Jan 30, 2009

Deal or No Deal

Interesting article I got in one of my newsletters from http://compreviews.about.com

Liquidation and Clearance Pricing Scams
How Retailers Manipulate Consumers To Pay More Than They Should
By Mark Kyrnin, About.com

Excerpt quoted from article

"With the economic climate in 2009, it is likely that consumers will see a growing number of retailers that are going out of business or willing to sell products at clearance prices. Often consumers will be present with various claims such as 50% off for products. These seem like really great deals, but they generally are not that good. Retailers and liquidators use various pricing techniques to generate these percentages to make the discounts look better than they really are.

This article looks to inform consumers about these practices so that they can make sure they are really getting a fair deal on a clearance or liquidation computer system. These techniques are used for just about any electronics item and can be just as useful for any clearance shopping. Before getting into the techniques, its first important to get some basic knowledge on product pricing."

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