Apr 13, 2009

Not much blogging going on from me


I am in the middle of preparing my home to put on the market later this summer. So won't be spending alot of time online or blogging or visiting some of my favorite blogs.
I have 40+ yrs worth of accumulation of "STUFF" in my home to go through. My dear late husband also was as much a collector and keeper of everything and anything - as I am. There are lots of decisions to make on what I'll keep and or want to save for my new life in Florida some day.
Wish me luck..I'll try to post some pics of my progress.

Update 4/28/2009 : My sister (who came up from Florida for me) helped me go through my clutter the past couple weeks - and I made decisions on lots of items. She packed up 100 small to medium boxes of things "I" am saving and going to put in storage so that the house is less cluttered when I stage it for selling.
Eventually - I'm going to have to hold a large Yard Sale...and then donate what doesn't sell.

Wow what a overwhelming process this whole thing is.
Next week the POD arrives and the boxes will get put in there and then go to a storage place.
Kinda crowded around here now.