Mar 14, 2009

Saturday's Snags off the net...

Just having fun cruising the net, visiting some of my favorite forums, finding some links in some of the threads to sites and projects and all kinds of neat link does tend to lead to another:
In no particular order - Here's sites and links I took down the url's for today's finds that I found and thought I would share:

Kevin & Amanda’s Fonts for Peas **I've been collecting these fonts for awhile but got the new Doodles one today.

Free Fonts and Doodles

More cute FREE Fonts from 2peas in a bucket

not free but one of my favorite fun fonts only $2 from 2 peas in a bucket

FONT - Mister Giggles By Jennifer McGuire

Paperclip bookmarks craft idea

The Project Girl

Ultimate Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

Cleaning your laptop Spring Cleaning for your Computer Laptop

PrimoPDF pdf creator Free

Fun things to do with words or text

I made these at the site, lots of different ideas for Pictures to create "stuff" -
like putting your own words on a computer key:


or make a cereal box with a favorite picture - kinda small and doesn't enlarge well,
but I think dgs will get a kick out of it

Visit and Make some Pictures!!
And here's links I posted last year in a thread over at pccrafter's community forums
Fun money you can put a face on

and other links I have posted in previous threads where you can put pictures/photos or create online stuff to print

Just for an's more links for fun things to make or add photos or your own text to:


Put face on Money

Put face on Playing Cards

Spiral and other text creators

Custom Sign Generator

Fake Magazine Cover


For Dummies Book Cover maker

License Maker

Post it Note Generator

Sign Generator

Acme License Maker

Make your own Candy Hearts

Label Maker

Church Sign Generator

Make your own Error Messages

Warning sign generator

Garden Label Generator

Heres some bookmarks I had for Magzine cover stuff:

Links to information

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