Jul 30, 2009

Can you see what I see...

Do you see what I see?
I was sitting on the sofa a couple days ago...lost in thought about all the things I have going through my mind since the "House" has sold. It SOLD after being on the market only 9 days!! So needless to say I wasn't prepared for it going that fast and now my mind is racing, with everything I need to do to be out of the house by Sept. 30th. While sitting there ... I spotted a marking on the rug in front of a console that I have photos of Paul and I on - that to "me" anyway - looked like the shape of a "heart". On the console itself I have a photo of Paul with a "heart" shaped ROCK that my grandson had found in a park stream last year when he and his family were home here for Pauls funeral. Paul had always collected rocks on all the trips we ever went on. For Josh to have found this particular rock on his outing - I knew just had to be a sign from my Angel - Paul. Maybe only my eyes are playing tricks on me...but can you make out a heart shape in this picture. Update: others who have looked at this - shape or marking on the carpet see a large Letter "P" and now that I look at it - I can see that as well - A definite "Double" blessing of Paul signaling me that he is with me always. Here is the rock with the photo on the console

and this is the console which I saw the heart shape in the carpet in front of it as I sat on the sofa
Paul is always showing himself to me through signs when I need him most, its just one of those everyday miracles that I cherish. For me that Heart shape in the rug was him standing there looking over at me..letting me know he is here and that everything is going to be OK.

Jul 17, 2009

Plugins For Online Photo Sharing

Excerpt quoted from online article:

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Plugins For Online Photo Sharing

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Jul 16, 2009

The For Sale Sign is up.....sigh and now its SOLD!!

Well, it's official I put the house on the market on July 9th. So many mixed emotions. My dear late husband and I purchased this home in June 1972. And even when we talked about maybe moving someday to Florida or south to be closer to our grandkids, I think we both thought it would be alot of work and we kept putting off making any decisions.

But now that Paul has been gone for 14 months ...I know that this is the next step I need to make.

Hopefully soon I'll find that "new normal" daily routine. But for the moment, I just gotta keep the house tidy.
Wish me luck and wish the next family that eventually owns this home finds the same happiness that Paul and I did growing our own family and memories here for 37 years.

graphic from Scrapbook Flair

Well that didn't take long, after only 9 days on the market the house is SOLD!! Yikes...so much to do - bettter get packin!
The yard sale will be Aug 15-16 - come on BUY!!

Jul 4, 2009

Celebrate Your Freedoms

It took great courage for those representatives of the original 13 colonies to decide to Declare their Independence from Great Britain....Celebrate what this Day means to our Country and its History. I visited the Jamestown/Williamsburg area of the USA in 2007 when Jamestown was celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the first "English" settlement in the current US. This was before the pilgrims came to Plymouth. Those first pioneers had both a good and a "bad" impact on the land here and forever changed the lives of the Indians already living here. But for better or for worse we (the aliens from another land) were here and our future and foundation of our current everyday life was set to go foward from that time.
God Bless America

**I used the fun wordart application of WORDLE to create my graphic above. I first created the wordle, then took a screen shot of my creation, pasted the screen shot into my photo/graphic editing software Digital Image Suite 2006. Next I removed the white background using the plugin "eraser genuine" available at
http://www.mehdiplugins.com/english/erasergenuine.htm. Then I just had fun copying various portions of the wordle art & filling with colors and gradient patterns using the tools of Digital Image and added some stars.

This photo above was taken from a yacht that my husband was crewing on sailing it from the island of Antigua to NYC in May of 1999. He didn't have a ZOOM lens on his camera to get a closer shot of the Statue of Liberty. But he told me later that the sight of "The Lady" really does bring a lump to your throat and makes you think about all of those who came to the United States searching for FREEDOM and making a life for themselves here.

And here's the photo he took coming into harbor in NYC...you can see the World Trade Center twin towers -
CELEBRATE the USA's Birthday and
Honor those who help keep us FREE