Jan 30, 2009

I have been "Awarded"!!

Just now reading through some of the nice comments I have been getting on some of my posts here on the Chocolate On The Keyboard site. I see that some gals have given me "awards" for my Blog. Thank YOU!! for them.
Don’t know how deserving I am of these, but I do appreciate the kind thoughts.
This is a brand new adventure for me

I really don't know how this whole Blog thing is gonna end up as time goes by. This really only started out as a "Can I do this, how easy is it to create and post on a blog, etc. etc."
I own 6 website domains, I haven't updated any of them in 4 yrs - or since I retired in Jan 2005 from my Library job. So obviously I am not real good at "maintaining" - LOL.

In April I will be going back home to Buffalo (I am in Florida for the winter), and start preparing my home there for sale. That month and for the few months after, it takes me to accomplish that - will be taking up lots of my usual ONLINE time. I don't know what will become of my BLOG or even my 6 websites. I've been searching for my NEW Normal since my husbands sudden death last year and still have not settled on any particular routine or pattern.

I just wanted you guys that have so kindly “awarded” me, to know – that I think your own Blogs are wonderful and I enjoy my visits with you and reading what you’re up to.

See some of my favorite sites to visit >> here <<

Hugs, Mary a.k.a. LibMary

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  1. Hi Mary!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have a little "sweet" award for you on my blog. But it's okay if you let it sit. LOL I just want you to know how very special you are & how much I appreciate all that you share!



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