Nov 20, 2009

Next Blog Over

linking around the neighborhood....

You see at the very top of this blogs page >> it has a link to "Next Blog" - well every once in awhile I like to click on that button and see where it leads me. Every day it's to different blogs, and in each blog I click on their "next blog" button. If you press your "back" button on your browser and visit the blog you just were on, and then click on the Next Blog button - you'll go to a "new" spot!!

If you should come across a Blog that really is something you want to visit again - be sure to bookmark it, or become a follower etc.

Here's just some of the Sights I visited today - by just going to the Next Blog over

blog hopping nov 20 2009

Happy Visiting These Crafty Creative Neighbors!

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  1. Thanks for links. I marked 2 of them for future reference. One was how to make fleur-de-lis ornaments and the other was for knot-y girls. Both look like they have wonderful items and great tutorials.



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