Jan 19, 2009

I stay the same but my kids are catching up!

My daughter has long been a Tigger ( T-i-double Grrrrrr-Er) fan - and she's always loved to "bounce"!

My oldest daughter turned 40 a couple weeks ago and I had a hard time believing the years could go by that fast. And I've Wondered - What have "I" done with them all. She on the other hand has done alot and has made me very proud of the woman she is today. She is a wonderful mom to my beautiful grandkids, and a terrific wife to my son-in-law - who is pretty nice too!! The career choice she made suits her perfectly as she loves kids - she is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, running her own Home Care business.

Did I mention that I am "Living" with them this winter here in sunny Florida.
It's all working out well.

Disney is running a promotion that gives you a free ticket to any of their parks on your Birthday - but the thing is - You have to use it on your BIRTHDAY - the actual day.

So my daughter booked a 2 bedroom condo at the Bonnet Creek Resort which is actually on Disney Property for an entire week. And we all went there for a long weekend and then we came back home - and I watched the kids - when my daughter went back for 3 more days with hubby to enjoy their time alone. And I got to spend time "alone" with the grandkids. A win-win, happy-happy, time for all.

Here's a few other pictures of "our" time at the resort, we also visited the Orlando Science Museum and had a very relaxing weekend and family time. And my daughter and I made our very first visit to an IKEA Store - which was a True Adventure - we had a good time - more looking than buying though.

Mariah built this dino from puzzle pieces at the museum

Mary and Her Hole in One on Lucky 13

The kids had a terrific time "experimenting"

The museum had amazing exhibits and fun interactive things to do

Both kids LOVE the water and would have stayed in the pool all day
and night if we'd let them

My son in law is the Grill MASTER!

A beautiful sunset to end the beautiful day.

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