Mar 25, 2009

Box for a Week of Teas


I used the free tuckbox template creator website, to make a tuck box that fits 7 Bigelow Teabags. I thought it would make a nice little gift idea to give to a friend or put in a gift basket, etc.

Here are some examples of my box, now remember - I'm still new to this printing, cutting, scoring and folding part of putting things together:

Graphics credits: Debbie Mumm's Spring Bouquet creatable. Update Note: PC Crafter is no longer selling Clipart Sets. and will be offline as of Spring 2012.
If you're interested - here's the template I made - if you'd like to snag it - click on the link and then right mouse click on the image and save to your own computer.
Template for Teabox holds 7 Bigelow teabags.
for me it works best to print "Exact Size" (*fits on a 8.5x11 sheet of cardstock)
Teabox for 7 Bigelow Teabags Template
Tuck box maker website:

Tutorial - how I use the Tuckbox maker website making a template and working with it using Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 2006 software program
Screenshot of my workscreen before I printed my teabox
(*note: My How I Fill a Simple Blank Template using MS Digital Image webpage: )

Here's another cute project idea -
this card holds 2 teabags
watch Dawn's YouTube video at:
Stamping with Dawn - has lots of wonderful videos, check them out at:

Mar 22, 2009

My Easter-tea card & free card templates

I am a Tea Pot and Tea Stuff collector. So for my Easter card to my friends and family this year - I made a Tea Pot themed card front. Looks better in person ;-)

Graphics Credits: pc Crafter's Debbie Mumm's Easter creatable, and
Carolee Jones' Spring Bunnies 2 Update Note: Spring Bunnies by Carolee Jones can now be found on Daisie Company's website - as of spring 2012.(Some bunny loves you) and the Flower line is from Carolee Jones' Spring Bunnies

Backgrounds are from various pcCrafter creatables.
visit: for purchasing any of the Creatables (Clipart sets) used. Update note: as of 2012 pccrafter no longer sells clipart and will be offline as of Spring 2012
I will put inside some teabags, and do my own writing as these particular cards are blank inside.
I use Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 2006 for the majority of my Graphics Playtime and I made a template of the Easter Blessings card that you are welcome to snag.
If you own Digital Image they are in png plus format and will be in layers. But if you own any other digital/photo editing program - the files will be flat. I colored in some areas - as I use them as "fill" layers and you can use your Magic Wand selction tool in your graphics program and fill as well with background papers or photos, etc.
Some software program examples that have magic wand tools:
Adobe's Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel's PaintShop Pro, and Microsofts Digital Image, there are others too, but those are the most popular ones used by crafters (*that have the Magic Wand selection tool)
Because these files are quite large - just right mouse click on the links below and save link as or save target as and download the files to a location on your computer that you will remember and associate for such images.

Black full page - blank Easter Blessings
Template with different sections (in layers if you have MS Digital Image) colored in for selecting with magic wand tool and filling:
I made a webpage awhile back showing "How I Fill a Simple Blank Crafting Template" using Microsoft's Digital Image
*note this page hasn't been updated - so some links may be nonworking.

Mar 19, 2009

Shhhh...Librarian and other folks Google Search tips

You can take the gal out of the Library but not the Library out of the Gal...
I worked for 23 yrs in a Hospital Medical Library as a Library Technician (a library assistant, support staff, paraprofessional, - what ever the name, I was a GOOD ONE!!)
I retired at the end of 2004.
I even had developed my own website with resources just for support staff....but sadly - once I retired I veered away from tending to my site and it sits now sadly negleted and a shadow of its former self - once used by many as a good resource for Library Support Staff.
I probably will at some point just take it all down :-(
like they say all good things come to an end someday.

Anyway on a more positive note - folks often ask me "how I know what I know" or how "I find" what I find so easily. Well - there are tricks to the Internet search - answer seeking - that I thought I would share with you - but only via these internet links:

Google For Librarians: 50 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Power Searching
excerpt quoted from website
Google For Librarians: 50 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Power Searching
July 16th, 2008

Librarians are known in their communities as the go-to resource for power searches, research projects and answers to every kind of query. As informed as librarians are, however, they can always use some help harnessing the overwhelming amount of information available online. This list of 50 tips, guides and tools is designed to give librarians some help when searching Google for quality, relevant information for themselves and their patrons.
Read all about it and see the many tips & links provided in this article:

Looking for tools to help teach your students and patrons how to use Google more effectively?
Printable PDF’s **anyone can print these out and have at your side or filed for future reference
download and distribute these materials as widely as you'd like.

