Mar 22, 2009

My Easter-tea card & free card templates

I am a Tea Pot and Tea Stuff collector. So for my Easter card to my friends and family this year - I made a Tea Pot themed card front. Looks better in person ;-)

Graphics Credits: pc Crafter's Debbie Mumm's Easter creatable, and
Carolee Jones' Spring Bunnies 2 Update Note: Spring Bunnies by Carolee Jones can now be found on Daisie Company's website - as of spring 2012.(Some bunny loves you) and the Flower line is from Carolee Jones' Spring Bunnies

Backgrounds are from various pcCrafter creatables.
visit: for purchasing any of the Creatables (Clipart sets) used. Update note: as of 2012 pccrafter no longer sells clipart and will be offline as of Spring 2012
I will put inside some teabags, and do my own writing as these particular cards are blank inside.
I use Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 2006 for the majority of my Graphics Playtime and I made a template of the Easter Blessings card that you are welcome to snag.
If you own Digital Image they are in png plus format and will be in layers. But if you own any other digital/photo editing program - the files will be flat. I colored in some areas - as I use them as "fill" layers and you can use your Magic Wand selction tool in your graphics program and fill as well with background papers or photos, etc.
Some software program examples that have magic wand tools:
Adobe's Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel's PaintShop Pro, and Microsofts Digital Image, there are others too, but those are the most popular ones used by crafters (*that have the Magic Wand selection tool)
Because these files are quite large - just right mouse click on the links below and save link as or save target as and download the files to a location on your computer that you will remember and associate for such images.

Black full page - blank Easter Blessings
Template with different sections (in layers if you have MS Digital Image) colored in for selecting with magic wand tool and filling:
I made a webpage awhile back showing "How I Fill a Simple Blank Crafting Template" using Microsoft's Digital Image
*note this page hasn't been updated - so some links may be nonworking.

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