May 19, 2009

Today is My Birthday!!

I had looked forward to this milestone for a couple of years - turning 62 knowing I would be able to start collecting my very own Social Security check. My husband and I looked at this money as our "traveling" funds - we were going to go more places, do more eating out, etc. etc.
But alas...some things just aren't meant to be. My dear sweet Paul - passed away in April 2008 - and I am fortunate to be collecting Social Security checks based on his income. But its just a single check coming in now and that combined with his own invested retirement funds that I take a draw on each month - that's my "fixed" income that I have to live on "ALONE"

I am in the midst of getting our home that we've owned for 37 yrs ready to put up for sale later this summer. Home was built "homemade" - in 1925 - For SALE - one well used and loved home
I will be moving to Florida to be near my older dd and the grandkids. Even though I think I am making the right choices - its still hard looking forward to my life ahead - with out Paul in it and all the plans we had talked and dreamed about.

But - My blessings are many as I celebrate this Birthday and for that I am most grateful. Life is GOOD!!
My youngest daughter was here for the past 2 weeks doing literally a TON plus of work. She did all kinds of odd jobs around the house, from plumbing, to tearing down the old fruit cellar in the basement and cleaning out all the "stuff" that my husband had been hoarding all for "future" projects. He had a "metal" storehouse of things. She took 3500+ pounds (more than a TON) of metal parts out of the basement and to a scrapyard. Got it all out by herself and a little help from a friend. I had a "honey do list" for her before she came, and she got the majority of it done. She'll be back later in the summer.
And my older daughter is coming too in August, and she'll be holding the "yard" sale of all my stuff, that I've decided to give up and not take with me to sunny Florida.
Boy have I got STUFF!!

My younger daughter gave me a combo gift for Mothers Day and My Birthday - an afternoon at a Spa - got a Full Body Massage and Facial - then we went out to a delightful dinner by a creek and waterfall - an absolutely delightful day
Here we are...all relaxed
To any of you celebrating a May 19th Birthday - I wish you a Very Happy one and a super year ahead. To everyone else a Very Happy Un-Birthday to YOU!!

Friday I am going out to Lunch with 2 dear friends. Birthdays are truly a day worth remembering - of our own individual unique "creation" and "birth" of "us". I was lucky enough to be born to amazing parents and have loving siblings. LIFE in general has been very good to me. I've found and experienced LOVE, Adventure, and Surprises all around me.

My new normal is waiting somewhere ahead of me...I'll get there. My sweet Paul is with me always and I cherish the memories of our wonderful life and see him in our beautiful (inside and out) daughters & grandkids - every day!

Enjoy your Life - its precious and you have the freedom to make it the best it can be.

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