Top Ten Ways to Search More Effectively on Google
* By Michael Miller * Jan 13, 2009 * Article is provided courtesy of Que
excerpt quoted from website
Want to perform more efficient and effective Google searches? In this article, Googlepedia author Michael Miller presents his top ten tips for finding just the information you want when searching Google, the top search site on the web.

Ultimate Google Search Tips

10 obscure Google search tips

10 Most Amazing Google Search Tricks

5 Most Exciting Search Tricks with Google Operators

What types of specific searches does Google offer? Here's a list of some of the most useful:
excerpt from

* Google Blog Search: Searches blogs and blog posts
* Google Book Search: Sarches the contents of current and out-of-print books
* Google Directory: Searches an editor-assembled directory of web pages
* Google Finance
* Google Groups: Searches Usenet newsgroups and other user groups
* Google Image Search: Searches photographs and other online images
* Google Maps: Searches for and displays maps of street addresses and other locations
* Google News: Searches current news articles
* Google News Archive Search: Searches older news articles
* Google Patent Search: Searches for patent information
* Google Product Search: Searches for current pricing on selected products
* Google Scholar: Searches for articles and other scholarly information
* Google USA Government Search

* Google University Search
* Google Video: Searches for specific YouTube videos

Top 10 Search tips

12 quick tips for searching Google

Search your own Desktop or Computer
Desktop search
Search your computer as easily as you search the web with Google
Find and launch applications and files with just a few keystrokes

Happy Searching, Happy Finding just what you need to know
Mary a.k.a. LibMary

Mar 15, 2009

Learning Online - For Free!!

or at least inexpensively.
In today's current economic conditions, job layoffs, insecurity about the future etc. it is more important than ever to be computer savvy and have your computer skills up to date. Online learning is one way you can improve your skills easily and for free and or very low costs. Online Learning does require the same type of commitment as attending a classroom class at a school or community center. Some courses listed below may not provide Certificates once courses are completed. But any skills you learn will always provide confidence and knowledge that you can utilize for lifetime skill sets for your own personal enrichment.
You're never too old to Learn and it's never to late to start Learning.
Below are just a few Online Learning sites to wet your online Curiosity whistle

Free learning online Free Tutorials, Courses, and Training from™ is one of the most popular destinations on the web for free online courses and free tutorials in a variety of computer, certification, business, lifestyle, and fun topics! We offer hundreds of free tutorials in Business, Certification, Computers, Finance, House, Internet and Lifestyle topics

Offering the computer and technology training you need for life – absolutely free!

Whether you’re new to the computer, returning for review, or want to use technology to enhance your skills, has something for you.

see all class offerings

Learn Basic Computer Skills – Video series


Hewlett Packard (HP) Learning center - free online classes

Free, online classes, available 24/7:


Free Online Learning for All! ALISON enables anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves online for FREE.

Free courses

More listings of online Learning Resources

Free Reference Quick Guides PDF PRINTABLES - wonderful to print and have beside you when working with certain applications

Microsoft Applications, Adobe, Mac, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, Internet Explorer, Firefox and much more

Happy Learning
Explore, Dream, Discover

Online Learning at Virtual University

Virtual University is an excellent place to learn some new skills or brush up on old ones.
Sign up and subscribe to their site, recieve their newsletter with current calendar offerings and other news.
Read the VU handbook to find out what VU is all about

Have fun, Learn something Today.
blog it

Mar 14, 2009

Saturday's Snags off the net...

Just having fun cruising the net, visiting some of my favorite forums, finding some links in some of the threads to sites and projects and all kinds of neat link does tend to lead to another:
In no particular order - Here's sites and links I took down the url's for today's finds that I found and thought I would share:

Kevin & Amanda’s Fonts for Peas **I've been collecting these fonts for awhile but got the new Doodles one today.

