Jan 16, 2009

I am "ULTRA" cool

Good Frosty Friday January 16, 2009 Morning from even Florida, USA

I got a message this morning letting me know that my Templates Resource's webpage was featured on a blog
The Paper Friendly Blog

I appreciate the mention and hope all the visitors to the resource will find something useful

My templates page is verrrrrrry loooooooong - but I have to let you know too, I HAVE NOT UPDATED this resource recently or even in the past year. So some or even many links will not work or have been lost to cyberspace for good.

MSN hosted sites that may be listed on the Resource page will be gone soon by February 2009, as MSN is discontinuing their MSN groups pages - so some sites or links may already be gone, but the ones that are still there - grab what you can now!! For example grab what you can Today from the wonderful Lori's PaperCreations - Crafts templates pages on MSN - she has several catergories listed on the left hand side of page - see this collection of Box templates

When ever you find something online and you even remotely think you might want it for now or in the future - GRAB it then, SAVE IT TO YOUR COMPUTER. Don't rely on BOOKMARKS!!
Save it when you find it, to a location on your computer, that you will remember and associate with such items.

I have a Paper Crafts Templates folder and I like to save my templates to subfolders sorted either by designer, website name, or type. So for example all the templates I download from Stampington Tempting Templates - go in the subfolder for Stamptington, then theres a subfolder for things like Boxes, etc.

About my websites and/or my resources pages on them:

I really just don't seem to have the inspiration or energy anymore to put into updating my websites that I own. I have 6 domain names and after I retired from my Library job in Jan 2005 - I just found other things to do with my life, that maintaining my websites - no longer held the appeal that once upon a time gave me great joy. And NOW that my life has changed even more with the death of my dear sweet husband, in April 2008 - well, I have many more challenges, distractions and things to think about than updating my sites.

There are so many Template resources out there, if you don't find what you are looking for on my webpage - do a google search (**it might lead you right back to my page - LOL) but you might also find some neat sites to explore - just remember - grab it, save it, when you see it.

If I should come across some sites worth mentioning - here on this new blog of mine - I will be sure to do it, believe me - I still collect websites and have always had good intentions about updating my resource pages...but so many links, so little time - and so many other things I gotta get done in my life.

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  1. Libmary,

    I just posted an entry on Paperfriendly with a link to this entry...thanks for posting this info.

    Nancy Ward


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