Dec 9, 2009

I guess I am staying...

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I went yesterday and got my Florida Drivers License, and my car registered. No turning back now...

I do miss BUFFALO, but NOT the Snow. My friends know especially my feelings about "Driving" in wintry weather ;-)
Read this recent Dec 2009 story online* at Buffalo  ..
Thruway closed between Dunkirk and Fredonia, motorists stranded in their cars and trucks on the highway for 17 hours!  *link no longer available

I Lived through 62 winters in Western NY, I think that's enough. I remember growing up on Crowley Avenue in the Riverside section of town that we didn't have a garage, and if it snowed, one of us kids had to shovel out a parking space for my dad - to get into after work. I was the only one of 4 kids to stay in Buffalo for the duration. My late husband Paul was born and raised in South Buffalo, where we lived for 5 yrs when we were first married. Then we bought our home in North Buffalo in 1972. Living next to a Parking Lot in the winter was a real bonus. Because they plowed it, we had extra parking, and the kids had wonderful "snow hills" created when they plowed after a big storm.
View out from our porch to parking lot and houses across the street Christmas Eve 2004
We had a warm and cozy White Christmas.

The Blizzard of 77 - produced some amazing snow fun times for the kids...the adults - NOT SO MUCH!!
My dad told me and my husband in 1972 when we were looking to buy our first (and only) home, - that we should buy a home within 3 songs on the radio of where ever we worked at the time - because - that would make us close enough that if we were ever stranded by a snowstorm or the car was disabled etc. - we could "walk" home. And one time my car did break down on a wintry day, and I did have to "walk" to work!!! It took me awhile...but I made it - I think our house was only 2 songs on the radio for my job, Pauls' job was just "one" song or less away. Paul was a Lineman for the Electric Company, and we considered winter our "Overtime Season". He enjoyed being outside in all kinds of conditions, and weather. And he also liked running the "snow blower" - he used to do our driveway, 2 neighbors and the blocks side walks for everyone. I was so used to shoveling - that I stuck with that when he was out on the Job. But I only did our driveway....which was quite the task, especially after the snow plows went by and threw it all back at us.
I am also a Snowman Collector (so when I do put up my first decorations in my new house - they will be "Snow themed".)
**Lamp and Teapot...isn't that the cutest, my best friend gave those to me in 2006

**Photo from my 2007 treeMy nickname for Paul was "Snowman". Our first winter - when we were dating in 1965, he had to often park way down the street. And if it was snowing, by the time he arrived at my front door - he was one snow covered I would say, "Oh, here's My Snowman". The name "stuck", and he continued to sign all of his cards to me over the years "Love, your snowman".

By the way...don't ya just love that snowman I put in at beginning of post - its part of a new collection over at DAISIE Company by Shelly Comiskey called Frosty Friends
 ( ). 
Check out too - her Snowmen & Company collection - it is snow cute ;):
and her Frosty Flakey Friends collection will warm your snowy days
Shelly is one of my favorite artists, I have most of her collections  
(UPDATE 2/8/2013: Shelly is a former PC Crafter Artist - but now sells new sets at DAISIE Company - some sets (but not all - shelly does have some past pcc sets now available at Daisie)  that once were available at pcc are sadly no longer available since summer of 2011. PC Crafter is no longer online as of 2013)  Hopefully Shelly will eventually put all of her  past pcc collections at DAISIE Co.
Want to know more about :

Shelly Comiskey

Shelly Comiskey @ DAISIE  Clipart Collections and Printables Kits using her designs
**Note - artwork on Shelly's website, blog, and facebook etc. is copyright and can not be downloaded or used without permission. Buy her art Legally, create with it, and enjoy the smiles it brings.
Here in Sunny and Warm Florida -
They will pour the foundation for my new house this week, and I think we are looking at a late March 2010 completion date.
Party ON all you SNOW LOVERS, Stay Safe
Image copyright Shelly Comiskey available @Daisie 
Snowmen &Company

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  1. awww your post made me cry...but I am the big cry baby.I will now think of you when I see a snowman! I know what ya mean about the snow,I like it if I get to stay in!Wishing you a Merry Christmas Mary!


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