Oct 8, 2009

The house will be Closing - YAY!

Just found out the my Buffalo house will be closing on Friday - YAY!. I am sure the new owner is very happy too. It was hard leaving that home, but I know the new owner will enjoy many happy yrs in it. It's a good ole home :-)

My daughter and I have toured around a bit looking at houses within a 10-15 mile radius of her home. Gotta stay in "my drivable circle". Those who know me, know what I mean by "drivable" ;-)

I am leaning towards "newer" rather than older and at communities that have a mix of ages. I know that there are advantages of living in a Active Adult community like those at Heritage Lake nearby my daughters home. But I also know there are communities that offer club houses, work out rooms, and the opportunity to get involved in things. So its just a matter of making up my mind on what kind of lifestyle I would feel most comfortable in on a day to day basis. Sure is scary thinking about all of this without Paul in my life. Up until he passed away - I never could imagine "life alone" - and now here I am.
God, family and friends will get me through this "new beginning". And Paul remains ever in my life as a guardian angel.

I am liking living here in New Port Richey with my daughter and my wonderful grandkids...life is very good! And soon I'm sure I will find my own spot to grow and live in. As long as I have faith in God, family and chocolate - I can do anything!

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  1. Hi. Great post, very optimistic. The new beginnings are always hard. I remember when me and my family moved to a new place. Firstly, it wasn't easy to get used to - many new things, new people,... But when you are with your family it's much easier. It provides you necessary support.

    Good luck,


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