Mar 25, 2009

Box for a Week of Teas


I used the free tuckbox template creator website, to make a tuck box that fits 7 Bigelow Teabags. I thought it would make a nice little gift idea to give to a friend or put in a gift basket, etc.

Here are some examples of my box, now remember - I'm still new to this printing, cutting, scoring and folding part of putting things together:

Graphics credits: Debbie Mumm's Spring Bouquet creatable. Update Note: PC Crafter is no longer selling Clipart Sets. and will be offline as of Spring 2012.
If you're interested - here's the template I made - if you'd like to snag it - click on the link and then right mouse click on the image and save to your own computer.
Template for Teabox holds 7 Bigelow teabags.
for me it works best to print "Exact Size" (*fits on a 8.5x11 sheet of cardstock)
Teabox for 7 Bigelow Teabags Template
Tuck box maker website:

Tutorial - how I use the Tuckbox maker website making a template and working with it using Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 2006 software program
Screenshot of my workscreen before I printed my teabox
(*note: My How I Fill a Simple Blank Template using MS Digital Image webpage: )

Here's another cute project idea -
this card holds 2 teabags
watch Dawn's YouTube video at:
Stamping with Dawn - has lots of wonderful videos, check them out at:


  1. Thank you!
    Lambie :D

  2. Thank you so much Mary, I am always looking for templates for items to add to the baskets. :)

  3. Mary
    Saw your post on pc crafter, then came, saw and snagged your tea box holder! Thank you for sharing your talent! CM2 :-)


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