Free Fonts and Doodles

More cute FREE Fonts from 2peas in a bucket

not free but one of my favorite fun fonts only $2 from 2 peas in a bucket

FONT - Mister Giggles By Jennifer McGuire

Paperclip bookmarks craft idea

The Project Girl

Ultimate Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

Cleaning your laptop Spring Cleaning for your Computer Laptop

PrimoPDF pdf creator Free

Fun things to do with words or text

I made these at the site, lots of different ideas for Pictures to create "stuff" -
like putting your own words on a computer key:


or make a cereal box with a favorite picture - kinda small and doesn't enlarge well,
but I think dgs will get a kick out of it

Visit and Make some Pictures!!
And here's links I posted last year in a thread over at pccrafter's community forums
Fun money you can put a face on

and other links I have posted in previous threads where you can put pictures/photos or create online stuff to print

Just for an's more links for fun things to make or add photos or your own text to:


Put face on Money

Put face on Playing Cards

Spiral and other text creators

Custom Sign Generator

Fake Magazine Cover


For Dummies Book Cover maker

License Maker

Post it Note Generator

Sign Generator

Acme License Maker

Make your own Candy Hearts

Label Maker

Church Sign Generator

Make your own Error Messages

Warning sign generator

Garden Label Generator

Heres some bookmarks I had for Magzine cover stuff:

Links to information

Mar 12, 2009

Little Debbie lovers...and you know who you are..

Little Debbie - that cute gal that sells those delightful snack treats - has a current offer going ,on the website
of magazine subscriptions to 4 popular magazines for only $5 a year per subscription!! (for new subscribers only)
One year subscriptions are offered for:
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Family Circle
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • Parents Magazine
In these days where we are all looking for bargains and yet have a "treat" - this offer - gives first time subscribers a nice treat 12 times over the next year.
Check it out >>> Click Here
Happy Subscribing! and Happy Reading.
While you're on the Little Debbie site - Check out the Easter Party Crafting ideas

Oh and I found a $5 offer for Good Housekeeping and Redbook 1 yr subscriptions!!!
check these offers at

Bind It All new products

Here below is a video of new products by Zutter for the Bind It All - taken at the recent 2009 CHA (Craft and Hobby Association show) **I used the Clipmarks tool - clipping the You Tube video from
I gave my daughter and granddaughter a Bind It All for the crafting projects. They both seem to enjoy using it.
see this >> pccrafter message forum thread showing a project my granddaughter did with the new PINK Bind It All
FYI : For more information and or project ideas for your Bind It All

blog it

Clipmarks - Clipping the Net away

added to my Firefox Browser March 12, 2009 - I just added a new Add On to my Firefox Browser called Clipmarks..its really cool! I can clip anything and then post it immediately to my Blog here as seen below - or I can email a clip to anyone. After you install Clipmarks - sign up for a free account and then add your Blog in the Settings or your Profile area - or at least I think that's where I added it (can't seem to remember what I did 5 minutes ago - LOL). Anyway once you have added your own Blog to your profile - then when you "Clip" anything from a webpage etc. - and you want to share it - if you are logged in - it will automatically post to the blogs listed in your profile - so ta-daa...I clipped information about Clipmarks and it posted here automatically. Now to add this text I am writing now...I just am "editing" this post in my Blogger account.
Note too: that when you "clip" something from a website - when you post it or email it - the clip will provide the information on where the clip came from or where it was "clipped" from (the website url link will be included)
Oh and YES you can add
Clipmarks to Internet Explorer - it's not just a Add-On for Firefox.
I just prefer Firefox over IE and am having fun finding "Add-On's" and Plugins to make it more useful for my Internet playtime
Find Add on's for >> Firefox
Find Add on's for >> Internet Explorer

Please NOTE: I clipped some content from other sites and was asked to remove it, as the content is copyrighted and republishing it on my blog or anywhere else online is strictly prohibited. Please be aware of what you are Clipping and if needed ask for permission to post specific "clipped" content on your Blog or website. As they say - Just because YOU CAN - Does NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD.

