Feb 27, 2010

My Hometown

Where even the polar bears relax and enjoy the weather..

NewHouse 1 month to go (21 photos)

I'd like to share my Snapfish photos with you. These are pictures I took on Friday. I will close on the house by the last week of March.
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Feb 17, 2010

My highschool class is having a reunion!

Coming up this Summer in July 2010 - Oh NO!!! - It can't really be 45 years since I graduated can it?????
I barely can remember 10 yrs ago, let alone 45!!

I attended Riverside Highschool in Buffalo NY from 1961 to 1965. I can't say I was popular or an honor student or did much of anything much worth remembering. But I do have fond memories of those short 4yrs. I got my love for Football watching our beloved "Frontiers" play and win in 4 Harvard Cup championships.

I met my very best friend in my homeroom (no. 57) and she is still my best friend ;-). In our senior year she introduced me via a blind date to my sweet Paul. So she's been part of my life for over 45 yrs now.
If anyone who visits my blog is actually from Buffalo and maybe even a fellow class of 65'er - you can find information about the upcoming reunion at:

See too this facebook page created to share memories of fellow Riversiders' for folks who used to hang out in the neighborhood. I lived on Crowley Ave and remember well lots of places in the Neighborhood: Murts, Riversides Mens Shop, the movie theater which became Ski-Dek!, Kobackers, Norbins, Acme Supermarket, the A&P on Ontario Street, Manley's, Tony's Deli...etc etc.

Well if I am going to be making the trip back to Buffalo to attend this shindig, I best get that diet started so I have time to lose the 45 lbs I have gained since graduation...amazing 1 pound for each year - at this rate - I will be too big to fit in an airplane seat for going to our 60th reunion ;-).

We are the Frontiers, Mighty Mighty Frontiers, Everywhere we go people wanna know, who we are so we tell them - we are the Frontiers mighty mighty Frontiers!

Feb 10, 2010

Cupboards, Driveways & Sidewalks - Oh MY

are in- went out to the house today Feb 10 to check on things...lookin good ;-)
here's front of house with driveway in and the sidewalk

Kitchen Views - cupboards look nice in person
Here's a pic of my countertop selection no. 2
(my no. 1 choice isn't available currently)
Looking at a end of March for a closing date.
But I probably won't be fully moved in till end of April or
early May.

Feb 8, 2010

Walls are up...

in my new home
Haven't posted anything new about the house in awhile. Still trying to get myself put back together after my older sister's passing on January 11th. Thank you to all my online friends who have sent wonderful cards, and sent prayers upwards for me and my family.

My house is really in the home stretch now. Only glitch so far : I had to order a new counter top pattern. The one I selected is on back order and they don't know when it will be available so the builder asked me to select something else...Uggggghhhhhh, I really liked what I had originally picked out. Hopefully I have selected a wonderful "2nd" choice.
Here's some photos of the rooms just after the drywalling was done a couple weeks ago.
Looking through the front door
Mariah standing in front of island/sink area of kitchen/family room

in the living room area or I might use this area to put my Cherry Dining room set
In the Garage.
The Driveway was put in last Friday.