Jul 4, 2009

Celebrate Your Freedoms

It took great courage for those representatives of the original 13 colonies to decide to Declare their Independence from Great Britain....Celebrate what this Day means to our Country and its History. I visited the Jamestown/Williamsburg area of the USA in 2007 when Jamestown was celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the first "English" settlement in the current US. This was before the pilgrims came to Plymouth. Those first pioneers had both a good and a "bad" impact on the land here and forever changed the lives of the Indians already living here. But for better or for worse we (the aliens from another land) were here and our future and foundation of our current everyday life was set to go foward from that time.
God Bless America

**I used the fun wordart application of WORDLE to create my graphic above. I first created the wordle, then took a screen shot of my creation, pasted the screen shot into my photo/graphic editing software Digital Image Suite 2006. Next I removed the white background using the plugin "eraser genuine" available at
http://www.mehdiplugins.com/english/erasergenuine.htm. Then I just had fun copying various portions of the wordle art & filling with colors and gradient patterns using the tools of Digital Image and added some stars.

This photo above was taken from a yacht that my husband was crewing on sailing it from the island of Antigua to NYC in May of 1999. He didn't have a ZOOM lens on his camera to get a closer shot of the Statue of Liberty. But he told me later that the sight of "The Lady" really does bring a lump to your throat and makes you think about all of those who came to the United States searching for FREEDOM and making a life for themselves here.

And here's the photo he took coming into harbor in NYC...you can see the World Trade Center twin towers -
CELEBRATE the USA's Birthday and
Honor those who help keep us FREE


  1. aawww this made me cry AWESOME photo!!!Thank you sooo much for sharing this memory Mary!

  2. freedom , peaceful & happiness comes through into a special manner. Wonderful picture.


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