Jan 10, 2009

Is this thing on???


Well I guess I always had a blog - but had just never used it. Was going through some of my information about Blogs, trying to help a gal out from ttydesigns.com's forum and discovered I had once upon a time set one up via google.But I had never posted anything.So here ya go....this is my first post, might be my last, don't really have anything to say really.Sure I'll "try" in the beginning to keep up - and see what I can come up with to share.But honestly, I own 6 website domains, and I have NOT updated any of them in 4+ years!!!Just don't come looking every day to see what's new...in the beginning everything is FUN, when it stops being FUN, I move on.For those wondering - is this "Blog" thing Easy, Can I do it..well YES it is Easy, and YES you too can be blogging in no time. I chose to use blogger.com - I have a Google Gmail account and was able to sign in using that and off blogging I did go -Here are some links that may be useful to wanna-be bloggers :

Setting up a blog
You Tube Video for setting up your Google Blogger FREE Blog
see too http://help.blogger.com/
How do I post pictures?
You can now upload photos to your blog(s) using Blogger Images; just click the image icon in the post editor's toolbar.
How to Set Up a Blog for Beginners
Guide to Setting up a First Blog site **for small business site


WonderingHow did I come to name this site? - ahhh, you don't know me very well - if you need to ask
The name of this blog "Chocolate on the Keyboard" - is a glimpse on what my daily life is like, eating chocolate and surfing along on the internet at the same time - all DAY LONG!
Life is GOOD, and Delicious.


  1. LOL Yes this thing is on Mary and I love the name you've used for this blog. Thanks for the help. Hugs, Judy

  2. LOVE the title of your new home!

  3. congradulations on your new blog love the name maybe I can learn something.


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