Sep 9, 2009

What has your "Stuff" done for you lately??

Check out this posting on Small
Janet Jackson's guide to Decluttering

I'm down to 2 weeks before I have to have all my stuff packed up and ready to move to Florida and I really need to start heeding the call of "what has my stuff done for me lately" - when will I use it again, why am I keeping it, what does it do for me today. I really do want to live a simpler life. But wow have I got "stuff" and just physically sorting through it all, making all these keep / pitch / donate decisions is difficult and time consuming.
All young people should have to work a day in a pack-rats home going through this process of downsizing and decluttering - just to show them what NOT to DO in their own lives. Our stuff owns us, rather than us owning it.

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