Mar 3, 2009

March in like a lion out like a lamb....but what goes on during the month?

Crafters know it's TIME for CRAFTING during those lion around days and they aren't sheepish about how they use their talents!
March is National Craft Month in the USA
With our economy in such disarray - maybe crafting or creating things with our hands and imaginations is just what we need to distract ourselves.
Read this recent article on MSNBC
Crafting: A Silver Lining in a Tough Economy

Looking for an outlet for your creativity? Crafting is bucking the economic meltdown. Here are the latest crafting trends you should know about. By Laura Tiffany

updated 2:00 p.m. ET, Wed., March. 11, 2009
Visit for more interesting information and ideas for the Entrepreneur in you.

There's soooooooooooooo many crafting & creative ideas - websites, blogs, etc. online - and over to the right along the side of this blog is a feed to "Inspirations" tips and techniques...take a link on over and browse around.

Here too are just the tip of the crafting iceberg of sites that may peek your interest during this month:
websites or blogs of interest

Creativity Portal
Arts & Crafts
HGTV Crafts
Martha Stewart >> Crafts
Splitcoast Stampers Project ideas
Check out too the amazing Paper Crafting projects ideas from Scor Pal
remember as long as you have a "Scoring" tool or Bone folder tool you can do any of these
projects - print out the directions, and make note of folding markings and measurements for
the various projects.
and see too MelsStampz - 100 things you can do with your Scor-Pal

Visit Craft Critique - for honest reviews & commentary of crafting items and tools from real crafters
sign up for their newsletter too.
Other sites to visit during the month in no particular order

Shopping Online for Craft Stuff - again just a few sites to check out
Craft shopping online
Create for Less

Printables / Crafts ready to print, fold and assemble
The Printing and Digital Crafting Mall

D.A.I.S.I.E. Company
find Craft Projects and Printables at D.A.I.S.I.E. Company

Also check out Daily
Its a fairly new website/forums online for crafters. This is an excerpt quoted directly from website:
"! The internet's friendliest craft forum is the place to meet your favorite craft suppliers and manufacturers. Ask them questions. Get the dirt on upcoming craft news and events! It's also a great place for craft enthusiasts to gather and share their latest ideas and nifty new projects. Get inspired and make crafty new friends. What could be better?"
Visit your Local Public Library too - check out Crafting Books for FREE!!!

Happy Crafting!

Find out what else is being Observed or Celebrated this Month
I hope you found some inspiration via the links - I welcome your feedback or comments ;-)


  1. Libmary, you are a wealth of knowledge on any subject!! Thanks for all the crafting links.

    Hugs, Linda in Georgia (PCCHS)

  2. Wow!! Thank you for the wonderful links and resources...right now I need all the inspiration I can get. :o) One thing that I just bought recently that has really help with my want to scrapbook is a HP Photosmart printer. It prints photos 4x6 and 5x7, and it is wonderful. I can take a picture and print it instantly. I've already filled 3 frames and made a brag book full of pictures of my grandson. Happy Crafting! :o)


  3. Mary

    I look forward to all that you do for us at PC Crafter..I would be lost with out you and your information,.,,,thanks for doing it all for us..

  4. Mary- what a great blog. You are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for all these links to new site.


  5. The links are wonderful Mary! Thank you...I can't wait to check them all out.

    Here is a crafting tip...when doing 3D, layered cards I like to use Elmers Silicone gives you more time to move your piece and be sure it is where you want it. It is less expensive than pop dots or foam tape as well.

    Thank you for all you do Mary


  6. Love your blog, Mary!! Thanks for sharing all your awesome info!!


  7. Hi Mary,
    Love your blog!! Thanks for all of the links you have posted for us to visit. I have already surfed through a few of them. I also want to thank you for all of the wonderful information and resources you provide for us.
    pcchsStorm (Jenn)

  8. Mary, when you post, you really do your homework (so we don't have to!) Another fun website is They have discussion boards for almost every type of craft, and lots of recycling ideas

  9. Thanks for all the links Libmary. You are such a true friend. I will be checking them out soon for a project I am working on.
    pcchs crafty one

  10. I need to redo have a hard time posting all the time I am amazed when it shows up...I need more info Mary can you help a hugsister out...pleeeaaase....glad it showed up and I did it correctly this time..hugs


  11. pcchsmookey
    Great site Mary!! hugs

  12. I do love all the info you give to us Mary and also want to thank you it. Your such a blessing.
    I have a crafting tip about fonts. I forever will use a font I love then try to go back and remembeder it,so when I make a template or just save a project I also write the font name down with it.It sure helps as there are so many out there.
    Love your site.

  13. I luv your a matter of fact, I check it daily with my morning are a wealth of information...I know I can always find an answer for a computer or craft are the best...I'm working on a squash book to give my niece for Easter to put all her brand new baby pictures in..."Sombunny Luvs You"...again, thanks for all you do...can't wait to check out all your craft sites...hugs, pcchluv2sail

  14. Mary
    Thank you so much for all the links and info. Your blog is wonderful!

  15. Hey, Mary! When will you be back in Buffalo? I will be heading down there to stimulate your economy in some craft stores next week. Happy Craft Month!

