Jun 3, 2009

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

Happy June...hope it's bee-utiful for everyone and that you have a great summer ahead!
Time to get outside do some gardening, walking, taking short trips getting to know your neighborhood again after a long winter (well it was in Northern US anyway) Lots of towns and cities have Free Concerts, and Events or low cost things you and your family can find to do this year - check your newspapers, online and in print...see what's going on.
Need to get in shape - Find a couple of Free Printable Lists - to "help you meet your healthy lifestyle goals"
from this blog: http://bacacreative.blogspot.com/
Printables Lists
She has lots of creative ideas - so have fun visiting her blog
*image from the darling "Creatable" Bumbly Bears (copyright) by Laurie Furnell at pcCrafter.com
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