Jan 13, 2009

Which Craft or Witch Crafter am I

For those that have followed me and my posts on the community forums I belong to, they understand that I much prefer "digital" playtime on my computer. I like creating using my Microsoft Digital Image software and learning and experimenting with what that program can do. But I don't like or have alot of patience for actual Print and Assemble crafting or sewing, or real life "scrapbooking" etc. Both of my sisters, my older daughter and my grandkids - are all in to crafting, and creating. They didn't get it from me or my Mom, where that gene kicks in from I'm not quite sure.
Now I do like coming up with "IDEAS" for things, and I like making suggestions, and I'm more than willing to compile or make something on the computer, print it out and Have "SOMEONE" else put it together. That's OK with me, to let them cut, score, fold, tape, glue and "make" it nice.
Spending my first winter as a Snowbird in Florida living with my dd and grandkids, has really found me - attempting to craft a bit more and enjoy the talented folks that surround me.
My dgd - came to me the other night and wanted to use the "new" Zutter Pink Bind-it-All that I just got for the family. She just wanted to punch the holes for a paper box she was making from scrapbook paper - no one else had used it yet, so I said sure go ahead, let her cut away or punch some holes - soon after she appeared with her "12x12x4inch" box.
Last month for Christmas, my granddaughter and I created "Paper" Village using graphics by Laurie Furnell an artist for pcCrafter
See our project pictures on this webpage of mine
And here's a few more links of some things my grandkids have done and "me" too - ya just never know "which" way I'm going in this Crafting thingy
Pccrafter threads I have posted about crafting

My grand kids are SEW crafty

My grandkids are Sew...Crafty - 8/14/2008
Picture included

Iron on t-shirts I made the grandkids for Easter
picture included
Info about tshirt transfers and iron on's
You can find some General Directions about iron on's on this About.com page:
My webpage with info links about printing on fabric

pictures of easter crafts I did
in this thread I have 2 pics

Collage layout I did of iron on items I did using at the time in 2005 some
DAISIE Company graphics for a DAISIE newsletter article - note the Newsletter in its former format is no longer available and all of my archived stuff is sadly lost to cyberspace.
in this thread
I am considering maybe doing some iron on t-shirts for Valentines Day, or Easter/Spring - I only have a gazillion graphics to choose from, so not quite sure "which" I will choose.
Happy Crafting - which ever type of crafter YOU are.

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