Oct 17, 2017

Where I get my Clipart from..current sources in 2017

I have often posted pictures that show my use of clipart from websites & artists that are no longer available for purchase or download online.  PCCrafter a website that closed in 2011, once upon a time had an amazing listing of artists who provided the site with wonderful clipart kits and images. Their slogan was We put the ART in Clipart....and they did.  PCCrafter also had a Monthly Club - known as the HugClub, where for a membership fee you got two 30 piece clipart image sets and a host of other clipart collections, like images for stationary, calendars, toppers, paper dolls etc. each month.  I was a member of the HugClub from 2003 to the closing of the site in 2011...and I also bought kits that were released by the company every Thursday - 2 new 30 image clipart collections were introduced. If you were a club member you got a discount when buying those kits.  I have a few hundred kits from PCCrafter alone. 

Gina Jane, a former pccrafter started her own website Daisie Company in 2006 and she had a long list of artists at the time that offered their own collections of clipart.  Eventually for their own reasons, they left the site and the majority no longer sell kits online. Gina Jane is currently the only artist offering her clipart and printables kits online at Daisie.  I have a well over 300 kits from the various artists that were available at one time at Daisie.  Among my favorites are kits by the late Sandi Gore Evans...her agent for her estate allowed Gina Jane to assemble kits for sale of her art.  I bought every kit when they were available.  

Gina's art is wonderful and I continue to buy from her. She has wonderful printables to print and assemble as well as clipart kits.  

Debbie Mumm also sold clipart kits on PCCrafter and I have most of her kits. But she also at one time sold 3 seasonal Clipart collections on CDs from her website. But because her terms of use limited the use of those images to personal use only, they didn't sell as well and eventually were discontinued. I have all of Debbie's CDs of those clipart collections. 

PCCrafter also via Provo Craft offered the sale of larger Clipart collections than their 30 piece collections named "Creatables"  - on CDs known as HugWare collections.  You may find those CDs on Ebay or offered by those who are no longer using them or in yard sales etc.   I have about 15 of those CDs.  Note: Terms of use still apply for any images from PCCrafter and or from other artists that may no longer be available online for sale or download.  Artists always retain the copyrights and terms of use for the images from the point of sale regardless of whether the site you got them from is no longer in business or the artist no longer sells their clipart online.  

Laurie Furnell and Tammy DeYoung also former PCCrafter artists have their own Etsy Shops. They both sell some of their former kits that were available on pccrafter, but also new art in their Etsy shops.  In Laurie's shop, former pccrafter kits will be marked or titled with the word "Classic" .

Audrey Jeanne Roberts, a former Daisie Artist and former Aimee Asher artist (Aimee Asher closed in 2014)  has her own Etsy store as well.

Here is a card I made using one of Audrey's images from one of her Etsy store kits : Mason Jars Digital Clipart Kit

Olivia and Company http://www.oliviaandco.com/shop/index.php

I made this Penguin card using Graphics from Olivia and Co. I used the Print then Cut feature of the Cricut Explore, printing out my images on my HP Envy 7640 printer on and Cutting with the Cricut Explore.  
**word art on this particular card is available from the Lori Whitlock website.

See more Clipart sets or Single images by Olivia @  http://www.oliviaandco.com/shop/art-sets


Shelly Comiskey a former PCCrafter & Daisie Company artist, hopes to once again offer her clipart online but no set time or place on when that will happen. Shelly's art is so whimsical. Her art is featured/licensed for fabric and other items you may see in the market place.

I have a Flickr album that has photos of  some of the Images I have used with the Print then Cut feature of my Cricut Explore machine, and when ever I post the link to it, I always have to add the comment, that many of the images are no longer available online for others to purchase for themselves.  But I don't want to stop posting photos or examples of using my clipart, as I have found the Explore to be an excellent cutting machine for my clipart and I want to showcase the ability and details of the cut images, and share ideas of what can be done with printed and cut clipart.   Here is the link to my Cricut Explore Album on Flickr.  https://www.flickr.com/gp/24663470@N06/R3727W

This is a listing of my Current sources (as of October 2017) for Clipart that despite having more images than any human could make use of my computers (and all backed up to external drives and cloud sources), I still buy collections or download for free (who can pass up FREE) 

Nitwit Collections > http://nitwitcollections.com

Daisie Company > http://daisiecompany.com

Creative Market  >  https://creativemarket.com/graphics  - I am subscribed to their mailing list.

Annie Lang a very popular artist  (of Annie Things Possible)  - clipart available on Annie Things Possible https://www.anniethingspossible.com/clipart 
or at Creative Market.com  https://creativemarket.com/search?q=annie+lang

Hungry Jpeg  >  https://thehungryjpeg.com/graphics/- I am subscribed to their mailing list.

