Jan 21, 2009

Making your own Paper BOX Templates

You can make your own paper Box templates for crafting - " Online" and have them generated as a PDF file using the FREE online site :
Super Deluxe Tuckbox Template Maker


I made a new webpage showing How "I" do it with a little help using my favorite graphics editing software program Microsofts Digital Image.

Visit my How I Did It webpage at:

Other Important Tips or stuff I like to tell folks...
Websites come and go, move to different web locations, etc. EVERY DAY. Don't trust your bookmarks. When you find/read something, or see a craft idea or directions on how to make something, that you even remotely think you might want or it may have useful information - then Print it out right then, 3 hole punch your papers and put in a notebook for future reference, make notes on it - telling you who made a project, date it, etc, etc. , Save templates to your own computer when you see them, etc. Put them in locations/folders on your computer that you will remember and associate with such items.

If you worry about losing your "stash" of ideas, templates, graphics, etc. - then Back them up to an External Drive, A Flash Jump drive, or to DVDs, etc. Or you can even consider signing up for an online service like Carbonite - costs about $50 a year for backing up your documents & pictures folders. If something is irreplacable or you would be heart broken if it was ever lost from your computer - then back it up a couple times via a external drive and to dvds etc. (DVDs hold much more than the old rewriteable CDs - but of course your computer would need a DVD writer - hopefully you do have a newer computer with one of those thingies included - if not then backup what you can fit on a CD) And BACK UP YOUR STUFF OFTEN - do it everyday - especially if you just added photos, or downloaded a bunch of the digi freebies out there or bought new graphics sets, etc.


  1. Mary, thanks for the oodles of information & lessons you kindly share so often. You are a true inspiration. I've left an award for you on my blog too, because I really think your blog has heart! :D



  2. Mary thank you for freely sharing so much information to us all of the time. You are a very kind person that is for sure.

    Just wanted to let you know that I added you to my blog for others to see.

    Thank you Mary

  3. Hi Mary just wanted to let you know I have a little something for you on my blog so come and by and grab it !

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!!! Have a Great Day


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