Jul 16, 2009

The For Sale Sign is up.....sigh and now its SOLD!!

Well, it's official I put the house on the market on July 9th. So many mixed emotions. My dear late husband and I purchased this home in June 1972. And even when we talked about maybe moving someday to Florida or south to be closer to our grandkids, I think we both thought it would be alot of work and we kept putting off making any decisions.

But now that Paul has been gone for 14 months ...I know that this is the next step I need to make.

Hopefully soon I'll find that "new normal" daily routine. But for the moment, I just gotta keep the house tidy.
Wish me luck and wish the next family that eventually owns this home finds the same happiness that Paul and I did growing our own family and memories here for 37 years.

graphic from Scrapbook Flair

Well that didn't take long, after only 9 days on the market the house is SOLD!! Yikes...so much to do - bettter get packin!
The yard sale will be Aug 15-16 - come on BUY!!


  1. Mary I know how hard this must be for you ! You are doing the right thing, it is what Paul would want for you to be near your dear grandchildren. I am sure the next family will cherish that beautiful home.
    Big Hugs

  2. Mary I know it is hard now...but those grandkids will grow and learn so much form having a loving grandma near..and you have so much to share with them as you do with us always...your memories will live on...keeping you in my heart..ask that they just send pics every chirstmas..they will cherish it and make memories just as you and paul have..your house will have another chapter in its life cycle as will you...hugs

  3. I'm so sorry that you're closing this chapter of your life, Mary. I can only imagine the pain that you're going through right now.......so many memories of Paul as you enter every room. But I know that your family will love having you near to create more blessed memories.
    Sending up prayers that your home will sell quickly & the new family will fall in love with it while making their own memories.
    Sending big hugs your way, hon.

  4. it's sadness,feeling unhappy we will be there after some time.Take care.What a coincidence.
    But it's a fact.

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  5. Mary, this sounds like a very tough time for you. Please keep in touch after you move to Florida. The world needs more enterprising, thoughtful grandmas like you, and it needs to hear from them. Keep your library website going. It is unique, fun, and helpful.


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