Mar 11, 2009

Open Sez-a-me


I spend alot of time, some would say even an extreme amount of time - downloading lots and lots of files from online: Digital Scrapbook Freebies, Purchased Graphics Collections, etc.
Most of these files come in ZIP or the less common RAR format.

The ZIP file format is the most common, but many foreign countries (and some USA designers) prefer the RAR compression format.
Now to open zipped files you can use the built in windows Unzip utility, simply - double click on the zip folder and unzip it. There are also other utilities such as WinZip, WinRar etc.

But since I download soooooooo many files in a day or week - I wanted something easy to use to open all the files I download at the same time. I found a few years ago - the Free utility UnZiplify
and have used it happily ever since to open, unzip and un-rar (it opens RAR files too) all my downloads.
There are other utilities that are popular that do the same thing - open "multiple" files at the same time.
I created a webpage showing How I utilize UnZiplify in opening multiple files and use as my example - opening RAR files, but all the information applies to Zipped files as well.
Feel free to link on over to my webpage and check out my How I Do It mini tutorial:
UnZiplify Your Files

Just an FYI -
other utilities that you can find online to unzip or extract files from your downloads
Extract Now, UnZipThemAll, WinZip, WinRar

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