Aug 25, 2009

In the "Leave" - Home Stretch

Soon I will be leaving the only home I have ever owned. My daughters came up from their own homes - my older daughter from Florida, and younger from Indiana - to help me pack up. My older daughter took charge of the "massive" (her words - LOL) Yard Sale. And my younger daughter is packing up the garage and shed & basement too, and moving all of her dads machines and tools to Indiana. The Yard Sale was held Aug 15-16 and dd made over $1100!! Still have things to go to charity.

Setting up for Yard Sale - Friday night - still lots was put out early Saturday morning - folks who came by for sale couldn't believe everything was owned by one person or that it all came out of my house.

Granddaughter washing "stuff" making it all sparkly and sellable

My sister is coming up next week to help me box everything left in the house and she will drive with me in my car to Florida.
My younger daughter will be back to load up a moving POD mid Sept.
and then, I will be on my way to Florida (New Port Richey area) by Sept 30th.
Time for a New Beginning is fast approaching.


  1. Mary I wish you good luck on your new adventure in Life you have so much love surrounding you it is such a bessing to see...I am so glad I stopped to visit you on this day..Enjoy Your have a great family.

    always in my thoughts

    ddsdoubles (PC Crafter)

  2. Mary you like you 3 are sisters instead of mom and are so lucky you have daughters I have 3 sons and always wanted a daughter...I do have 3 granddaghers and 2 daughter in laws...but not the same.


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