, 2018

Expressions Vinyl - Informational Page about all the various types of Vinyl and what you can use each type for and on

See this Printable Chart - for What Vinyl Do I use for which projects on Kay Hall's Clever Someday website :)

Tips For Using Transfer Tape  May 2, 2017 •

How to Weed and Apply Vinyl Using Transfer Tape - Decals Made With Cricut Explore or Silhouette  P.S. I Love You Crafts Published on Feb 24, 2017

How to Use Transfer Tape

Cricut Overview - Learn all the Basics in Design Space with your Cricut Air 2 and Maker machines.

Expressions Vinyl Published on Jan 31, 2018

excerpt quoted:
Do you have a Cricut Air, Air 2 or Maker machine but you haven't started using it? We have all the basics you need to know about your machine as well as Cricut Design Space here. Join us as we point out the features of your new machines as well as the fun features that you are able to use in Design Space. After you watch this you will be ready to set up your craft space and design beautiful vinyl and iron on (heat transfer vinyl) projects for all thos Expressions Vinyl gives inspired crafters the tools and resources to bring their visions to life. 

Expressions Vinyl  videos are posted on weekly basis on their website and their Facebook page

Find Expressions Vinyl here: 

What Surfaces Can You Put Adhesive Craft Vinyl On? Expressions Vinyl 

Published on Jan 20, 2018

How to Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl

What Types of Heat Transfer or Iron On Vinyl can you layer? Expressions Vinyl   Published on Jan 26, 2018

1 of 3 How to Create an Iron-on T-Shirt - Creating a Design from Scratch

2 of 3 How to Create an Iron-On T-Shirt - Prepping & Cutting Iron-On

3 of 3 How to Create an Iron-on T-Shirt - Applying the Iron-On

5 Easy Steps To Make Your Iron-On Project Stick                 

Sizing Heat Transfer Vinyl for a Shirt   Expressions Vinyl    Published on Jan 11, 2017

Heat Transfer Vinyl – HTV Mug, Dishwasher Safe

How to layer HTV with a Cricut Easy Press CrystalAnn Published on Sep 10, 2017

Layering Vinyl with Cricut Easy Press Lorrie Nunemaker Nov 17, 2017

What's the best transfer tape to use with your adhesive vinyl? Expressions Vinyl Published on Jan 26, 2018

Sign Vinyl on Mugs, Glasses & Cups online article with tips and advice:
Excerpt quoted from the article: Use relatively simple shapes; the bolder the font, the better the bond. The better the bond, the more washfast it will be.
Expressions Vinyl Youtube Channel
Expressions Vinyl Facebook page

Troy Young's Vinyl business online >>

Getting Started with Cricut Explore - Vinyl and HTV

Slicing Multi Layer Images for HTV  Melody Lane Jan 13 2018

Reverse Canvas How to Videos

Farmhouse Style Reverse Canvas EASY PROJECT

Published on Jan 14, 2018

Reverse canvas tutorial

Holly Berry Design Published on Dec 30, 2017

Reverse Canvas with HTV

Reverse Canvas with Oracal 651 Marohn Designs Published on Jan 9, 2018

How to Apply Vinyl to Canvas

How to apply HTV to a painted raised canvas

Cuttin Corners Vinyl Nederland, Tx  Published on Mar 2, 2017

Working with Cricut Vinyl materials

Using the Cricut Easy Press - Live!!!

Lorrie Nunemaker Streamed live on Aug 20, 2017

DIY Pressing Pillows for Use with Iron On and the Cricut Easy Press

Cricut brand Printable iron on for dark fabric  *using Print then Cut feature

How to Start a Successful Vinyl Decals Home Business published May 2017

The How to Heat Press website also has many helpful tips and resources

Heat Press and Cutting Machine Reviews
Check out the 
Beginners section
T-Shirt Business section

See too the Cutting For Business website for learning how to use a Cutting machine in a home based business 

Miscellaneous Information

What is Cricut Circle Membership program about?
You will need to purchase one Cartridge from the selection available on the Circle Membership page and that purchase entitles 

What are Cricut Mystery Boxes?

At least once a Month Cricut will sell a Mystery Box

it can be a box filled with Cricut Supplies or a Digital Mystery Box where it contains image sets by various Designers.  There can be more than one offered each month, times and dates of release can vary during the month. 