Now on too my Clipmark about Clipmarks - clipped directly from the webpage:
clipped from

What can I do with Clipmarks?

  • You can save clips publicly for others to see, post them to Facebook, or embed a widget of them on your own site. You can also save clips privately for your own viewing later. Your clip collection is searchable from any computer with an internet connection (including your iPhone, Blackberry, etc).

  • blog it

    Blogging for Crafter's - All Crafters

    There are so many blogs in cyberspace - and the favorite sites to create ones are like "here" at (or where you get the name portion from) and other popular sites : Wordpress and Live Journal. Each of these sites offer help and are FREE.

    But if you're a Crafter and considering creating a BLOG for the first time, there's now a new space for just "you" to create your own blog. Lots of Crafters already have created their own blogs, again putting them on the sites mentioned - but if you're new to Blogging and a Crafter - then you might want to Check out - Free blog offer. They have help to guide you every step of the way.
    Read this article >> Free Blogs for Crafters
    and/or visit

    Don't forget March is National Craft Month >> see some of the resources I have listed in this post on my blog here at

    Happy Blogging ~ Happy Crafting!

    Mar 11, 2009

    Open Sez-a-me


    I spend alot of time, some would say even an extreme amount of time - downloading lots and lots of files from online: Digital Scrapbook Freebies, Purchased Graphics Collections, etc.
    Most of these files come in ZIP or the less common RAR format.

    The ZIP file format is the most common, but many foreign countries (and some USA designers) prefer the RAR compression format.
    Now to open zipped files you can use the built in windows Unzip utility, simply - double click on the zip folder and unzip it. There are also other utilities such as WinZip, WinRar etc.

    But since I download soooooooo many files in a day or week - I wanted something easy to use to open all the files I download at the same time. I found a few years ago - the Free utility UnZiplify
    and have used it happily ever since to open, unzip and un-rar (it opens RAR files too) all my downloads.
    There are other utilities that are popular that do the same thing - open "multiple" files at the same time.
    I created a webpage showing How I utilize UnZiplify in opening multiple files and use as my example - opening RAR files, but all the information applies to Zipped files as well.
    Feel free to link on over to my webpage and check out my How I Do It mini tutorial:
    UnZiplify Your Files

    Just an FYI -
    other utilities that you can find online to unzip or extract files from your downloads
    Extract Now, UnZipThemAll, WinZip, WinRar

    Mar 8, 2009

    Sunday afternoon - March 8th - are your clocks all set?

    Just checking....have you done your clockwork today - my yesterdays post was just a reminder.
    Hope none of you really missed that 'Hour" we had to give up. And we do get it back in the fall.
    I'll be back "then" with a reminder to Fall "BACK" -it will be HALLOWEEN night as the time change happens at 2am November 1st 2009. (that is if I'm still blogging at that time - I did only start this thing as a "project" to see how easy blogging was or is to do - never meant for it to be a daily or regular thingy - but so far I'm having fun)
    The following is a quoted excerpt from
    online article
    Here are five little-known facts about Daylight Saving Time — don't say Daylight Savings Time if you know what's good for you. There's officially no "S" — but according to Google, most people add it anyway.

    • According to researchers in Finland, DST has mixed effects on people's health. Sleeping patterns are disturbed, more so with nightowls than morning folk. Another study found a spike in heart attacks during the first week of DST, leading experts to believe that the loss of sleep makes some people more susceptible. When daylight saving time ends in the fall, heart attacks briefly become less frequent than normal.

    • Because people drive more safely during the daylight, researchers found that DST reduces fatal car crashes. One study concluded that year-round DST would prevent 195 deaths of people in cars and 171 pedestrian fatalities.

    • Just two states — Arizona and Hawaii—and three U.S. territories — American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands — don't observe DST. Indiana adopted it in 2006.

    • DST came about in WWI, as an effort to conserve fuel. The theory was that more daylight reduces the use of artificial light.

    • DST's effect on energy use has changed over time and varies from place to place — experts disagree about whether it really saves energy. Nonetheless, it's probably here to stay, because people seem to like the extra daylight in the spring, and the extra ZZZs in the fall.

