Jul 30, 2009

Can you see what I see...

Do you see what I see?
I was sitting on the sofa a couple days ago...lost in thought about all the things I have going through my mind since the "House" has sold. It SOLD after being on the market only 9 days!! So needless to say I wasn't prepared for it going that fast and now my mind is racing, with everything I need to do to be out of the house by Sept. 30th. While sitting there ... I spotted a marking on the rug in front of a console that I have photos of Paul and I on - that to "me" anyway - looked like the shape of a "heart". On the console itself I have a photo of Paul with a "heart" shaped ROCK that my grandson had found in a park stream last year when he and his family were home here for Pauls funeral. Paul had always collected rocks on all the trips we ever went on. For Josh to have found this particular rock on his outing - I knew just had to be a sign from my Angel - Paul. Maybe only my eyes are playing tricks on me...but can you make out a heart shape in this picture. Update: others who have looked at this - shape or marking on the carpet see a large Letter "P" and now that I look at it - I can see that as well - A definite "Double" blessing of Paul signaling me that he is with me always. Here is the rock with the photo on the console

and this is the console which I saw the heart shape in the carpet in front of it as I sat on the sofa
Paul is always showing himself to me through signs when I need him most, its just one of those everyday miracles that I cherish. For me that Heart shape in the rug was him standing there looking over at me..letting me know he is here and that everything is going to be OK.


  1. Everyday miracles like yours Mary are what keep me going as well...Bless your heart for receiving such a special message from Paul.


  2. What a wonderful sign from Paul. Your stories are so well said. I wish you the best of luck and love in your future.

    Hugs, Barboo

  3. That is a wonderful sign that Paul is watching over you and approves of the sale. You are very lucky to have known and loved a wonderful man.

  4. I see it! I love when those little "messages" come thru! Enjoy and best of all enjoy the memories!

  5. I definately see a P !!! I have goosebumps! How wonderful for you to find little things to remind you that he is always with you!
    Flakey n friends


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