Jun 10, 2009

I'm book'in now online...

Yesterday 6/9 I turned on my computer and was unable to get online...I have Verizon Internet and a DSL line - my modem and wireless router "seemed" to be working fine - I could see both my computers on my home network - but couldn't get online. Since "I Live" online - I felt homeless and out in the cold! So I took out my latest Verizon bill to get a phone number to call and saw that they had an insert for the new FIOS service and noted too - that they had a special going on that would make the new FIOS and Phone Service bundle - $10 less than what I currently pay for my DSL and Phone. So I called and asked all about the FIOS services etc. and they said they could hook me up first thing the next day (today) - and my speed would be much faster than the DSL line...so figured - I'd go for it - saving money and going FASTER - that's my kind of deal.
It took the technician about 2 hours to wire me up and he installed a new wireless router (so I still have my original wireless router that I bought new last summer and I will keep it for a spare - for when I move to Florida) - and hooked me up via my network on my laptop too.
I didn't pay anything for the hookup or wireless router , I am paying $80 (plus taxes and other "fees") a month for a fiber optic speed of what they call 20m/5m and their Freedom Essentials Phone Services.

I have noticed a much faster connection and loading of pages. I uploaded 50 photos to Snapfish in about 90 seconds - which was much faster than my DSL line.

I'm having fun speeding around the net tonight....check out your own area to see if the FIOS service is available at:

*no I'm not getting anything for telling you about FIOS - I'm just sharing my bliss of being back online and moving quicker in my old age without sweating or aching muscles.

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