May 3, 2013

For Hugsisters - pccrafter hugware listings

A couple of years ago, a pccrafter hugsister took the time to compile an excel spreadsheet of the HugWare clip art collections and fonts that were released from the early 2000's to the last ones released in 2010, when pccrafter stopped releasing any new clip art sets.

She gave me permission to share the file, I converted the MS Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file as well as kept the MS Excel spreadsheet intact - I have uploaded them to one of my websites.
Click on either of these links to open and/or download and save to your own computers for your own use as reference.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet of PCCrafter Hugware Collections

PDF file format of listing of PCCrafter Hugware Collections

Please note: I did NOT compile this listing and am not responsible for its accuracy or content.  I am only sharing the documents that were shared with me, and that I was given permission to share with you.  **Note too - that when the person compiling the listing, they put a box next to each title of a collection - where they could mark if they owned that set themselves. I didn't remove or add the X's that may appear in the boxes. You can do what you want with the lists and make any markings on them of your own, to indicate your own personal ownership of any collections on the listing.

As mentioned in other posts on this blog, is now All previous content owned and maintained by pccrafter is gone from the pccrafter servers. Your past downloads of purchased downloadable content is gone. does not provide support for previous purchases of collections. If you didn't download your past purchases in the over 12 months that the content remained online, after pccrafter stopped releasing "new" content, - before being removed - you are sadly out of luck.

You can refer to past posts on this blog that tell you which former pccrafter artists are still selling downloadable clip art.  The majority of former pccrafter artists are NOT selling downloadable clip art.   But happily some of the most popular ones "do" :), for example:
Laurie Furnell, Gina Jane, Carolee Jones, Shelly Comiskey & Tammy DeYoung.


  1. As always, Mary comes through with the win! :)

    Thank you,
    Dina aka DnaBoo from the boards

  2. Hi Mary:

    Oh my gosh..... I can't believe this.. I have been a hug club - hugware member for ever! And when it went under.. I was heart broken. I have all the hugware but 3 of them. Number 21,36,37. I even called Provo Craft(before they closed the office) to see if they could tell me the names of the hugware - they had no clue!! Strange.... and I have been searching for ever to find the missing hugware. I want to complete my collection. And now I think you are my guardian angle.. I love your Excel sheet (like mine) but on the Hugware - you do not have the #'s by the name (it's on the top corner of the hugware). Can you tell me what the names of the one's I am missing, so I can now search the name and not the number. I hope I can find them. My email is - I can't wait to hear form you!
    Thank you so much for doing this...
    Roxanne Sauer
    Sandy, Utah

  3. I was a hugsister for many yrs. (Nanato4) and was needing to find certain creatables and another hugsister (Deb) put me on to this site. Should be interesting to check out. Sure miss the old message board.

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  5. I was a hugware member for years and have a large collection that I still use constantly. On Cyber Monday I picked up a "password grabber' while on-line and had to take my PC to be fixed yesterday. Today I find that the tech took off my HugBug Deluxe browser when he cleaned my machine. Does anyone out there know how I can get a code or anything to activate the browser so I can use it to access my collections and drop them into my photo program without the white. I am heartsick that pcCrafter is no longer available, but does anyone know if they by any chance left a safety net for reinstalling the Deluxe Browser? Would appreciate any help with this. Thanks in advance. Sholli

    1. you can find the activation codes to activate the payfor Hugbug Deluxe Browser in this blog post

  6. I had to go with a windows 10 computer. I have all my clipart on DVD. Now I know it will have the basic or deluxe browser on the DVD.But will it work on Windows 10? I was sorry to look and find is no longer here. It has been years since I bought them and I have a huge collection. Now I want to get back to craft things and want all my graphics. I just can't believe that site is gone.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for letting me help you with this. I would like you to copy and paste this two codes into the activation window for the browser deluxe, this will allow you to activate the browser. To do this highlight the code and then right click and click on copy and then go to the activation screen for the browser and left click inside the email box and then right click and then click on paste. Repeat this for the password code also.
    Please let me know what happens.

    email: m5s7uMMvHQur1TUaOiazR
    password: f1PPhYqrwx9ICrwXS4GDK


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