May 28, 2009

More FUN with Photos

I think I "may" have posted these links previously - but just recently I came across a new site that I have had "fun-ia" with!
Took photo of my granddaughter and the site uses "face" recognition to render its output - thought this looked good of her - an artist rendering a "sketch"

And here is one of my dd, which shows a photo of her ripping out our old fruit cellar in the basement - I love the duct tape elements
Here is the listing and links I have to some threads over at pcCrafter's messageboard with my own examples of Photo Fun

Also there are FREE Online Photo Editors - take a look at and others
Here's one that I did a animated reflection on using the online editor
This is a photo of the boat house of the Buffalo Canoe Club located at Point Abino, Ontario Canada, of which I am a member - my dad and late husband raced their Lightning class sailboats out of this venue for many yrs.

Fun with Photos online editing and photo creating

Make your own Photo - Rubik’s cube

Don't forget to check out the other fun things you can do with photos there as well:
Sketch - makes a b&w pencil sketch from a photo - results will vary depending on the actual photo

Easter Egg

Puzzle - just puts puzzle pieces overlay on a photo

Amazing Circles - kinda smooshes and swooshes your images

This one I like : Museumr

see my own examples in this pccrafter thread

Glass Giant

see my own examples in this pccrafter thread

Fun with Text **note – text generators not working as of May 28, 2009 – but site owner say’s he’s working on re-writing codes – so keep checking back on this fun site

More fun things to do with photos and/or text

read this thread

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  1. Photofunia is really nice site. - funny photos online is another great site with different templates and daily updated with a new effect.


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