Design Bundles.net  https://designbundles.net/graphics
Bundles  https://designbundles.net/bundles 

Design Cuts :  https://www.designcuts.com/ 
freebies :  https://www.designcuts.com/product-category/freebies/

Deal Jumbo / Deeezy  https://dealjumbo.com/downloads/category/all-deals/graphics/

Craft Bundles      https://craftbundles.com/

Creative Fabrica -  Graphics :  https://www.creativefabrica.com/subscriptions/graphics/     Illustrations : https://www.creativefabrica.com/subscriptions/graphics/illustrations/  

Creative Specks https://www.creativespecks.com/category/graphics/

Free SVGs and some files contain PNG files of the images : https://www.creativefabrica.com/subscriptions/freebies/

LoveSVG - free SVGs  & Graphics and some files contain PNG files of the images : https://lovesvg.com/

I often use the PNG versions of text images, or graphics in my Print then Cut projects and my Cricut Explore.  To use such images in those designs, I have to flatten the images to a shape, and then Print out the Shape with the printed text image or graphic on the shape. The Cricut Explore cuts just the shape.  

Note: many of the websites Hungry Jpeg, Creative Market and Craft Bundles etc. have weekly Freebies. So be sure to sign up for a Free account, and any newsletter email lists, so that you will be advised of any freebies or new releases.  These sites may also offer wonderful fonts for free and purchase.  They might also have available cutting files for Cutting machines like the Silhouette Cameo, and the Cricut Explore.

Laurie Furnell Etsy Shop  > https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaurieFurnellDesigns?ref=listing-shop2-all-items-count&section_id=7931238 

Tammy DeYoung Etsy Shop  >  https://www.etsy.com/shop/songinmyheart

Audrey Jeanne Roberts Etsy Shop >  https://www.etsy.com/shop/AudreyJeanneRoberts

Put clipart into the search field of Etsy and you'll be amazed at the designers and images available to buy and download.  Oct 2017 search results >>>  https://www.etsy.com/search?q=clipart 

I also often buy or download for free kits from Digital Scrapbook sites, the kits have wonderful digital papers (to upload to Design Space and use as fill patterns on shapes etc for printing)  and clipart elements that I can print and cut and use in projects.  I subscribe to many Digital Scrapbook sites and get news of new kits and freebies available.  One of my favorites is The Digi Chick >>  http://www.thedigichick.com/   So many places, so many images to consider. On this Aug 2016 webpage I show printing and cutting images from a Digital Scrapbook kit >> http://sippingtea.com/tuts/printncutdigielements.html

Lots of Freebies from Granny Enchanted >>    

and she posts guest freebies almost everyday - be sure to like her Facebook page or subscribe to her site

I also have used images available on Cricut Cartridges that I use with Cricut Design Space and my Cricut Explore machine.  I am a current Subscriber to the Cricut Access Library. And I have purchased licensed Cricut Cartridges by Disney, Pixar, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, Marvel, Close to My Heart, and designers like Anna Griffin, Lia Griffith and others.  Note: Licensed content is never included in the Cricut Access Library subscription. And you can not download individual images from the Cartridges or the Subscription to your computer for use in other applications.  Cartridge content is meant for use with the online Cloud program of Cricut Design Space for use with the Cricut Explore or the new Cricut Maker machine.  For owners of older Cricut machines, they can use physical cartridges via inserting them into their machines without having to go online to access and use them and/or use the Cricut Craft Room program.  Owners of the older models of Cricut machines can subscribe to the Cricut Access Library, but note, some content and images are exclusive to Cricut Explore and/or Cricut Maker owners.  
Find information on the currently selling Cricut machines - the Explore or the Maker, and the Cricut Access subscription and/or the online program of Cricut Design Space on the Cricut website : Cricut.com

Note too, that the Print then Cut feature is only available to those who own a Cricut Explore or the New Maker Machines (other Cutting Machines such as the Silhouette  also offer a Print then Cut option, but for this blog post, I am referring to my own use of my Cricut Explore and Printing and Cutting my clipart)   and you must use the online Cloud program of Design Space and with a Windows or Mac system computer connected to the Internet or the app for Design Space available to those who own an iPad or iPhone.  (There is also an app for Design Space for those who own Android devices, but that app is still in Beta, and has the most limited features)  See the System Requirements for using Design Space (and note it they are always subject to change when you least expect it . It is always better to exceed the requirements, in any area you can, especially in the area of RAM, I suggest 8 gigs or more of RAM )   

For learning about the Print then Cut feature of Cricut Design Space for use with Cricut Explore or the new Cricut Maker machines:

Usage of Clipart
Cricut has their own Angel Policy for use of their images :  Click on Angel Policy linked on their Legal information page >>> https://home.cricut.com/legal