  16. I enjoy your site and also the Teas2Dine4 is a great reference site.
    Good Luck to everyone!

    PCCHS Clutterbug

  17. Thanks Mary for all the wonderful sites!!
    Can't wait to check them out
    (not that I don't spend too much time on the computer already!!!!) BUT....
    Your right about Crafting, might be a helpful distraction (crafting has helped me quit smoking) but I also love discovering new things that I was unaware I could do!!!

    I have to get me one of these blog things!!!
    I will be looking for your help then too Mary!!! LOL


  18. Mary thanks for all you do for us ! You are a wealth of information and always share so freely with everyone. Big hugs to ya

  19. Mary, I don't know where to start. I began using your help at PC Crafter to get rid of the dreaded "white box". I continued to go to Tea-to-Dine-For frequently to learn photo editing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I get hours of enjoyment ceating by photo editing thanks to your generosity sharing your knowledge.

  20. Great site!And thanks so much for the great info. I always know where to go if I need help. Trenab from pcchs.

  21. Hi Mary...
    Your blog is are always so
    helpful and a wealth of knowledge...

  22. ohhh I could spend all month online exploring all the links you posted. Thanks

  23. OH my thank you for all the good link and great craft ideas. These are sure to get one in the mood for creating.


  24. Thanks Mary for your generosity. You have helped all of us in so many ways.

    Judy (pcchs)

  25. As usual Mary - tons and tons and tons (!!!) of wonderful inspiration. I already knew the last month I was out of my mid winter craft slump, but now with all your great stuff besides I'll have ideas galore!!

    Ruth (churchbear)

  26. Mary - you are a walking/writing encyclopedia/world atlas of information! I'm exhausted from reading your blog! I'm guessing you never sleep! Thanks for your inspiration!

    pcchs eileen a/k/a turkeyday53

  27. Mary - I just love your blog. Thanks for all of the sites that you posted. You are always there for us. When someone has a question, you always come through with the answer.

  28. Mary, thank you so much for so many wonderful crafting sites!

  29. Mary thank you for all the time and effort you put into finding and posting information for us. I've used links you've posted for us several times in the past. You're a blessing for sure.


  30. Mary I've had a time trying to figure out how to leave a message for you. I finally was able to leave one but signed it under the wrong name. I really do benefit from your posts...just am REALLY computer illiterate. LOL!

  31. Hi mary....what a wonderful info blog... :) do you do giveaways...if so..i would LOVE to donate one of our monthly scrapbooking kits to your can email me at
    thank you

  32. Hi Mary,
    I enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for all you share with us. I have learned so much from you on various message boards. YOU CAN teach an old dog new tricks! LOL
    Joy pcchsJBsDesktop

  33. Libmary,

    Thank you for all you do and provide to us. I have learned so much from you in the short time I have been around. Your knowledge is amazing.
    I love to read anything you have written. Gotta learn something new everyday and I can alway count on you to learn something new.


  34. PCCHS Edieb here..I love your blog. It is so attractive and interesting. You are always on the go..when do you rest? :)
    Good job and thank you so much for sharing..

  35. I posted a comment earlier this morning but forgot to sign it the right way Mary ;-)


  36. Wow-thanks for all the sites. One tip: When I am going to cut things with adhesive backing, I rub my scissors with a dryer sheet and it keeps it from getting sticky and also smells really nice. Thanks for all you share - what would we do without you!

  37. HI mary love your blog you are so clever and have a wealth of information here..I always love reading your comments to see what you have been up to.
    pcchs sknopf

  38. Mary, Thanks for all the information you give out... To me it is amazing how you know just what we need even before we ask for it... I have been a follower of yours since 2001... you are a good friend to me and all the others. Hugs, Kath (The brat)

  39. Wow....why hadn't I seen this before. Such great info. Have it in my fav's now!

  40. thank's mary for invite to your blog
    You have wonderful information has help me many times.

  41. Mary, you always share such helpful information and great links. Thanks so much for ALL you do!

    pcchs ScrapPatty

  42. Thanks Mary for all the great information and great links you are so thoughtfuf
    pcchs candylady

  43. Hi Libmary - Love, love, love your blog. You are such an inspiration to me with your wealth of knowledge. My DH's grandmother was the head librarian at our parish library and was a wealth of knowledge. I have a blog that I can hardly keep up with my DD who's 6. You can check us out at Our most recent craft was creating a chain link to count down the days to our trip to Disney World over our Mardi Gras Holiday.

    pcchsppp123 (Cathy)

  44. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for all that you share Hugs pcchscatydid

  45. Thanks for listing my blog as one of the links for this post. I so appreciate it. Crafting is such a passion I just need to share it with others.
    Crystal @ Twiddlebugz Designz

  46. Thanks for all of the info Mary! You're always a good source for information......whatever the need!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog & entering my first giveaway. Good Luck!

    Huggies ~~~

  47. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing the links.


  48. Mary, You are the bomb!
    Suzi/aka grammasuzi

  49. Hey Mary! When I see you have posted I know something good is going to follow! You are a terrific help to lots of us. You always have that answer or a link to get us to what we need. I appreciate all that you do for all of us here on this board. Your blog is lovely too! Thanks bunches, pcchsspanky7426


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