    P/S I always have the most problems with changing the clocks in my car. And to think cars actually come with user manuals - or most do. But the clock thing - well the buttons are tiny and not intuitive or the way that "I" think they should work.
    Anyway - I got a new Nissan Altima last year shortly after Paul passed away and its still up in Buffalo waiting for my return in April. So for now - I am putting the info on how to set the clock - found the quick guide manual for the 2008 Nissan Altima online - Yippee for the INTERNET - once again to my rescue - I'll need come back online in April to refresh my memory.
    for any other 08 Altima owners...I'll share with you too ;-)

    CLOCK SET /ADJUSTMENT (Non Navigation System only) **I don't have a built in system but do have a gps unit to plug in
     Press and hold the CLOCK button for approximately 2 seconds.
     The display will show “H-Seek M-Tune,”
     Press the SEE K/TRACK button to adjust the hours.
     Press the Tune/FF·REW button to adjust the minutes.
     Press the CLOCK button again to exit the clock set mode

    Mar 7, 2009

    Hey Kids, What TIME is IT?

    Well it says here on my calendar that in the USA - its time to SPRING FORWARD - now you can jump forward, run forward, fall forward (make sure there's someone to catch you or something soft to fall on too) or do what we like to do in our home - Move the all hands forward on the clocks ahead one hour, (or figure out how to reset the digital stuff - the car one is the hardest for me) - So that all will be right with the world when we wake up on Sunday March 8th, 2009. Comforting to know that my computer and a couple other things automatically change the time...Go forward tonight and just let go of that hour - you'll get it back in the fall.

    graphics c.

    Forward this to everyone you know or even don't know.

    Mar 3, 2009

    March in like a lion out like a lamb....but what goes on during the month?

    Crafters know it's TIME for CRAFTING during those lion around days and they aren't sheepish about how they use their talents!
    March is National Craft Month in the USA
    With our economy in such disarray - maybe crafting or creating things with our hands and imaginations is just what we need to distract ourselves.
    Read this recent article on MSNBC
    Crafting: A Silver Lining in a Tough Economy

    Looking for an outlet for your creativity? Crafting is bucking the economic meltdown. Here are the latest crafting trends you should know about. By Laura Tiffany

    updated 2:00 p.m. ET, Wed., March. 11, 2009
    Visit for more interesting information and ideas for the Entrepreneur in you.

    There's soooooooooooooo many crafting & creative ideas - websites, blogs, etc. online - and over to the right along the side of this blog is a feed to "Inspirations" tips and techniques...take a link on over and browse around.

    Here too are just the tip of the crafting iceberg of sites that may peek your interest during this month:
    websites or blogs of interest

    Creativity Portal
    Arts & Crafts
    HGTV Crafts
    Martha Stewart >> Crafts
    Splitcoast Stampers Project ideas
    Check out too the amazing Paper Crafting projects ideas from Scor Pal
    remember as long as you have a "Scoring" tool or Bone folder tool you can do any of these
    projects - print out the directions, and make note of folding markings and measurements for
    the various projects.
    and see too MelsStampz - 100 things you can do with your Scor-Pal

    Visit Craft Critique - for honest reviews & commentary of crafting items and tools from real crafters
    sign up for their newsletter too.
    Other sites to visit during the month in no particular order

    Shopping Online for Craft Stuff - again just a few sites to check out
    Craft shopping online
    Create for Less

    Printables / Crafts ready to print, fold and assemble
    The Printing and Digital Crafting Mall

    D.A.I.S.I.E. Company
    find Craft Projects and Printables at D.A.I.S.I.E. Company

    Also check out Daily
    Its a fairly new website/forums online for crafters. This is an excerpt quoted directly from website:
    "! The internet's friendliest craft forum is the place to meet your favorite craft suppliers and manufacturers. Ask them questions. Get the dirt on upcoming craft news and events! It's also a great place for craft enthusiasts to gather and share their latest ideas and nifty new projects. Get inspired and make crafty new friends. What could be better?"
    Visit your Local Public Library too - check out Crafting Books for FREE!!!

    Happy Crafting!

    Find out what else is being Observed or Celebrated this Month
    I hope you found some inspiration via the links - I welcome your feedback or comments ;-)