Mar 12, 2009

Clipmarks - Clipping the Net away

added to my Firefox Browser March 12, 2009 - I just added a new Add On to my Firefox Browser called Clipmarks..its really cool! I can clip anything and then post it immediately to my Blog here as seen below - or I can email a clip to anyone. After you install Clipmarks - sign up for a free account and then add your Blog in the Settings or your Profile area - or at least I think that's where I added it (can't seem to remember what I did 5 minutes ago - LOL). Anyway once you have added your own Blog to your profile - then when you "Clip" anything from a webpage etc. - and you want to share it - if you are logged in - it will automatically post to the blogs listed in your profile - so ta-daa...I clipped information about Clipmarks and it posted here automatically. Now to add this text I am writing now...I just am "editing" this post in my Blogger account.
Note too: that when you "clip" something from a website - when you post it or email it - the clip will provide the information on where the clip came from or where it was "clipped" from (the website url link will be included)
Oh and YES you can add
Clipmarks to Internet Explorer - it's not just a Add-On for Firefox.
I just prefer Firefox over IE and am having fun finding "Add-On's" and Plugins to make it more useful for my Internet playtime
Find Add on's for >> Firefox
Find Add on's for >> Internet Explorer

Please NOTE: I clipped some content from other sites and was asked to remove it, as the content is copyrighted and republishing it on my blog or anywhere else online is strictly prohibited. Please be aware of what you are Clipping and if needed ask for permission to post specific "clipped" content on your Blog or website. As they say - Just because YOU CAN - Does NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD.

Now on too my Clipmark about Clipmarks - clipped directly from the webpage:
clipped from

What can I do with Clipmarks?

  • You can save clips publicly for others to see, post them to Facebook, or embed a widget of them on your own site. You can also save clips privately for your own viewing later. Your clip collection is searchable from any computer with an internet connection (including your iPhone, Blackberry, etc).

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