Always be sure to check out all Terms of Use or Angel Policies,  for any Clipart you obtain from any online source. Some images are for Personal Use only, others include a license for limited use on hand crafted items you can sell and or They offer a license you can purchase to use the images on items you might want to sell. Don't just grab images off the internet from a Google Search or found on Pinterest and feel you can do what you want with the images.  Check with the original source of the images, know the artist or designers and what their Terms of Use are for any images you might want to use in projects you are considering selling.  The same holds for Fonts you might want to use on projects you sell, know & understand the Terms of Use for anything you use.  If a License purchase for Images or Fonts is needed for use on items you may want to sell now or in the future, buy the license, and protect yourself against any copyright infringement problems that may arise.   
One of the reasons that many artists no longer offer their art in downloadable form is because of the rampant problems of Digital Piracy, Illegal File Sharing, Disregard of Terms of Use and Copyrights.  
Keep a record & receipts of your purchases and any/all terms of use documents etc. that are often included in the downloaded files.  
I personally usually create subfolders on my computer named for the Websites or the Designer/Artists I am obtaining the clipart or fonts from and download them to directly to those subfolders.  That way, I know who to credit and also jog my memory of where I got the kits from :)  **if ever a file I am downloading has a name that I think is not descriptive of what I am downloading, I change the name of the file before downloading to something that does describe clearly what I am downloading.

How to designate where you download files to from any Browser:

How to choose where a download is saved - with screen shots for IE, Firefox and Chrome users http://www.wikihow.com/Choose-Where-a-Download-is-Saved

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 computers

How to change where and how Microsoft Edge downloads files

OR see too:

Note: I use Firefox for most of my downloading and I set it up using the options to use
"Always ask me where to save files" - so that I can Browse to the location on my computer where "I" want the file to go to.
And in most Browsers you can view a Download History to see what you have downloaded.
With my Explore and the Print then Cut feature, I have found so many new uses of my many many clipart images.  Images I never would have the patience to cut with scissors or that I can now utilize for things I hadn't though of. I get so much inspiration from the Cricut Explore Facebook groups I am a member of and or on Pinterest etc.  I use my clipart for Cards, Embellishments,Tags, Placecards, Magnets, Stickers, etc. etc.  
Please check out the websites I have linked to above, to see the incredible variety of images available online that you can create with.  Happy Crafting. 
P/S when ever Shelly Comiskey offers her art again online in downloadable clipart kits, I will be posting with happiness and joy.  

Dec 30, 2016

NewYears Resolutions, trying new things for me with my Cricut Explore

I bought my Cricut Explore machine in Oct 2014, to use the Print then Cut feature.  I have really enjoyed using it for that. ( http://sippingtea.com/tuts/cricutexploreprintncut.html )   But now 2 years later, I really want to begin to learn to do other things with this very versatile  machine.  So I've made up a listing with links to youtube videos that I hope by posting here on my blog, I will refer back to and try some or all of them during 2017.  I'm not going to feel guilty if I don't try them all or even succeed, its more "gentle suggestions" to myself to get out of my comfort zone of mostly working with cardstock and making cards, tags, and magnets from magnet sheets, and embellishments from cardstock paper.  I believe using my Explore should be fun and relaxing, if I find any of these projects to be frustrating or difficult to master, I will most likely give up on them - LOL...I'm not into trying my patience.  

Excerpts may be quoted from the linked youtube pages:

Printable Vinyl using Print then Cut by Troy Young on Troy Tube

Cricut Design Space full page print then cut trick

Super Size a Print then Cut in Cricut Explore Design Space
Published on Dec 23, 2016  by L.A. De Valk  This tutorial will teach you how to enlarge your images for Print then Cut in the Cricut Design Space.
This is a sequel to the tutorial I did last year on how to Super Size a cut image in Design Space.

Super Size on Cricut Explore Tutorial  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl5b8Xghzyw
Published on Mar 4, 2015  This is the computer screen view of how I super sized an image on my Cricut Explore in Cricut Design Space. The image example is in my first video found here.
other tutorials on doing oversized images

Creating Oversized Images in Design Space by Debbie O'Neal  Published on Feb 2, 2016

Larger than cricut mat - 33" Cheshire Cat

OFF THE MAT: 26" Double sided Mickey Mouse Published on Jun 26, 2016

36" Die Cut. Bigger than the Mat #2  Published on Jan 31, 2016

This is a process video making the white rabbit form Alice in Wonderland at 36" tall

Cutting Off the Mat with my Cricut! Elmo  Published on Mar 9, 2016

Cricut Rolled Roses Published on Mar 15, 2016 by Lori Huhn

Paper flower tips and tricks using Cricut Explore  Published on Feb 10, 2015 by Ameroonie Designs

