Dec 12, 2009

3 new benefits of eating CHOCOLATE

As if I didn't already know them all ;-) !
Here's a Link to an article to give you reason to dip into your Chocolate candy stash this Holiday season

Now mind you - do this consuming of Chocolate at your own risk, since I moved to Florida - I've gained 10 pounds!! - And most of its come from - yes, you're right - Chocolate. For the duration of this season, I think I'll probaby gain more.
I'm salivating over recipes that are strewn across the internet landscape or that come in my email daily.
But come the 1st of the year - I'm going to start that darn diet, this time "for sure"! W

With a new house being built and all the work that will go into - Moving in and setting up, opening and sorting through 235 boxes - I'm sure there are plenty of calories waiting to be my near future. So for right now, I'm going to take advantage of the "benefits" of the season.

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