Apr 28, 2013

Tea with my sister in Riverside ;)

 Afternoon Tea Lunch at the Tea Cozy with my sister in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville FL on Apr 23
we grew up in the Riverside neighborhood of Buffalo NY -
see too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riverside,_Buffalo,_New_York
and played often at Buffalo's
 Riverside Park

Photo is Jacksonville's Riverside Park

 and the 4 Anderson siblings attended Buffalo's  Riverside United Presbyterian Church
this is Jacksonville's Riverside Presbyterian Church

Raspberry Honey Tea at the  Tea cozy

The Tea Cozy afternoon tea with tea sandwiches etc
wasn't available until later in the day. So we ordered
off the menu - everything was Tea-litefully delicious

Took home an assortment of Chocolate Truffles and 
a bag of 
loose Chocolate Mint Tea - YUMMY for the TUMMY

A few pictures around the Neighborhood

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