Cricut Paper Rose Bouquet Tutorial  Published on Mar 3, 2016 Stormy McCall   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62H1bhZxYuk
This rose pattern is from Design Space on the Cricut website. It is to demonstrate how to assemble a large rose pattern

Close ToMy Heart 3D Cricut Flowers Published on Aug 23, 2014 Jayma Malme
I'll show you the 11 different 3D flowers on CTMH's Cricut cartridges -- Art Philosophy, Artiste & Artbooking -- and how to assemble them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl9mqYa7QBo

Watch my video on how to make a paper flower wedding bouquet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FAdlNwsswo&feature=youtu.be

How To Make This Elegant Coffee Filter Rose QUICK - no machine required

DIY Coffee Filter Roses (free template) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRbhwU_t0Sk

How to make a coffee filter rose step by step. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBJvZjwezSk

Using HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) with Cricut Explore

Iron On Using Cricut Explore by MayMay Made It Published on Jan 26, 2015


and Heat Transfer Vinyl on a Sweatshirt and Cricut Explore


3 Monogrammed Gifts Using Cricut Explore and Design Space  Published on Dec 14, 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Fmt57dKAU8

Fast, Affordable Christmas Gifts using Vinyl by May May Made It Published on Nov 30, 2016

How to Cricut Episode 8: Iron-on t-shirt / Official Cricut Channel   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5gS_WLiAOg

Tips & Tricks Using Iron On/HTV with the Cricut Explore by Lorrie Nunemaker
Published on Dec 4, 2016  Learn a few tips and tricks using Iron On with the Cricut Explore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXx7hk4prLQ

HTV Basics - Getting started with Heat Transfer Vinyl and the Cricut Explore by Troy Young / TroyTube Published on Apr 2, 2015    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwn5SJkXc_w

How To Make An Iron On With Your Cricut- How To Cut HTV With Your Cricut-How To Cut HTV Tutorial  by Brooke Allen Published on Dec 9, 2016   

How to Cut Iron on Heat Transfer 

You Can Jingle My Bells Shirt | Cricut Iron On Foil by Off Kilter Crafter Ian
Published on Dec 10, 2016   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVWq9Qf3sRY
I used the new Cricut iron on foil to create this really awesome and funny holiday shirt. I cut this on my Cricut Explore Air and ironed it on using an ordinary iron that you may have around your house.

Cricut Explore Creating a Personalized T-Shirt with Lettering by Jo-Ann Hudson Published on Mar 8, 2016  Learn to create a t-shirt with lettering using Cricut Explore in Cricut Journey Episode 8.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l36jRi2S4_I

Cricut Explore Tshirt with a Stamped Image by Lorrie Nunemaker Published on May 19, 2016  Create a custom tshirt with your Cricut Explore and a stamped image   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFvJonp4T1I

How to cut fabric with the Cricut. Christopher Alan Design Published on Apr 23, 2014  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ7_ZfoJPGc&t=24s

How to Cricut Episode 11: Fabric pennant banner  by Official Cricut Channel
Published on Dec 14, 2015  In this video, see how to make a heartwarming pennant that cheers for L-O-V-E. You’ll learn how to make a stencil using vinyl, to use and cut fabric, and the best Cricut® cutting mat to use with different materials.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTvEr11raYw

ULTIMATE - Fast and easy way to cut felt using the Cricut Explore. Tutorial Published on Jun 24, 2014  Sassi's Scrapbooking    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCoXQseL1TM

Cricut Fabric Cutting Success by socre8hive  Published on Apr 29, 2015  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U72hItGe2EM

Creating layers using basic upload and hide contour - Cricut Design Space by Two Hearts One Love Designs  Published on Sep 3, 2015   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUwN6ev8UXw

Cricut Window Cling  by Troy Young / TroyTube Published on Dec 13, 2015In this video I make some simple Christmas decorations for our front window using Cricut Window Cling and the Cricut Explore with Design Space.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3AjvhLP2QY

Cutting Cricut Window Cling - Halloween Fun Published on Oct 13, 2015 by Crafts by Two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHCmtQ8gAGM

Using Inkscape
Learning Inkscape for Design Space by Troy Young / TroyTube Published on Oct 2, 2015   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjL2nWR1Ftk

Converting images in Inkscape for Design Space - Cricut Design Space by Two Hearts One Love Designs  Published on Sep 10, 2015   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfRZXTsC-hk  

Basics of Creating Text Designs with Inkscape for Import to Design Space by TroyTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Vl7YqNywx0


Cricut Design Space Cheat Sheets

What Materials can the Explore machines cut and what Blade should I use?
See listing and suggested settings.