Apr 29, 2013

I want to win it..but am probably NOT going to

While visiting my sister in Jacksonville FL - she got tickets to tour the HGTV Smart House as an early birthday present to me.
We first had a wonderfully delicious lunch at a well kept secret restaurant in Jacksonville, FL - The French Pantry.  They are only open 11 am to 2 pm Mon-Fri

One of the interesting things that this restaurant does, is they seat you at tables, when there is an opening. So when we first were seated there were 3 other ladies who were just finishing their lunch. After they left - 2 ladies joined us for the rest of our lunch. They were cousins, one who lived in Jacksonville and one who was visiting from Sarasota (my side of the state).  One of the cousins is an accomplished artist, and the other an accomplished author of pre-teen books.  It all made for lively conversations. We talked about copyright issues, online piracy of artists works etc. And we talked about food too :). 

Took home leftovers which were great the next day.

Now on to the tour of the HGTV Smart House. Have to admit, I loved the decor, but the house isn't as smart as I'd like. An outdoor shower on side porch by drive way seems useless, no sink, or small fridge included in outdoor kitchen (or really just a gas grilling area), no awning over outdoor dining area or screened in areas.  No home office.  I'm sure who ever wins it will take the cash alternative prize or rent it out to snowbirds ;) I've always wanted to tour the HGTV Homes that they build and give away - so seeing this one is one more thing checked off my bucket list :)

 guest bathroom off main hallway near master bedroom with a "smart" toilet for your guests

 Master bedroom with glass sliding door out to pool area
 Master shower and tub all behind same glass doors
 upstairs landing lighting
 1 of 2 bedrooms upstairs - no office
 2nd guest bedroom of 2 upstairs - only 3 in the house. Each bedroom has its own bathroom
 Small sitting area on upstairs landing with a TV to add to the 5 others
 This display is between master bedroom and guest bathroom off entryway
 Kitchen is nice - there is a large walk-in pantry and laundry room off the kitchen
 Dining room

 Only living room area - except for sitting area on 2nd floor
 As long as everyone has headphones and their own remotes - 3 family members can each watch their own TV

 Outdoor living space - no sinks, no screened in areas
just make sure you have lots of bug spray and sunscreen
 The contest winner also receives a GMC Acadia and $100,000

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