Many of the Admins of the various Cricut related groups who are also Cricut Product Specialists or Affiliates - receive the Mystery Box from Cricut early. And they film a Reveal video showing what they received. They will include shopping links (so that the sale is credited to them) and any discount codes and pertinent information.  You are not guaranteed to receive the exact same items that the reveal shows they got, as Cricut always reserves the right to substitute items of equal value.  The price is usually around 29.99 to as high as 39.99 (not including discounts)  And value of the contents always exceeds the price you pay.

The admins can only release their youtube video when Cricut advises them that the Mystery Box is available for sale in the Cricut Store : 

Some Mystery Boxes are so popular they sell out in less than 24 hours and supplies of them are always Limited.  Sometimes a particular Mystery Box may come back in stock, but don't count on that happening often.  

Stay aware of posts by the Admins of any Cricut Facebook Groups you belong to. Some admins have mailing lists that you can sign up for to be notified about not only Mystery Boxes for also other videos they post.  Be sure to also subscribe to youtube channels of the admins of the various Facebook Cricut Groups you belong to, to see the Reveal videos.  The admins of the groups try to give a heads up post of when the next Mystery Box will be available and list the times etc that they will be making their Reveal video available to view. 
Tips and Tricks 

Cricut Tips and Tricks For Better, Easier Crafting

Cricut Design Space Cheat Sheets  

Cricut Explore Air 2 Tips and Tricks: A Beginner’s Guide

10 Cricut Explore Tips and Tricks

25 Tips & Tricks For Cricut Explore Air 2 Beginners PLUS Infographic
December 18, 2017 Beginners, Featured, Getting Started

Design Space Tips: Using the Slice, Weld, Attach & Group Tools

Tips for using the Templates section in Design Space                   

Tips for Removing Materials from Your Cricut Mat

Cricut Class Tutorials and Projects

Using the Cricut Scoring Stylus tips

How To Upload & Use ANY Image Into Cricut Design Space Kens Kreations Jan 9, 2018  tutorials and tips

Changing a Single Layer Image to Multiple Layers in Cricut Design Space

here is a step by step tutorial on how to change a single layer image (jpg / png) into a multi-layer cut file in Cricut Design Space. Watch the tutorial here:  by Lorrie Nunemaker posted January 2018

Ready to learn some more advanced features for designing your projects? Watch here to learn how to weld, attach, and group!


Turn a Single Layer Image to Multiple Layers Cricut Design Space App Hide Contour Tutorial

Creating layers using basic upload and hide contour - Cricut Design Space


Writing, Scoring, Attaching in Cricut Design Space by · n this video I give a brief tutorial on using the write, score, and attach features in Cricut Design Space. I also show how to insert the scoring stylus and pen into the Cricut Explore, I have the Air 2 so that is what I demonstrate with.

Lets Make Stuff Cricut Explore tips

Tips for Cricut Explore Print then Cut projects

25 Tips & Tricks We’ve Learned As Cricut Newbies

Paper Boxes by Cricut Box it up Melody Lane

Published on Jan 10, 2018

2018 March 3 Melody Lane youtube video

Explains the new (as of March 2018) Favorites option in Design Space, for materials you use most often with your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker - you can select up to 12 favorite materials &  you use and click on the star to Favorite it, and they would then be found under the "Favorites" link on the Materials Selection page.  Your Dial on the Cricut Explore (the Maker doesn't have a Dial)  would need to be set on Custom for the Materials Selection option to show up.

and she shows how to edit Custom Settings etc.   She also answers other questions by the viewers who are watching the live video at the time it is aired live.

See complete video at:  **Note at the beginning of the video she was having issues with her microphone, but soon into the video she has it resolved so that you can hear her.
Melody Lane offers FREE live streamed Design Space Q and A and or project videos every Saturday at 11am eastern time. They are always recorded for viewing at any time.
Sign up for Melody Lane email list to be notified when she posts new videos >

50+ Genius Hacks for your Silhouette CAMEO or Cricut that Save Time, Money, and Effort!

25+ Amazing Cricut Project Ideas to Try [Free Printable]                           

Anna Griffin had some bundle deals on HSN where she offered project kits to be delivered at various times of the year for buyers of the Cricut Maker (Bundle deals) - She has some tutorials for putting some projects together with those kits on Cricut.  Note: many of these projects can be done with a Cricut Explore and with your own chosen papers and materials. She includes the Design Space files.

Anna Griffin Make Something You Love Cricut Maker tutorials

Cricut's Pinterest page
Example of one Pinned project
DIY T-Shirt Design + Salty but Super Sweet with Cricut Rose Gold IRON-ON Foil with free file to upload to Design Space for cutting.


Tutorials - 

Cricut Mats Guide